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Kerala Hindu Caste Organizations

With specific reference to the NSS

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Are the numerically powerful Hindu caste organizations any good? Do they protect Hindu interests?

Intellibriefs Report dated January 06, 2005 stated that the Nair Service Society (NSS) and the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, two prominent organisations representing the prominent Nair and Ezhava communities in Kerala State, are coming together. At the 128th Jayanti celebrations of Mannathu Padmanabhan, social reformer and the founder leader of the NSS at Perunna, Chenganassery Town, (Kerala State) on Sunday, 2 Jan 2005, the SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellappally Natesan and the NSS leaders announced that the NSS and the SNDP Yogam would unite in all possible areas. Mr Natesan contended that a tie-up between the two communities was the need of the hour. All should get social justice, he added. He categorically stated in the midst of applause that whatever be the oppositions the NSS and the SNDP Yogam would work together in all possible areas. Unity among the Hindu communities was a problem concerning the existence of the majorities. Reservation issue should not be an obstruction for a fellowship. He said and asked "if different Christian communities can stand united in the name of religion why cannot we (the Hindus)?" Mr Vellappally Natesan alleged that political parties were responsible for the present situation. They were appeasing the minorities because of vote banks. Conversion or suicide was the only alternative before the Hindus of Kerala. Social justice should be assured to all, he asserted. Earlier, the NSS Assistant Secretary, G Sukumaran said that the NSS was ready to unite with the SNDP Yogam in all possible areas.

The communist moles (I am borrowing this term from the article by Shri V. Sundaram I.A.S, reference appears later in this article) in the NSS were very uneasy with such unity moves among the Hindus. For the Communists total destruction of Hinduism and conversion of Hindus to atheism and later on to Islam or Christianity is the ultimate goal. Any talk of Hindu Unity or Hindu Identity is anathema to them. So they bid their time.

The unity moves between the largest two Hindu social organizations sent a major quake through the adherents of the three alien predatory political ideologies: Christianity, Islam and Communism.

At Kochi, the Kerala Latin Catholic Association (KLCA) has termed the NSS-SNDP joint call or the Hindu unity as an open challenge to the country's “secular fabric” (read Christian and Muslim dominated). The meeting criticised Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and Congress leader A.K.Antony for participating in the meeting, which according to the KLCA, was "calculated and with communal character." The presence of Oommen Chandy and Antony at the meeting was equal to conniving with the communal elements to destroy the state's secular fabrics, the meeting observed. KLCA president Felix Pulloodan presided over the meeting.

The NDF Acting Chairman, E. Sayed, warned that the attempts of the SNDP General Secretary, Vellappally Natesan, to join hands with the NSS leader, P.K. Narayana Panicker, would not do any good to the Ezhava community.

In a separate statement, the Sunni Yuvajana Sanghom leader A.P. Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musalir warned that attempts to ride roughshod over minorities on the pretext of forging Hindu unity would be dangerous.

Vellapally’s hope of a broad Hindu alliance with the NSS failed to materialise when the spineless and shameless Narayana Panicker backtracked under intense Church pressure. Implementation of the 33 per cent reservation for Dalits and Backward Classes in the Travancore Devaswom Board was the excuse proffered by the Communists moles in the NSS to withdraw from the Hindu Unity move initiated by Vellappally Natesan.

An irate Vellapally Natesan then explored political options of cooperation with Muslim political parties and Islamic leaders. There was a report in Kerala Kaumudi, May 24, 2010 regarding this self-defeating political move.

Mr Vellapally Natesan who had apparently not read the Quran does not realise that Islam does not consider backward class Hindus more favourably than forward class Hindus. For Islam, any Hindu is a kaffir fit only to be killed or converted. Kaffir property is meant to be looted and kaffir women are meant for being raped and sold as sex-slaves. As far as Muslims are concerned India is dar-ul-harab, an unfinished Islamic task and Jihadi terrorism is obligatory for all Muslims.

In an article titled, ‘Vellappally Natesan Bankrupting SNDP's future’ Dr Babu Suseelan wrote on 24/05/2010: “Mr Natesan must realize that when a Muslim was elected as Education Minister and Industry Minister, Muslim Ministers have diverted all state funds only for Muslims. More schools and colleges were allocated to Muslims avoiding SNDP and NSS. … It seems that Vellappally Natesan failed to distinguish between delusion and reality. By aligning with Islamists, he will lead followers of Sree Narayan Guru into Islamic garbage pit. There are many proven and effective ways to improve the social, educational, political and economic status of SNDP followers. Joining with Islamists is not one of them.”

To be fair to the liquor baron, General Secretary of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP), Vellapally Natesan, I have to say that he never gave up attempts at bringing the Ezhavas closer to the Hindutva fold. Despite being criticised harshly by communist historians as undermining the community’s “struggle against caste hierarchies”. 24 August 2010 Tehelka report on Caste Politics titled ‘We’ve two options: conversion or suicide’ quotes Mr Vellapally Natesan as saying: “The Christians with their political clout and foreign money power are trying to destroy the Hindu communities of Kerala. When I speak out against this bias I am branded a Hindu communalist, but I don’t care. The Muslims, who constitute 17 percent of Kerala’s population, own almost all the schools and colleges in the six districts of north Kerala. Arabic is taught in schools at government expense. Since 1940s, the Ezhava community has been the backbone of the Communists. Ninety-nine percent of the martyrs of Communist agitations are from our community. But we have been trampled upon and not given our share of political and social power”.

The policy of minority appeasement being implemented by the Central as well as by the State governments has effectively marginalized and neglected the Hindu society. Political parties have taken advantage of lack of unity among Hindu groups.

Now let us talk about the Forward Caste Mafia based at Chenganassery.

A Hindu religious and cultural meet was organized at Guruvayoor on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2008 to bring in unity among different Hindu communities. The function organized by Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS) was inaugurated by Swami Poornanandapuri, Secretary, Sri Amrutanandmayi Math. Shri Vellappalli Natesan General Secretary of SNDP, Shri V. Divakaran, General Secretary, Dheevara Sabha, Shri. K.K. Krishnan Kutty, General Secretary, SC/ST Federation, Shri. Subramaniya Moosath, Yogakshema Sabha, Swami Chidanandapuri, Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shri. Shakrenend Swami, Shri. K.P. Sashikala Teacher of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Dr. Lakshmi Kumari, Shri. R. Ramachandran Nair IAS, Former Chief Secretary, Dr. P. Raman, Shri. Vishnu Narayanan Namboodri etc participated in the Hindu unity move. NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY General Secretary P.K Narayana Panicker was conspicuous by his absence.

Some prominent Nair activists who were disappointed with the plight of the Nair community formed the Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS) at Guruvayoor in November 2002. The President of SNS is Shri. Mancheri Bhaskaran Pillai who was a Member of the Director Board of NSS for several years from the time of Late Shri Mannath Padmanabhan and Late Shri Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai.

To quote Maatayi R.S. Nair of the Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS): “Although an attempt was made by Shri. Vellappalli Natesan, General Secretary of SNDP, to bring about unity with NSS, the proposal did not take off because the NSS leadership backed out under pressure from political parties and churches who have vested interests. It is rather unfortunate that the Nair Service Society, a great organization built up by late Shri Mannath Padmanabhan is being destroyed by incompetent leadership during the last 25 years. NSS could not start any profession college after Mr. Narayana Panicker took charge 25 years ago. Several units are closed, latest being a Hospital at Kummannur.

I heard a YouTube clip posted by iishtv. It was a lecture by Dr. N. GopalaKrishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage on December 2009. The topic was ‘Jeevitha Moolyangal’. Dr N. GopalaKrishnan’s words which I am translating from Malayalam are as follows:

“We had invited Narayana Panicker to Houston. Mannathu Padmanabhan’s cousin a Namboothiri was present there. We understood that Houston. Mannathu Padmanabhan’s father was a Namboothiri, only when I went to Houston. We got this cousin Namboothiri to invite Narayana Panicker."

"The cousin inquired, ‘Why are you like this?’"

"Narayana Panicker’s reply, … this is recorded in video ….it can be shown to any one. Narayana Panicker’s reply was, ‘Even the existing schools and colleges ... we are not able to manage. We cannot move even one foot further'. "

"Then why are you destroying this organization, the cousin Namboothiri asked. Narayana Panicker replied, ‘Don’t think I destroyed anything The Yadava kulam in which Lord Krishna took birth fought a fratricidal battle and perished. What to say of the Nair kulam. LET A LARGE SECTION OF THE NAIR COMMUNITY PERISH’.”

Dr. N. GopalaKrishnan further added: “I felt hurt deep within. Did I have to travel 180 degrees to the other side (of the Earth) to hear this destructive speech. Why should we self-destruct? Why should we be destroyed? If I cannot do justice to the chair in which I am seated, then I should move on. Who ever it may be, even if it is Manmohan Singh, he should move on, even if it is Vellappalli Natesan, he should move on. If Gopalakrishnan cannot find words to speak when he comes in front of this mike, then Gopalakrishnan should never again appear on a stage. His stage appearance should be stopped. This is applicable to every one.”

The Guruvayoor-based Samasta Nair Samajam (SNS) has brought out a book titled ‘NSS Nasikkunnu’. This book gives an indication of the goings on in the NSS. That the Nair community has apathy and indifference to the rot in the NSS is a blessing to the gang in Changanacherry. This is what the SNS is trying to shatter with this book. Tracing the history of the NSS from great men like Mannath Padmanabhan, Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai and Kalathil Velayudhan Nair the sad tale of how a once powerful organization is reduced to a caricature of its old self is brought out. The book gives details of the financial status of the organization, what is sinking by the day, also the ways and means they adopt to please the powerful communities in the belt. The organization from top to bottom is now filled with people who comply with the wishes of the couple of people who run it as their own estate. With no one to question the matter assets of the organization are facing ruin. This book itself tells how the large areas of landed property donated to the NSS, known to only the two people, are kept out of general scrutiny for several years now.

Do you want to know still more about the great NSS of the Nairs of Kerala?

The 1960 Kerala Assembly elections, following the Mannam-NSS led ‘Vimochana Samaram,’ returned N. Bhaskaran Nair of the Indian National Congress as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Chenganassery, the headquarters of the NSS. Since that election, the NSS could not get a single person professing Hindu religion to be returned as the local MLA. Every community, be they Muslims or Catholics or Syrian Christians or Ezhavas or even Tamils can get their MLA’s elected to the Kerala Assembly. However, not even a single Nair can get elected from Chenganassery, the Headquarters of the mighty NSS!

Once the budget of the NSS rivalled that of the Kerala Government budget and all the political bigwigs waited with bated breath to hear the views of ‘Kidangoor’ every morning. Now the pathetic condition of the NSS defies description.

Let us now turn to the redoubtable Hindutva warrior from Chennai, Sri V. Sundaram, I.A.S, National General Secretary (Ideology) Janatha Party. This is an excerpt from his article on Sri Ram Swarup, a legendary Hindutva thinker:

“6. The Hindu society is divided into castes. It thinks in terms of castes, it votes in terms of castes. Hindus do not vote for Hindu candidates; they vote for caste candidates. So, if one belongs to the right caste or can manipulate the caste factor successfully and also manage the minority votes on anti-Hindu slogan one is bound to succeed. Thus while the Hindu society is divided, Muslims vote en-bloc. This gives them disproportionate representation on Indian Politics.”

“HINDU CASTE BASED ORGANIZATIONS in British India were all essentially Hindu organizations rooted in Sanatana Dharma and being very proud of their Hindu identity and heritage. In the dirty communal anti-Hindu electoral politics of today, the caste-based organizations and political parties are trying to wean away people from their primordial Hindu roots. More particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala this seems to be the most serious political malady afflicting these two states."

“The classic instance of communal anti-Hindu politics relates to the NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY (NSS) in Kerala today. The grim tragedy is that the NSS is functioning like a subordinate office of the Christian Church In Kerala. The NSS is trying to reduce Nairs, the erstwhile warrior-defenders of Sanatana Dharma in Kerala, to a bunch of pompous vainglorious casteists having simultaneously, superiority complex towards other Hindu castes on the one hand and inferiority complex towards Christians and Muslims on the other."

"No Nair Karayogam, whether inside Kerala or outside, is known to start their meeting with the traditional Hindu invocations of Guru-Vandana and Vinayaka Stuti."

"The Nair Karayogams have been infiltrated, consciously and deliberately, by Communist paratroopers who are trying to wean away the Nair member-families from their Hindu roots under the guise of the debilitating and pernicious virus of ‘SECULARISM’ consciously and continuously marketed by the Sonia Congress Party and the Communist Parties in Kerala."

COMMUNIST MOLES inside the caste-based organizations try their best to sabotage and prevent Hindu Unity and Hindu solidarity resting on caste consolidation.."

The case in point is the 156th Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations at the Panmana Ashram in September 2009. The Ashram authorities had invited the widely respected Hindu Dharmacharini Mata Amritnandamayi for the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations. Many of the top office bearers of the NSS could not tolerate a Hindu Dharmacharini like Mata Amritnandamayi who belonged to a ‘lower caste’ in her poorva-ashram being invited and given prominence in the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations.”

The Official Protocols for receiving the ‘heaven-descendent’ General Secretary of the NSS rival the Official Protocols for receiving a visiting Head of State, in the breadth and depth of scope! Doesn’t that Swamiji, who is the head of that Panmana Ashram, know the ‘Official Protocols for Receiving the General Secretary of the NSS’? The Garlands and bouquets meant for the ‘high-born’ General Secretary of the NSS are being offered by that pesky Swamiji to that ‘fisher-woman’ Amritanandamayi! Oh! My Goodness! How dare he!! Such sacrilege!!!

Lets hear once again from Sri V. Sundram I.A.S: “Finding themselves in the hopeless situation, from their divisive and narrow-minded casteist point of view, the Communist moles in the NSS of Kerala in general and its GENERAL SECRETARY Shri P K NARAYANA PANICKER, went into a depressed state sulking and the Communist moles got the NSS to disassociate itself from the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations. This, despite the known fact that Chattambi Swamigal was a great Hindu Rishi and Social reformer who fought against social evils of casteism and religious conversion.”

Do the Nairs, mired in apathy and indifference, still think that the NSS will fight for the Hindus of Kerala, in general, and the Nairs in particular? NOT A CHANCE! The NSS is morally and physically dead.

The Communist-controlled Kerala State Government appointed Paloli Committee headed by a jihadi Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty. The Paloli Committee's recommendations on how to implement the Sachar Committee Report for the uplift of the Muslims have led to a major row between the Government and Muslim organisations on one side and BJP and high-caste Hindu groups on the other. BJP claimed that the report is nothing but an exercise to appease the Muslim community in Kerala, which is not backward enough to merit concessions and privileges. From February 2009, about 50,000 Madrassa Teachers will be covered by Pension Fund by this new programme. Muslim girls studying for graduate, post graduate and professional courses shall receive scholarship at the rate of Rs.3000/-, Rs.4000/- and Rs.5000/- respectively every year and the scholarship will continue until the course is completed. The number of 'Below Poverty Line' people is too high among Hindu communities.

According to Dr C.I Issac, Professor of History, Mahatma Gandhi University, the number of 'Below Poverty Line' people
It is 39.3 lakh amongst the Hindus. On the other hand
it is 24.7 lakh amongst the Muslims and
it is 8.2 lakh amongst the Christians.

Kerala has number one position in the case of suicides. It is 30.5 per lakh and above the national average of 11.2 per lakh. The main reasons behind most of the suicides are economic difficulties. The main victims of this suicide tempo are the Hindus. Of the total suicides
Hindus share is 92 per cent,
Christian share is 6.5 per cent and
Muslims share is 1.5 per cent.

The suicides and their causes least affected the Muslims of Kerala and it is sufficient testimony to the healthy social living of the community and yet Paloli says that Kerala Muslims are ‘backward’ and they have to be given more and more concessions!

Narayana Panicker made a statement on 23 February 2008 opposing the implementation of Paloli Committee Report. He also alleged that the same Government, which was enthusiastic about upgrading the quality of life of the minorities, was trying to take away the rights of the faithful among the majority community and added “We can't remain silent spectators to this”. Guess what happened next?

The Muslim Educational Society (MES) leader Fazal Gafoor reacted with abuse against Narayana Panicker. The intolerant Jihadi came up with threats against the NSS and described Panicker as a “street rogue of Changanassery”. In a TV Interview, the Muslim fanatic Fazal Gafoor challenged the whole Hindu Community by saying that from Ponnani to Kasargode, Muslims will retaliate if any one tried to oppose the Paloli Report based on Sachar Committee.

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan said: “The opinion expressed by Muslim Education Society chairman Fazal Gafoor on the stance of Nair Service Society leaders on the Paloli committee report is right. The opinion of Mr. Gafoor should be considered a natural reaction.” Now it seems CPM in Kerala has given its “secular” stamp of approval to MES beard’s claims that P K Narayana Panicker is a street rogue. Did the Nair “Comrade” coolies who mindlessly parrot Communist propaganda take notice?

The Catholicate Palace (Devalokam Aramana) the universal headquarters and Central Secretariat of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church ditched their pet dog, the NSS in the latter's time of need. On 25/02/2008 the On 25/02/2008 the President of Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Major Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil of the Syro-Malabar Church slammed Narayana Panicker for hurting the sentiments of their ‘Muslim Brothers’ in Malappuram!!!

Instead of standing up for the NSS General Secretary Narayana Panicker and supporting him, the NSS Assistant General Secretary G. Sukumaran took a ‘U’ turn and justified the need of implementing Paloli Commitee reports! This querulous Sukumaran who flares up when opposing the fellow Hindus in SNDP on petty issues, surrenders meekly when faced with ill-tempered, ill-mannered and uncouth jihadis!!

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. (New Testament, John 1:46)

I ask you, can any good come from Perunna, Chenganassery (where the NSS is located)?

This is not the end of the sad narrative. A group of concerned prominent Hindus organized a Hindu Parliament at Thiruvananthapuram in April-May 2010. This was an initiative to bring together various Hindu outfits and religious leaders on a single platform to address the common concerns of the community. The Head of Travancore Royal Family Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma was the Parliament Chairman and tantris (traditional high priests) of Sabarimala and Guruvayur temples were its patrons. The meet was inaugurated by Udupi Pejawar Mutt Viswsa Theertha Samigal. THE NSS LEADERSHIP DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE HINDU PARLIAMENT.

By staying away from being part of Hindu Parliament, NSS leadership had once again proved that their allegiance is with the enemies of Hindus. It is high time the Nair community realized that the once powerful Hindu organisation called the NSS has now become infiltrated, compromised and completely sold out.

Instead of protecting the rights of Nairs and providing leadership to the Hindu people of Kerala the NSS now exists to save, serve and promote the vested interests of Church and Jihadis at the expense of the Hindus of Kerala in general and the Nairs in particular. 'LET A LARGE SECTION OF THE NAIR COMMUNITY PERISH’, says the ‘heaven-descendent’ General Secretary of the NSS!!!

The stench from the NSS carcase reeks badly. NSS requires a quick funeral. Hindus of Kerala in general and Nairs in particular need to look outside their caste organizations for help in organizing and fighting for their social, economic and political rights against the cut-throat local partisans of Arab imperialists, the American sponsored soul-harvesting sex-offenders and the Communist traitors.

My people, the Easwara of this age, Kali Yugam, is Sangham, that is, organisation and co-operative and concerted effort. Know this; God helps only those who help themselves. If you will not try to save yourselves, nobody will help you, not even God.


It is reported in the media that the de jure authority in the NSS, G. Sukumaran Nair has taken over formally as the General Secretary and P.K. Narayana Panicker has been kicked upstairs to the largely ceremonial post as the NSS President.

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