Saturday, September 14, 2013

Muslims steal and
slaughter neighbour
Hindu's cow

The Momin Muslims have been stealing and slaughtering the cows owned by the Kaffir Hindus for over a thousand years. It must all be Narendra Modi’s fault. If Narendra Modi had not played divisive communal politics and polarised the BJP since 2002, the Muslims, wolves and hyenas would have been peaceful vegetarians and lived happily with their neighbours.


Mangalore, Sep 10, 2013: Police have arrested a Muslim identified as Mohammed for allegedly stealing a cow from his neighbour's house and slaughtering it.

The other Muslims reportedly involved are, Mohammed Sharif, Mohammed, Isaac, Anwar, Nooruddin. They are absconding.

The above accused have several cases of cattle slaughter and theft lodged against them in Bajpe police station, said sources.

As per the information obtained, a cow was stolen a midnight from a house belonging to Chandrashekar at Suralpady in Gurpur-Kaikamba. Next morning, he along with his family members went in search of the cow and later when they came to illegal slaughterhouse at Suralpady, they found blood marks, cattle waste and hide. On examining the cow hide, they realized that it was their animal. Police during their investigation, based on the evidence found, confirmed that the cow was stolen. They hence raided the slaughterhouse where they found 3 quintals of meat.

Various theft cases are being reported in areas like Suralpady, Ganjimutt, Malali, Mularapatna and Niddodi. In Niddodi, thieves stole 3 cattle from a shed which was locked. In Kaikamba, Hindu associations stopped a vehicle transporting cattle and rescued three animals. But so far no clue has been obtained about the persons involved in the thefts.

It is learnt that the license of the Suralpady slaughterhouse expired two years ago, but without renewing the license, the slaughtering continued. This has made the local Hindu associations furious and a complaint has been submitted to the health department.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Smt Sasikala Teacher
Speech in Chennai
8th September 2013

Smt. Sasikala Teacher, State President of Hindu Aikya Vedi, an activist and dynamic Hindu Organization, was in Chennai on Sunday. 8th September 2013. She was here in Connection with Onam Celebrations conducted by ‘SATSANGAMA’, an Association of Malayalee Hindus in Chennai. The Onam Celebrations were held at Sri Ram Dayal Khemka Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Tiruvottiyur, North Chennai.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Woman in Iran
barred from City Council
for being too beautiful !!!

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Iranian woman Ms Nina Siahkali Moradi has been told in no uncertain terms that she cannot have a seat on her city's council. She is way too beautiful for the role! She finished 14th out of 163 candidates in the Qazvin City Council Elections, polling an impressive 10,000 votes. According to the Independent, Ms Moradi had gained enough votes to become an ‘alternative Member of the Council’ - making her a first reserve.

When one Councillor gave up his seat, Ms Moradi should have been able to step in, but she was banned from doing so by the Iranian Theocracy. She found out a week after the election on 14th June 2013 that all votes cast for her had been nullified.

But even though the election result should have gained Ms Moradi a seat on the Council, the 27-year-old candidate was disqualified with the Council Leader saying: “We don't want catwalk models here.”

‘Non-observance of Islamic codes’ was the pretext used to effect Ms Moradi’s disqualification from the Qazvin City Council.

Opponents to Ms Moradi’s candidacy said that she had only been elected because she is young and attractive. It has been suggested that her campaign posters prompted some of the council's conservative bearded oldies to bitterly complain about her beauty! Clearly jealousy is not limited to women! Not at all !!

Ms Moradi’s campaign posters showed her wearing strict Islamic hijab without even a single strand of seductive female hair on display. Despite this, conservative Islamic groups launched protests to demand her disqualification as soon as her election was confirmed.

Ms Moradi’s candidature had been earlier vetted and approved as a candidate by Iran’s Islamic Judiciary and Intelligence Services. Candidates in the Islamic Republic of Iran are only allowed to run for office if they pass a large number of detailed background checks for piety by the judiciary, intelligence ministry, police and National Organisation for Civil Registration.

According to a detailed report from the local news portal, Ms Moradi had finished a Degree in Engineering and Web-site Design from Qazvin's Azad University. She also mastered calligraphy as well as Kung Fu martial arts. Her unique background made her campaign materials creative, colourful and catchy. Her campaign manager, who was a consummate artist himself, made her campaign stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Ms Moradi’s political platform carried the slogan “Young ideas for a young future,” and pushing for better women’s rights in Qazvin. This infuriated the geriatric and arthritic male candidates. They deem her platform as “vulgar and anti-religious”.

Ms Moradi’s political campaign headquarters became a favourite meeting place for her young supporters, both male and female. The sight of young men and women flocking together provoked lascivious thoughts to well up in the pious Islamic minds of her older conservative rivals. News website IranWire carried the tale that her headquarters became a gathering place for local young people, whose behaviour and clothing provoked criticism from her older conservative opponents and a coalition of Islamic groups. Their complaint was challenged but ultimately upheld. She was disqualified for not “observing the Islamic norms.”

According to France 24 Channel, it is rare for Iranian candidates to be disqualified post-election as unsuitable candidates, from the Islamic Clerical point of view, do not pass the initial background checks.

Citing local media, IranWire reported that authorities had also confiscated the campaign posters of two other female candidates, Maryam Nakhostin-Ahmadi and Shahla Atefeh, and detained both for questioning.

Under the rule of the Islamic (Arab) Mullahs, Hojatoleslams and Ayatollahs, the Iranian women are expected to remain at home, cook for their families, make themselves beautiful for their husbands carnal pleasure and breed lots of Muslim babies. Beautiful Iranian women in the Legislature can only distract old bearded men, well past their primes, from the serious business of law making!

The above incident reminds one of the Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi's startling claim that provocatively-dressed women cause earthquakes! Sadeghi, who took over Friday prayers for Ayatolla Khamenei, told his followers on 19th April 2010, “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes” and Iranians should “adapt their lives to Islam's moral codes" to avoid being "buried under the rubble”.

Jennifer McCreight, a 20-year-old student in Purdue University
College of Science, Indiana, U.S.A challenged Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi's claim by starting what she described in a picturesque and risqué manner as the “Boobquake”. Jennifer described Boobquake as a scientific experiment: “With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake. If not, I'm sure Sedighi can come up with a rational explanation for why the ground didn't rumble.”

Boobquake took place on April 26, 2010 with 200,000 people participating in it. The immodest clothing worn during Boobquake had no significant effect on earthquake frequency or magnitude. However Jennifer McCreight admitted that she doubted it would have any impact on Seddiqi's opinions, she believed that the event fulfilled its original intentions of being “a humorous exercise in scientific and sceptical thinking”.

A Boobquake in Iran could make the ground crumble from under the edifice of Arab Imperialist Islamic Rule in Iran. This is what the Mullahs, Hojatoleslams and Ayatollahs fear the most!



The Saudi Religious Police, the Committee for the Promotion (Ordering) of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, expelled Emirati men from the National Festival for Heritage and Culture at Janadriyah for being 'Too Handsome' and
ordered women in shopping malls to cover up their eyes if they are too "Tempting"
the Islamic Shia Theocracy in Iran barred a Woman from City Council for being too beautiful.
All this was done in the name of Islamic morality.
However, Islamic widows are expected to show their Islamic solidarity through ‘Sexual Jiihad’ according to a Fatwa.

“This Fatwa allows Al Qaeda’s women to have sexual intercourse with members of the organization to lift their morale”

The fatwa made its first appearance in Syria a few months ago and it allowed for armed members to have sexual intercourse with women as per a momentary contract that loses effect after a few hours, Alsumaria reported.

Clearly, morality or principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour, according to Al Qaeda, is any behaviour that benefits itself and promotes its goals of establishing Islamic Supremacy in the World.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Vishu Celebrations 2013

Vishu celebrations for CE 2013 or Kolla Varsham 1188 of the Malayalam calendar was celebrated by SATSANGAMA at SKNS PMC Vivekananda School, Thulasingham Street, Perambur on Sunday 21st April 2013. SATSANGAMA is a Malayalee Hindu cultural organization with no caste affiliation or orientation.

Vishu is the harvest festival of Kerala observed when the sun enters into Sidereal Aries, Medam month (April-May) of the Malayalam almanac. Vishu marks the beginning of the spring season.

The Vishu celebrations of SATSANGAMA started off at 5:30 PM with the lighting of the traditional Kerala oil lamps, Nilavilakku. The most important event in Vishu is of course the Vishukkani. The auspicious Vishukkani arrangement consisted of articles like raw rice, fresh lemon, ripe golden cucumber, betel leaves, areca nut, polished metal mirror, yellow flowers Konna (Cassia fistula), Sri Krishna Vigraham, Bhagavat Gita and coins, in a bell metal vessel called Uruli.

After divine invocations by children, the Treasurer of SATSANGAMA Shri P. Jayan warmly welcomed the gathering. Children of the Members displayed their talents through their captivating music and dance programmes. The Vishu tradition of elder relatives giving Vishu Kaineetam was observed in all solemnity. The Venerable Prakashan Namboothiri, the Melshanti of Aiyappa Temple, Perambur blessed the audience with Vishu Kaineetams.

Shri K.M.P Damodaran Namboothiri rendered the Presidential Address. The Chief Guest on this occasion was Shri K. Jawahar, the South Chennai Sharirik Pramukh of RSS. Dignitaries on the stage, Dr G. Vijayalakshmi, Shri T.K Unnikrishnan of the SNDP and Shri K.P Gopinathan Pillai, the Chief Editor of Nair Today offered their hearty felicitations. The Keynote address was by the popular and charismatic Smt. Shobha Surendran, the Kerala State President of the Mahila Morcha of the BJP. Smt. Shobha Surendran’s scintillating and inspiring speech left the audience spell-bound. After the meeting concluded, many people were seen profusely thanking the organisers for having invited this smart, young and dynamic lady activist from Kerala to speak to them. Smt. Shobha Surendran, who had kindly consented to address the SATSANGAMA in the midst of her hectic schedule, left for Thiruvananthapuram immediately after the meeting. Shri Girish K. Nair, the energetic Secretary of Chennai Broadway NSS Karayogam, offered the vote of thanks.

With this auspicious start of the Astronomical year the Chennai based SATSANGAMA extends warm greetings and good wishes of peace, prosperity and happiness to the society at large.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Saudi Religious Police Expel Men

from Festival for Being

'Too Handsome'

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An annual culture festival in the Saudi Arabian capital Riyadh had to be stopped when a group of delegates from the United Arab Emirates were expelled for being too good-looking.

The National Festival for Heritage and Culture at Janadriyah, showcasing the cultures and traditions of Saudi Arabia, began on 3rd April 2013 at the outskirts of Riyadh and continues for 17 days. The festival is divided into men-only, women-only and family days. On the women-only days they have activities such as henna-etching and Arabic make-up displays which aren't there on the other days. After an opening ceremony, various events are held such as folk costumes, operetta, folk poetry, carpet-weaving, pottery-making, woodcarving, camel racing, horse racing and endurance. There are also displays by the armed forces, and displays of traditional swords and daggers. Arabian dancers and singers provide entertainment, while reviving all the traditional songs of different regions. I suppose it would be impolite to remind the Saudis of the oft-repeated verdicts of their Wahabi Muslim preachers, whom they gratuitously export to the Third World countries, that music is 'haraam' in Islam! Perhaps, there is no God but Crude Oil and US Dollar is the Prophet!

Emirates 24/7 reported that according to an official at the Janadriyah festival, three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds that they are too handsome and that the religious police officers, the mutaween, feared that the female visitors could fall for them. The “too handsome” Emiratis would unduly attract the lustful ardour of too many Saudi women, leading them to the sin of “fitna” or temptation!

Why didn’t the mutaweenjust ask the three offending “pretty” men to wear a full-face veil? After all the mutaweenhad ordered a Saudi woman in 2010 to cover up her “tempting eyes”! The fear of female sexuality has warped the minds of the Saudi Islamists!! Perhaps the mullahs and their mutaweenconsider a lust-crazed Saudi woman to be a much greater security threat than all the hostile Israeli war-planes put together!!!

The three handsome Emiratis were promptly deported to Abu Dhabi. Handsomeness is a National Security threat in Saudi Arabia! I am sure the three handsome Emiratis would be disappointed at not being able to attend the festival, but they would be able to brag in front of the women back in UAE: “Hey baby, my sex appeal is so great that it has become a National Security threat to Saudi Arabia!” I am sure the three handsome Emiratis deserve an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for the World’s Most Dangerous Sex Appeal! Dawood Ibrahim, from his ISI safe-house in Pakistan, might want to nominate this attractive trio as the next “Khans” to cavort with kaffir heroines in the Bollywood movies.

The UAE pavilion officials at Janadriyah festival has also been forced to clarify why a religious policeman stormed the stand. A statement from the UAE delegation said the Saudi religious officer’s attention was attracted by the presence of an Emirati female artist at the stand. This suggests that the Saudi religious police officials were upset by a mixing of the sexes at the event. Under Saudi custom and law, unrelated men and women are forbidden to interact. However, the female artist was not named.

Emirates 24/7 reported that Saeed Al Kaabi, Head of the UAE delegation to the festival, said in a statement that the female artists visit to the UAE stand was not included in the programme which was provided to the festival's management. Her presence was not previously arranged and that she had come to the UAE pavilion by “coincidence”.

Methinks that there is another aspect to this story. Homosexuality has grown so rampant in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with severe sexual apartheid that even the religious authorities can't deny it and they are terrified. If homosexuality was not so widespread in Saudi Arabia there would be no need to ban “pretty” men, but in the peculiar world of Islam nobody takes responsibility for their own actions. It's always someone else's fault. There are reports that Western men, especially blonde men, find themselves sexually harassed by lusty Arab men especially in shopping centres in Saudi Arabia.

Reading the reports emanating from Saudi Arabia, one cannot help thinking that the Saudi religious policemen sit there thinking furiously on the ways to make the Saudis look like idiots and embarrass the rest of the Islamic ummah!

In India, Maulana Yasoob Abbas, General Secretary, All India Shia Muslim Personal Law Board, said: “Some Maulanas and Muftis seem bent becoming laughing stocks. They should act with more gravity". The learned Maulana fails to understand that the Maulanas and Muftis, in addition to the Saudi religious police, are merely exercising their Islamic right to make outrageously stupid statements!

Maulana Yasoob Abbas spoke in the context of the July 2010 Fatwa by Renowned Islamic seminary Darul Uloom, Deoband, against girls aged 13 and above riding bicycles! Mufti Arshad Faruqui, chairman of the Darul Uloom fatwa department, told reporters on Friday that the edict was in keeping with the ideals of Islam. He said: “When a grown-up girl goes cycling outside her house, it is bound to result in bepardagi [undue exposure of female skin]. Even medical science has given us evidence to believe that cycling is not good for adolescent girls, physically. Apart from affecting their femininity, it is harmful for their body structure.”

Pray, what does the evidence point to? Perhaps the learned Mufti is referring to the possibility of the hymen being ruptured! Aah! Then how will the sex-obsessed Mullahs determine a girl’s virginity, eh? In the Bedouin culture which views women as sex-slaves existing merely for the pleasure of men and for producing more and more babies, virginity is very highly prized. There is no way the Mullahs can let girls treat the sole “evidence” in a cavalier manner! But what does cycling do to “their body structure”? That is open to the wildest-of-wild Madrassa speculations.

Anyway, this prejudice against cycling is in line with the Saudi opposition to women drivers. Saudi Arabia is the only country in the world where women are not allowed behind the wheel. But it is also the place where Islam originated and the place where its followers have to turn to (Mekka) five times a day to pray.

A report reportedly prepared for the legislative assembly, or Shura Council, of Saudi Arabia has found that relaxing a ban on female drivers would mean the “end of virginity” in the country! This was reported by the BBC in December 2011. It is understood the report was drafted in an attempt by the Saudi religious elite to deter the king from reviewing the driving ban, which he has referred may happen as part of his reforms process.

Though there is no formal law on women driving in Saudi Arabia, if they get behind the wheel, they can be arrested. Women who are caught driving in Saudi Arabia are subject to corporal punishment. In September 2011, international outrage prompted King Abdullah to overturn the sentencing of Shaima Jastaniya, a 34-year-old who was to be lashed 10 times after she was caught driving in Jeddah.

Saudi Arabia’s highest religious council, the Majlis al-Ifta al-Aala, has warned that women drivers would lead to a surge in sex, pornography, homosexuality and divorce!

The scholars, who collaborated with Kamal Subhi, a well-known former professor at the conservative King Fahd University, evidenced this “moral decline” by observing that in other Muslim countries where women are allowed to drive, the decline is already visible. Their report concludes that within 10 years of the ban on female drivers being repealed there would be “no more virgins” in the Islamic kingdom, London's Daily Telegraph reported.

Saudi women have mounted several campaigns to try to have the ban on women drivers overturned, the BBC reported. As part of his careful reform process, King Abdullah has allowed suggestions to surface that the ban on women drivers might be reviewed. A Saudi woman who has campaigned for women drivers told the BBC that the Head of the Shura had assured women campaigners that he was still open to hearing the case for lifting the ban on women drivers.

For the first time ever, a country which is notorious for its ultraconservative values has made an effort towards the relaxation of rules and regulations that have long suffocated a major chunk of its population. The women in Saudi Arabia may not have permission to drive cars, but the Saudi Government has now allowed women to ride motorbikes and bicycles. There are some restrictions though, some ifs and buts, which come along with the lifting of the ban.

1- The women can ride but only in recreational areas such as parks and playgrounds.
2- Like everything else in Saudi Arabia, a woman must bring along a ‘Mahram’, her husband or any unmarriageable kin.
3- A woman must wear proper Hijab, which means she should cover her hair and wear absolutely non-revealing clothes.
4- Women can ride but only for entertainment. They cannot use the permitted vehicles for either for transportation or any other serious purpose.
5- Places crowded with men must be avoided by women on their bikes. There are two reasons for this restriction; first is that if you have men around you, there are chances that you’ll be harassed. The other reason why women should avoid public places (with men) is that they can cause a lot of distraction!

Won’t this restricted riding motorbikes and bicycles in recreational areas by Saudi women lead to the “end of virginity” in the country as the Islamic clergy bewails? Won’t this restricted riding by Saudi women lead to surge in sex, pornography, homosexuality and divorce? Or will a 250 cc internal combustion engine revving loudly beneath a Saudi woman lead her to think that she can do without a man in her life?

Like I said earlier, the Islamic clergy has the absolute, inviolable and unfettered right to make the most ridiculous or ludicrous statements on any topic either under the blazing sun or the crescent moon!

BBC News - 'End of virginity' if women drive, Saudi cleric warns

Tuesday, February 12, 2013



A Press Conference was conducted at Hotel Deccan Plaza on Monday, 11th February 2013 by the Organising Committee of the Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation [HSSF]. On the Conference dais were present the Chairperson Shri N. Gopalaswami IAS (retd.), former Chief Election Commissioner of India and the Vice Chairperson Kum. Dr. Padma Subramaniam, reputed danseuse and Director of Nrityodaya. Shri Nambi Narayanan of Swadeshi Jagran Manch welcomed the gathering.

The Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation [HSSF] is organizing the HINDU AND SPIRITUAL SERVICE FAIR from 19th to 24th February 2013. The VENUE of the Fair is the A.M Jain College grounds at Meenambakkam, Chennai.

The Inaugural Meet is scheduled at 6 PM on Tuesday, 19th February 2013. Shri L.K Advani, India’s former Home Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in the NDA Government, will be the Chief Guest at the Inaugural Meet and he will deliver the keynote address. Swami Ashutoshananda of Sri Ramakrishna Mission, Chennai and Swami Omkarananda of Chidbhavananda Mission, Theni, Tamil Nadu, will be participating in the Inaugural Meet.

For Five Days from Wednesday, 20th February to Sunday, 24th February 2013, the Hindu and Spiritual Service Fair will function from 9:30 AM to 8 PM.

This year being the 150th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekananda, the Spiritual Service Fair will be dedicated to that Patriot-Saint of India. The Central Hall of the Spiritual Service Fair will be dedicated to an exhibition on Swami Vivekananda’s Life, Thoughts and Mission.

On Saturday 16th February 2013 at 8 AM there will be a Vivekananda Walkathon by 2000 students from various Schools along the Marina Beach Road. The Walkathon will commence from the Labour Statue, near Ezhilagam, Tamil Nadu Government Building and proceed to historic Vivekananda House.

This is the 5th time the Hindu Spiritual and Service Fair will be held. Speaking to mediapersons at the Press Conference, Shri Gopalaswami said it was the ignorance about one’s own religion and cultural heritage which make people fall prey to the drive by evangelists. The evangelists are indulging in converting various sections of the society and it is most disturbing. Dr Padma Subrahmaniam commented that she was really distressed by the mass religious conversions taking place in various parts of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. “I have personally experienced the trauma underwent by a family near the Tamil Nadu-Andhra Pradesh border when evangelists tried to convert the dead body of a person in front of his family. I have a responsibility to my country and have to alert my people about the happenings.”

On Saturday 16th February 2013 at 8 AM there will be a Vivekananda Walkathon by 2000 students from various Schools along the Marina Beach Road. The Walkathon will commence from the Labour Statue, near Ezhilagam, Tamil Nadu Government Building and proceed to Vivekananda House.

More on the reason and purpose of the HINDU AND SPIRITUAL SERVICE FAIR and its sponsors, the Hindu Spiritual and Service Foundation in my next post.

Thursday, January 3, 2013


A purported conversation between
the President of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari also known as Mr 10% for his brazenly corrupt ways
the Prime Minister of India, Manmohan Singh, who is the most obedient and deferential of all Sonia Gandhi’s followers.

Mere paas Army hai             I have the Army with me
Mere paas ISI hai                 I have the ISI with me
Mere paas bada gaadi hai    I have large cars
Mere paas Bungalow hai      I have a Bungalow
Poora Pakistan hai                I have the entire Pakistan with me
Aap ke paas kyah hai?          What do you have?

Manmohan Singh:
Mere paas Soniaji hai !          I have the Mighty Soniaji with me

This SMS is spreading rapidly through after the meek, timid and a very henpecked Manmohan Singh was caught saying ‘Theek Hai’ after reading a short written speech for broadcast, one week of massive public protests following the gruesome torture and gang-rape of a 23 year old woman by several habitual criminals on a moving bus in Delhi and the subsequent brutal Delhi Police onslaughts on unarmed female protesters.