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This article limits itself to the Masochism fetish of Gandhi and does not venture into adultry, incest, spouse-abuse or any other aspect of Gandhi’s sex life.

Let me start this sad narrative by quoting from the article, ‘Gandhi's Muslim Appeasement’ by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari: “It is now well known that Muslim appeasement was an inseparable part of Gandhi’s quack doctrine of Non-violence. But many do not know why he adopted, or was compelled to adopt this dirty policy, while he was in South Africa, in 1908. At that time the South African government imposed an unjust tax of £ 3 on every Indian living in South Africa and Gandhi initiated talks with South African government on this matter. But the Muslims did not support this move and were displeased with Gandhi. In addition to that Gandhi, on one occasion, made some critical comments on Islam while he was speaking at a gathering. Furthermore, he tried to make a comparative estimate of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, which made the Muslims furious.” [1]

A few days later, on 10th February 1908, a group of Muslims under the leadership of a Pathan called Mir Alam entered Gandhi’s house and beat him mercilessly. When Gandhi fell on the ground the Muslim attackers kicked him right and left and beat him with sticks. They also threatened to kill him. From this incident onward, Gandhi stopped to make any critical comment on Muslims as well as on Islam. According to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, this incident was a milestone in Gandhi’s life and afterwards Gandhi began to overlook even the most heinous crime committed by the Muslims.”

So you see that Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived in mortal fear of Muslim violence. The fear-stricken M.K Gandhi turned into a fanatic Muslim appeaser of the “drop your pants and bend over” variety.

HYPOCRISY IS THE TRIBUTE THAT FEAR-STRICKEN PEOPLE PAY TO OPPRESSION. Hypocrisy made Mr M.K Gandhi find sophisticated and convoluted excuses for his submissive behaviour to the violent Muslim oppressor. Mr Gandhi hid his cowardice under the quack doctrine of Non-Violence, which he took care only to preach to the Hindus and never to the Muslim “Brothers”. He believed himself liberal but was on actual fact mortally afraid of Muslims and he consistently pleaded for the Muslims and pampered them. [2]

To quote the appropriate words of Prafull Goradia in this context: “For Gandhi, no price was too great for appeasing Muslims, so that they did not oppose Hindus. That he did not understand the Muslims was proved by the conduct of the Muslim League and by the vivisection of the country.”

Gandhi preached Non-Violence, Secularism and Sacrifices in the name of Hindu-Muslim Amity, only to the unthinking, gullible, ‘devout’, temple-worshipping Hindu victims and not to their savage Muslim oppressors. But why blame Gandhi alone; where there are gullible people there will be confidence tricksters too.

Gandhi was never moved by the sufferings and miseries of the Hindu victims of Muslim oppression, on the contrary, he used to shed tears for the Muslims marauders when they occasionally get their comeuppance. All through his political career, Gandhi pandered to the ever-increasing Muslim demands irrespective of the horrendous cost which the naive and trusting Hindus had to pay as a result of Gandhi’s Masochist policies and actions.

Gandhi’s idea of Hindu-Muslim amity was also extremely biased and prejudiced. Only Hindus are supposed to make all sacrifices for Hindu-Muslim amity  and they should endure all the oppressions and heinous crimes of the Muslims without protest. And that was the basis of the Gandhian ideology of “non-violence” and “secularism”.

I am of the opinion that Sigmund Freud would have considered M.K Gandhi an excellent material for psycho-analysis.

The sound thrashing by the enraged Muslim fanatics seems to have brought out the kinky fetish lying dormant in M.K Gandhi. The masochism in Gandhi came to the fore.

Masochist Gandhi was increasingly addicted to more and more Muslim abuse and violence and he with perverse pleasure imposed his masochism fetish on the Congress Party and through it, on all the Hindus, while mouthing high sounding quack doctrine of non-violence.

What is masochism?
The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused by other people.

Masochist Gandhi admitted that he did not get sufficient sexual titillation from his “experiments” with two naked young women lying on either side of him. Instead that freak got it from reading press reports, that he drooled over with perverted delight, about Hindu and Sikh women being verbally abused, physically molested, with their beautiful dresses torn and then violated in every orifice by the abusers, the hate-filled violent Muslim jihadis, whom he wickedly adored with his perverted sense of morality. The toothless ageing sex pervert Gandhi wanted Hindus to take violent Muslim abuse lying down and then beg for some more.

Many Hindus of this country do not know, what this kinky Gandhi, the alleged ‘Great Soul’ and the ‘Apostle of Nonviolence’, thought about this abusive behaviour of the Muslims towards Hindus. In the 6th July, 1926, edition of the ‘Navajivan’, Gandhi wrote that “...  would kiss the feet of the (Muslim) violator of the modesty of a (Hindu or Sikh) sister”. [3]

Just before the partition, both Hindu and Sikh women were being raped by the Muslims in large numbers. Gandhi advised them that if a Muslim expressed his desire to rape a Hindu or a Sikh lady, she should never refuse him but cooperate with him. She should lie down like dead with her tongue in between her teeth. Thus the rapist Muslim will be satisfied soon and soon he will leave her. [4]

Who would you expect to utter such despicable words, a Mahatma
or a sleazy, slimy, despicable, low-life, Sado-Masochist pimp?

Apparently I am not the only one with such views. M.K Gandhi's favourite disciple and publicly anointed political heir, Jawaharlal Nehru had commented in 1936 itself on Gandhi’s sexual escapades as unnatural and shocking. “I think Gandhi is absolutely wrong in this matter. It can only lead to frustration, inhibition, neurosis and all manner of physical and nervous ills.[5]

Another famous lawyer, Sir C. P Ramaswamy Iyer (1879-1966), who served as the Advocate-General of Madras Presidency, Law Member of the Executive Council of the Governor of Madras, Law member of the Executive Council of the Viceroy of India and who later served as the Diwan of Travancore from 1936 to 1947 commented thus in a meeting with the Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten: “Gandhi was a most dangerous semi-repressed sex maniac.” [5]

No matter how well-entrenched the conspirators may be and no matter how well-disguised their treachery may be, THE TRUTH ABOUT GANDHI'S IMMORALITY, PERVERSION AND THEIR DELETERIOUS IMPACT ON THE HINDU SOCIETY AND THE INDIAN NATION CANNOT BE KEPT HIDDEN FOR LONG.

Let the People of India bravely face the harsh grim reality of gross betrayal by the leaders whom they so deeply, though naively, trusted.

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