Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not 56-Inch Chest,
Need A Big Heart
To Run Country:

Bianca Robert Vadra’s comment
on Narendra Modi

by Ghatotkacha Nair

This is what the half-Italian half-Indian Congress politician Bianca has to say: "To run this country cruel force of power is not needed, but moral strength is needed. It needs an internal strength. Such type of strength is needed, which could even sacrifice life to save the culture of the Country."

Madam Bianca, so what is needed to run this vast country? Surely, you don't suggest that an hourglass figure, an expensive hairdo and a soft seductive demeanour will suffice to run this country.

Madam Bianca, living under the cover of SPG protection, you might not be aware, indeed, you might not even care about “pagan” Hindu women who are being subject to daily instances of molestation, kidnapping and gang rapes by Bangladeshi Muslim migrants in the Districts such as Koch Bihar, Jalpaiguri, Uttar Dinapur, Dakshin Dinapur, Maldah, Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24-Parganas and South 24-Parganas, all of which are bordering Bangladesh.

Madam Bianca, you may not be bothered by the humiliation heaped upon this country, which watched in utter anguish its heartless leaders fiddle when some unwashed Islamic terrorists led by Ilyas Kashmiri from Pakistan ambushed and beheaded Indian soldiers and paraded their heads in the streets of Pakistan. “A pound of flesh” was ripped from near our hearts but the alien government, which is micro-managed by your Italian mother Edvige Antonia Albina Màino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi looked on in a HEART-LESS manner like the infamous Shylock in the Shakespearean ‘Merchant of Venice’.

Madam Bianca you say that to run this country cruel force of power is not needed, but moral strength is needed. So what is the moral strength provided by the Government which was run for the last ten years by your Italian Mother? Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister appointed by your Italian-born Mother did not have an iota of moral strength. He had not the moral strength to protest, let alone perform his sacred Constitutional duty to put down massive public corruption carried on by his own Cabinet Ministers.

Madam Bianca, strength is indeed needed, which could even sacrifice life to save the culture of the Country. But it is the lives of our sons and daughters that are being sacrificed to feed your mother's insatiable Italian mafia lust for loot and plunder. When Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Nirbhaya of New Delhi was gang raped and her intestines where ripped out of her abdomen in a most bestial manner, that "Moral strength" that was sorely missing in you and your foreign-born mother. The young men and women of Delhi risked their lives and limb came out to protest but they were brutally beaten down by the Lathis and water cannons of the Police of the Delhi Government run your own party with the "cruel force of power" that you so volubly deprecate in your Hindu opponents. You did not have the Moral Strength and the Heart to go out in the streets and express your solidarity with the protesting youngsters of Delhi, the Moral Strength and the Heart that you prescribe for others.

Your Italian mother's UPA Government which is very eminently capable of "cruel force of power" did not deign to use it to protect Indian citizens when hordes of armed Bangladeshi Muslims attacked peaceful indigenous Bodos of India in August 2012 displacing 400,000 people from 400 villages. Should I mention the meek reaction of your mother's alien Government in New Delhi to the occupation of 150 square Kilometres of land in Daulat Beg Oldie in Ladakh by Chinese troops.

And finally what is "the culture of the Country" that you speak of? I do not wish to remind you of your mother’s biological Nazi father but I will ask what sort of culture your mother’s government has given this country; Daily occurrences of gang rapes, massive public corruption, pervasive lawlessness, breakdown of traditional marriages, leftist encouragement of homosexuality, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Your mother’s now-hated alien Government in New Delhi has in a HEARTLESS neglect caused infrastructure to decay, vast swathes of the country to be overrun by Naxalites and Islamists, and now the hostile neighbours are nibbling away at our country’s territory. Your Italian mother’s government in New Delhi has reduced India to a 21st Century Weimar Republic; Anarchy, breakdown of Constitution, demeaning of Constitutional Functionaries, out-of-control inflation, declining Rupee, lawlessness, degrading external and internal security environment.

Thanks to your mother’s UPA Government, Indian people, yearning for a strong and stable Government that can meet the aspirations of the citizenry, have opted for an ideology of “Masculine Nationalism, rejecting limp-wristed liberalist appeasement policies practiced by your Congress party and by the casteist cabal of “Socialists”. People are voting in a robust and vigorous government in the place of a government that offers emotionalism, sentimentality, theatrics, vote-bank politics, and symbolism.

Madam Bianca, hold on to that Italian passport of yours. It might help you from being extradited to India to stand trial for public embezzlement.