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This article limits itself to the Masochism fetish of Gandhi and does not venture into adultry, incest, spouse-abuse or any other aspect of Gandhi’s sex life.

Let me start this sad narrative by quoting from the article, ‘Gandhi's Muslim Appeasement’ by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari: “It is now well known that Muslim appeasement was an inseparable part of Gandhi’s quack doctrine of Non-violence. But many do not know why he adopted, or was compelled to adopt this dirty policy, while he was in South Africa, in 1908. At that time the South African government imposed an unjust tax of £ 3 on every Indian living in South Africa and Gandhi initiated talks with South African government on this matter. But the Muslims did not support this move and were displeased with Gandhi. In addition to that Gandhi, on one occasion, made some critical comments on Islam while he was speaking at a gathering. Furthermore, he tried to make a comparative estimate of Hinduism, Islam and Christianity, which made the Muslims furious.” [1]

A few days later, on 10th February 1908, a group of Muslims under the leadership of a Pathan called Mir Alam entered Gandhi’s house and beat him mercilessly. When Gandhi fell on the ground the Muslim attackers kicked him right and left and beat him with sticks. They also threatened to kill him. From this incident onward, Gandhi stopped to make any critical comment on Muslims as well as on Islam. According to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, this incident was a milestone in Gandhi’s life and afterwards Gandhi began to overlook even the most heinous crime committed by the Muslims.”

So you see that Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi lived in mortal fear of Muslim violence. The fear-stricken M.K Gandhi turned into a fanatic Muslim appeaser of the “drop your pants and bend over” variety.

HYPOCRISY IS THE TRIBUTE THAT FEAR-STRICKEN PEOPLE PAY TO OPPRESSION. Hypocrisy made Mr M.K Gandhi find sophisticated and convoluted excuses for his submissive behaviour to the violent Muslim oppressor. Mr Gandhi hid his cowardice under the quack doctrine of Non-Violence, which he took care only to preach to the Hindus and never to the Muslim “Brothers”. He believed himself liberal but was on actual fact mortally afraid of Muslims and he consistently pleaded for the Muslims and pampered them. [2]

To quote the appropriate words of Prafull Goradia in this context: “For Gandhi, no price was too great for appeasing Muslims, so that they did not oppose Hindus. That he did not understand the Muslims was proved by the conduct of the Muslim League and by the vivisection of the country.”

Gandhi preached Non-Violence, Secularism and Sacrifices in the name of Hindu-Muslim Amity, only to the unthinking, gullible, ‘devout’, temple-worshipping Hindu victims and not to their savage Muslim oppressors. But why blame Gandhi alone; where there are gullible people there will be confidence tricksters too.

Gandhi was never moved by the sufferings and miseries of the Hindu victims of Muslim oppression, on the contrary, he used to shed tears for the Muslims marauders when they occasionally get their comeuppance. All through his political career, Gandhi pandered to the ever-increasing Muslim demands irrespective of the horrendous cost which the naive and trusting Hindus had to pay as a result of Gandhi’s Masochist policies and actions.

Gandhi’s idea of Hindu-Muslim amity was also extremely biased and prejudiced. Only Hindus are supposed to make all sacrifices for Hindu-Muslim amity  and they should endure all the oppressions and heinous crimes of the Muslims without protest. And that was the basis of the Gandhian ideology of “non-violence” and “secularism”.

I am of the opinion that Sigmund Freud would have considered M.K Gandhi an excellent material for psycho-analysis.

The sound thrashing by the enraged Muslim fanatics seems to have brought out the kinky fetish lying dormant in M.K Gandhi. The masochism in Gandhi came to the fore.

Masochist Gandhi was increasingly addicted to more and more Muslim abuse and violence and he with perverse pleasure imposed his masochism fetish on the Congress Party and through it, on all the Hindus, while mouthing high sounding quack doctrine of non-violence.

What is masochism?
The deriving of sexual gratification, or the tendency to derive sexual gratification, from being physically or emotionally abused by other people.

Masochist Gandhi admitted that he did not get sufficient sexual titillation from his “experiments” with two naked young women lying on either side of him. Instead that freak got it from reading press reports, that he drooled over with perverted delight, about Hindu and Sikh women being verbally abused, physically molested, with their beautiful dresses torn and then violated in every orifice by the abusers, the hate-filled violent Muslim jihadis, whom he wickedly adored with his perverted sense of morality. The toothless ageing sex pervert Gandhi wanted Hindus to take violent Muslim abuse lying down and then beg for some more.

Many Hindus of this country do not know, what this kinky Gandhi, the alleged ‘Great Soul’ and the ‘Apostle of Nonviolence’, thought about this abusive behaviour of the Muslims towards Hindus. In the 6th July, 1926, edition of the ‘Navajivan’, Gandhi wrote that “...  would kiss the feet of the (Muslim) violator of the modesty of a (Hindu or Sikh) sister”. [3]

Just before the partition, both Hindu and Sikh women were being raped by the Muslims in large numbers. Gandhi advised them that if a Muslim expressed his desire to rape a Hindu or a Sikh lady, she should never refuse him but cooperate with him. She should lie down like dead with her tongue in between her teeth. Thus the rapist Muslim will be satisfied soon and soon he will leave her. [4]

Who would you expect to utter such despicable words, a Mahatma
or a sleazy, slimy, despicable, low-life, Sado-Masochist pimp?

Apparently I am not the only one with such views. M.K Gandhi's favourite disciple and publicly anointed political heir, Jawaharlal Nehru had commented in 1936 itself on Gandhi’s sexual escapades as unnatural and shocking. “I think Gandhi is absolutely wrong in this matter. It can only lead to frustration, inhibition, neurosis and all manner of physical and nervous ills.[5]

Another famous lawyer, Sir C. P Ramaswamy Iyer (1879-1966), who served as the Advocate-General of Madras Presidency, Law Member of the Executive Council of the Governor of Madras, Law member of the Executive Council of the Viceroy of India and who later served as the Diwan of Travancore from 1936 to 1947 commented thus in a meeting with the Viceroy Lord Louis Mountbatten: “Gandhi was a most dangerous semi-repressed sex maniac.” [5]

No matter how well-entrenched the conspirators may be and no matter how well-disguised their treachery may be, THE TRUTH ABOUT GANDHI'S IMMORALITY, PERVERSION AND THEIR DELETERIOUS IMPACT ON THE HINDU SOCIETY AND THE INDIAN NATION CANNOT BE KEPT HIDDEN FOR LONG.

Let the People of India bravely face the harsh grim reality of gross betrayal by the leaders whom they so deeply, though naively, trusted.

[1] ‘Gandhi's Muslim Appeasement’ by Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari
[3] ‘Mahatma Gandhi’, by D Keer, Popular Prakashan, p-473.
[4] ‘Freedom at Midnight’ by D Lapierre and L Collins, Vikas, 1997, p-479.
[5] ‘Gandhi: Naked Ambition’ by Jad Adams, Quercus, Britain, 2010. p- 213. Just released in the UK, Naked Ambition, offers an explicit account of Gandhi's sexual experiments with his followers' wives and his teenaged grand-nieces

Additional references:
1. Thrill of the chaste: The truth about Gandhi's sex life Wednesday, 7 April 2010
2. Gandhi: Behind the Mask of Divinity by G. B. Singh. U.S Army Colonel G.B Singh puts forward that the portrayal of Gandhi as a great leader is "the work of the Hindu propaganda machine" and Christian clergy with ulterior motives. Singh further discusses how Gandhi actively encouraged the British to raise an Indian regiment for use against the Black Zulus, contrary to his image of a non-violent leader.
3. Rangeela Gandhi by Dr L.R Bali. Bheem Patrika Publication, Dr Ambedkar Road, Jalandhar , Punjab, India 144003

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Kerala Hindu Caste Organizations

With specific reference to the NSS

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Are the numerically powerful Hindu caste organizations any good? Do they protect Hindu interests?

Intellibriefs Report dated January 06, 2005 stated that the Nair Service Society (NSS) and the Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana (SNDP) Yogam, two prominent organisations representing the prominent Nair and Ezhava communities in Kerala State, are coming together. At the 128th Jayanti celebrations of Mannathu Padmanabhan, social reformer and the founder leader of the NSS at Perunna, Chenganassery Town, (Kerala State) on Sunday, 2 Jan 2005, the SNDP Yogam General Secretary Vellappally Natesan and the NSS leaders announced that the NSS and the SNDP Yogam would unite in all possible areas. Mr Natesan contended that a tie-up between the two communities was the need of the hour. All should get social justice, he added. He categorically stated in the midst of applause that whatever be the oppositions the NSS and the SNDP Yogam would work together in all possible areas. Unity among the Hindu communities was a problem concerning the existence of the majorities. Reservation issue should not be an obstruction for a fellowship. He said and asked "if different Christian communities can stand united in the name of religion why cannot we (the Hindus)?" Mr Vellappally Natesan alleged that political parties were responsible for the present situation. They were appeasing the minorities because of vote banks. Conversion or suicide was the only alternative before the Hindus of Kerala. Social justice should be assured to all, he asserted. Earlier, the NSS Assistant Secretary, G Sukumaran said that the NSS was ready to unite with the SNDP Yogam in all possible areas.

The communist moles (I am borrowing this term from the article by Shri V. Sundaram I.A.S, reference appears later in this article) in the NSS were very uneasy with such unity moves among the Hindus. For the Communists total destruction of Hinduism and conversion of Hindus to atheism and later on to Islam or Christianity is the ultimate goal. Any talk of Hindu Unity or Hindu Identity is anathema to them. So they bid their time.

The unity moves between the largest two Hindu social organizations sent a major quake through the adherents of the three alien predatory political ideologies: Christianity, Islam and Communism.

At Kochi, the Kerala Latin Catholic Association (KLCA) has termed the NSS-SNDP joint call or the Hindu unity as an open challenge to the country's “secular fabric” (read Christian and Muslim dominated). The meeting criticised Chief Minister Oommen Chandy and Congress leader A.K.Antony for participating in the meeting, which according to the KLCA, was "calculated and with communal character." The presence of Oommen Chandy and Antony at the meeting was equal to conniving with the communal elements to destroy the state's secular fabrics, the meeting observed. KLCA president Felix Pulloodan presided over the meeting.

The NDF Acting Chairman, E. Sayed, warned that the attempts of the SNDP General Secretary, Vellappally Natesan, to join hands with the NSS leader, P.K. Narayana Panicker, would not do any good to the Ezhava community.

In a separate statement, the Sunni Yuvajana Sanghom leader A.P. Kanthapuram Aboobacker Musalir warned that attempts to ride roughshod over minorities on the pretext of forging Hindu unity would be dangerous.

Vellapally’s hope of a broad Hindu alliance with the NSS failed to materialise when the spineless and shameless Narayana Panicker backtracked under intense Church pressure. Implementation of the 33 per cent reservation for Dalits and Backward Classes in the Travancore Devaswom Board was the excuse proffered by the Communists moles in the NSS to withdraw from the Hindu Unity move initiated by Vellappally Natesan.

An irate Vellapally Natesan then explored political options of cooperation with Muslim political parties and Islamic leaders. There was a report in Kerala Kaumudi, May 24, 2010 regarding this self-defeating political move.

Mr Vellapally Natesan who had apparently not read the Quran does not realise that Islam does not consider backward class Hindus more favourably than forward class Hindus. For Islam, any Hindu is a kaffir fit only to be killed or converted. Kaffir property is meant to be looted and kaffir women are meant for being raped and sold as sex-slaves. As far as Muslims are concerned India is dar-ul-harab, an unfinished Islamic task and Jihadi terrorism is obligatory for all Muslims.

In an article titled, ‘Vellappally Natesan Bankrupting SNDP's future’ Dr Babu Suseelan wrote on 24/05/2010: “Mr Natesan must realize that when a Muslim was elected as Education Minister and Industry Minister, Muslim Ministers have diverted all state funds only for Muslims. More schools and colleges were allocated to Muslims avoiding SNDP and NSS. … It seems that Vellappally Natesan failed to distinguish between delusion and reality. By aligning with Islamists, he will lead followers of Sree Narayan Guru into Islamic garbage pit. There are many proven and effective ways to improve the social, educational, political and economic status of SNDP followers. Joining with Islamists is not one of them.”

To be fair to the liquor baron, General Secretary of Sree Narayana Dharma Paripalana Yogam (SNDP), Vellapally Natesan, I have to say that he never gave up attempts at bringing the Ezhavas closer to the Hindutva fold. Despite being criticised harshly by communist historians as undermining the community’s “struggle against caste hierarchies”. 24 August 2010 Tehelka report on Caste Politics titled ‘We’ve two options: conversion or suicide’ quotes Mr Vellapally Natesan as saying: “The Christians with their political clout and foreign money power are trying to destroy the Hindu communities of Kerala. When I speak out against this bias I am branded a Hindu communalist, but I don’t care. The Muslims, who constitute 17 percent of Kerala’s population, own almost all the schools and colleges in the six districts of north Kerala. Arabic is taught in schools at government expense. Since 1940s, the Ezhava community has been the backbone of the Communists. Ninety-nine percent of the martyrs of Communist agitations are from our community. But we have been trampled upon and not given our share of political and social power”.

The policy of minority appeasement being implemented by the Central as well as by the State governments has effectively marginalized and neglected the Hindu society. Political parties have taken advantage of lack of unity among Hindu groups.

Now let us talk about the Forward Caste Mafia based at Chenganassery.

A Hindu religious and cultural meet was organized at Guruvayoor on October 1st, 2nd and 3rd 2008 to bring in unity among different Hindu communities. The function organized by Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS) was inaugurated by Swami Poornanandapuri, Secretary, Sri Amrutanandmayi Math. Shri Vellappalli Natesan General Secretary of SNDP, Shri V. Divakaran, General Secretary, Dheevara Sabha, Shri. K.K. Krishnan Kutty, General Secretary, SC/ST Federation, Shri. Subramaniya Moosath, Yogakshema Sabha, Swami Chidanandapuri, Shri Kummanam Rajasekharan, Shri. Shakrenend Swami, Shri. K.P. Sashikala Teacher of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Dr. Lakshmi Kumari, Shri. R. Ramachandran Nair IAS, Former Chief Secretary, Dr. P. Raman, Shri. Vishnu Narayanan Namboodri etc participated in the Hindu unity move. NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY General Secretary P.K Narayana Panicker was conspicuous by his absence.

Some prominent Nair activists who were disappointed with the plight of the Nair community formed the Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS) at Guruvayoor in November 2002. The President of SNS is Shri. Mancheri Bhaskaran Pillai who was a Member of the Director Board of NSS for several years from the time of Late Shri Mannath Padmanabhan and Late Shri Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai.

To quote Maatayi R.S. Nair of the Samastha Nair Samajam (SNS): “Although an attempt was made by Shri. Vellappalli Natesan, General Secretary of SNDP, to bring about unity with NSS, the proposal did not take off because the NSS leadership backed out under pressure from political parties and churches who have vested interests. It is rather unfortunate that the Nair Service Society, a great organization built up by late Shri Mannath Padmanabhan is being destroyed by incompetent leadership during the last 25 years. NSS could not start any profession college after Mr. Narayana Panicker took charge 25 years ago. Several units are closed, latest being a Hospital at Kummannur.

I heard a YouTube clip posted by iishtv. It was a lecture by Dr. N. GopalaKrishnan, Director, Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage on December 2009. The topic was ‘Jeevitha Moolyangal’. Dr N. GopalaKrishnan’s words which I am translating from Malayalam are as follows:

“We had invited Narayana Panicker to Houston. Mannathu Padmanabhan’s cousin a Namboothiri was present there. We understood that Houston. Mannathu Padmanabhan’s father was a Namboothiri, only when I went to Houston. We got this cousin Namboothiri to invite Narayana Panicker."

"The cousin inquired, ‘Why are you like this?’"

"Narayana Panicker’s reply, … this is recorded in video ….it can be shown to any one. Narayana Panicker’s reply was, ‘Even the existing schools and colleges ... we are not able to manage. We cannot move even one foot further'. "

"Then why are you destroying this organization, the cousin Namboothiri asked. Narayana Panicker replied, ‘Don’t think I destroyed anything The Yadava kulam in which Lord Krishna took birth fought a fratricidal battle and perished. What to say of the Nair kulam. LET A LARGE SECTION OF THE NAIR COMMUNITY PERISH’.”

Dr. N. GopalaKrishnan further added: “I felt hurt deep within. Did I have to travel 180 degrees to the other side (of the Earth) to hear this destructive speech. Why should we self-destruct? Why should we be destroyed? If I cannot do justice to the chair in which I am seated, then I should move on. Who ever it may be, even if it is Manmohan Singh, he should move on, even if it is Vellappalli Natesan, he should move on. If Gopalakrishnan cannot find words to speak when he comes in front of this mike, then Gopalakrishnan should never again appear on a stage. His stage appearance should be stopped. This is applicable to every one.”

The Guruvayoor-based Samasta Nair Samajam (SNS) has brought out a book titled ‘NSS Nasikkunnu’. This book gives an indication of the goings on in the NSS. That the Nair community has apathy and indifference to the rot in the NSS is a blessing to the gang in Changanacherry. This is what the SNS is trying to shatter with this book. Tracing the history of the NSS from great men like Mannath Padmanabhan, Kidangoor Gopalakrishna Pillai and Kalathil Velayudhan Nair the sad tale of how a once powerful organization is reduced to a caricature of its old self is brought out. The book gives details of the financial status of the organization, what is sinking by the day, also the ways and means they adopt to please the powerful communities in the belt. The organization from top to bottom is now filled with people who comply with the wishes of the couple of people who run it as their own estate. With no one to question the matter assets of the organization are facing ruin. This book itself tells how the large areas of landed property donated to the NSS, known to only the two people, are kept out of general scrutiny for several years now.

Do you want to know still more about the great NSS of the Nairs of Kerala?

The 1960 Kerala Assembly elections, following the Mannam-NSS led ‘Vimochana Samaram,’ returned N. Bhaskaran Nair of the Indian National Congress as the Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) of Chenganassery, the headquarters of the NSS. Since that election, the NSS could not get a single person professing Hindu religion to be returned as the local MLA. Every community, be they Muslims or Catholics or Syrian Christians or Ezhavas or even Tamils can get their MLA’s elected to the Kerala Assembly. However, not even a single Nair can get elected from Chenganassery, the Headquarters of the mighty NSS!

Once the budget of the NSS rivalled that of the Kerala Government budget and all the political bigwigs waited with bated breath to hear the views of ‘Kidangoor’ every morning. Now the pathetic condition of the NSS defies description.

Let us now turn to the redoubtable Hindutva warrior from Chennai, Sri V. Sundaram, I.A.S, National General Secretary (Ideology) Janatha Party. This is an excerpt from his article on Sri Ram Swarup, a legendary Hindutva thinker:

“6. The Hindu society is divided into castes. It thinks in terms of castes, it votes in terms of castes. Hindus do not vote for Hindu candidates; they vote for caste candidates. So, if one belongs to the right caste or can manipulate the caste factor successfully and also manage the minority votes on anti-Hindu slogan one is bound to succeed. Thus while the Hindu society is divided, Muslims vote en-bloc. This gives them disproportionate representation on Indian Politics.”

“HINDU CASTE BASED ORGANIZATIONS in British India were all essentially Hindu organizations rooted in Sanatana Dharma and being very proud of their Hindu identity and heritage. In the dirty communal anti-Hindu electoral politics of today, the caste-based organizations and political parties are trying to wean away people from their primordial Hindu roots. More particularly in Tamil Nadu and Kerala this seems to be the most serious political malady afflicting these two states."

“The classic instance of communal anti-Hindu politics relates to the NAIR SERVICE SOCIETY (NSS) in Kerala today. The grim tragedy is that the NSS is functioning like a subordinate office of the Christian Church In Kerala. The NSS is trying to reduce Nairs, the erstwhile warrior-defenders of Sanatana Dharma in Kerala, to a bunch of pompous vainglorious casteists having simultaneously, superiority complex towards other Hindu castes on the one hand and inferiority complex towards Christians and Muslims on the other."

"No Nair Karayogam, whether inside Kerala or outside, is known to start their meeting with the traditional Hindu invocations of Guru-Vandana and Vinayaka Stuti."

"The Nair Karayogams have been infiltrated, consciously and deliberately, by Communist paratroopers who are trying to wean away the Nair member-families from their Hindu roots under the guise of the debilitating and pernicious virus of ‘SECULARISM’ consciously and continuously marketed by the Sonia Congress Party and the Communist Parties in Kerala."

COMMUNIST MOLES inside the caste-based organizations try their best to sabotage and prevent Hindu Unity and Hindu solidarity resting on caste consolidation.."

The case in point is the 156th Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations at the Panmana Ashram in September 2009. The Ashram authorities had invited the widely respected Hindu Dharmacharini Mata Amritnandamayi for the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations. Many of the top office bearers of the NSS could not tolerate a Hindu Dharmacharini like Mata Amritnandamayi who belonged to a ‘lower caste’ in her poorva-ashram being invited and given prominence in the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations.”

The Official Protocols for receiving the ‘heaven-descendent’ General Secretary of the NSS rival the Official Protocols for receiving a visiting Head of State, in the breadth and depth of scope! Doesn’t that Swamiji, who is the head of that Panmana Ashram, know the ‘Official Protocols for Receiving the General Secretary of the NSS’? The Garlands and bouquets meant for the ‘high-born’ General Secretary of the NSS are being offered by that pesky Swamiji to that ‘fisher-woman’ Amritanandamayi! Oh! My Goodness! How dare he!! Such sacrilege!!!

Lets hear once again from Sri V. Sundram I.A.S: “Finding themselves in the hopeless situation, from their divisive and narrow-minded casteist point of view, the Communist moles in the NSS of Kerala in general and its GENERAL SECRETARY Shri P K NARAYANA PANICKER, went into a depressed state sulking and the Communist moles got the NSS to disassociate itself from the Sri Chattambi Swami Jayanthi Celebrations. This, despite the known fact that Chattambi Swamigal was a great Hindu Rishi and Social reformer who fought against social evils of casteism and religious conversion.”

Do the Nairs, mired in apathy and indifference, still think that the NSS will fight for the Hindus of Kerala, in general, and the Nairs in particular? NOT A CHANCE! The NSS is morally and physically dead.

The Communist-controlled Kerala State Government appointed Paloli Committee headed by a jihadi Local Administration Minister Paloli Mohammed Kutty. The Paloli Committee's recommendations on how to implement the Sachar Committee Report for the uplift of the Muslims have led to a major row between the Government and Muslim organisations on one side and BJP and high-caste Hindu groups on the other. BJP claimed that the report is nothing but an exercise to appease the Muslim community in Kerala, which is not backward enough to merit concessions and privileges. From February 2009, about 50,000 Madrassa Teachers will be covered by Pension Fund by this new programme. Muslim girls studying for graduate, post graduate and professional courses shall receive scholarship at the rate of Rs.3000/-, Rs.4000/- and Rs.5000/- respectively every year and the scholarship will continue until the course is completed. The number of 'Below Poverty Line' people is too high among Hindu communities.

According to Dr C.I Issac, Professor of History, Mahatma Gandhi University, the number of 'Below Poverty Line' people
It is 39.3 lakh amongst the Hindus. On the other hand
it is 24.7 lakh amongst the Muslims and
it is 8.2 lakh amongst the Christians.

Kerala has number one position in the case of suicides. It is 30.5 per lakh and above the national average of 11.2 per lakh. The main reasons behind most of the suicides are economic difficulties. The main victims of this suicide tempo are the Hindus. Of the total suicides
Hindus share is 92 per cent,
Christian share is 6.5 per cent and
Muslims share is 1.5 per cent.

The suicides and their causes least affected the Muslims of Kerala and it is sufficient testimony to the healthy social living of the community and yet Paloli says that Kerala Muslims are ‘backward’ and they have to be given more and more concessions!

Narayana Panicker made a statement on 23 February 2008 opposing the implementation of Paloli Committee Report. He also alleged that the same Government, which was enthusiastic about upgrading the quality of life of the minorities, was trying to take away the rights of the faithful among the majority community and added “We can't remain silent spectators to this”. Guess what happened next?

The Muslim Educational Society (MES) leader Fazal Gafoor reacted with abuse against Narayana Panicker. The intolerant Jihadi came up with threats against the NSS and described Panicker as a “street rogue of Changanassery”. In a TV Interview, the Muslim fanatic Fazal Gafoor challenged the whole Hindu Community by saying that from Ponnani to Kasargode, Muslims will retaliate if any one tried to oppose the Paloli Report based on Sachar Committee.

Communist Party of India-Marxist (CPI-M) State Secretary Pinarayi Vijayan said: “The opinion expressed by Muslim Education Society chairman Fazal Gafoor on the stance of Nair Service Society leaders on the Paloli committee report is right. The opinion of Mr. Gafoor should be considered a natural reaction.” Now it seems CPM in Kerala has given its “secular” stamp of approval to MES beard’s claims that P K Narayana Panicker is a street rogue. Did the Nair “Comrade” coolies who mindlessly parrot Communist propaganda take notice?

The Catholicate Palace (Devalokam Aramana) the universal headquarters and Central Secretariat of the Malankara Orthodox Syrian Church ditched their pet dog, the NSS in the latter's time of need. On 25/02/2008 the On 25/02/2008 the President of Catholic Bishops Conference of India, Major Archbishop Mar Varkey Vithayathil of the Syro-Malabar Church slammed Narayana Panicker for hurting the sentiments of their ‘Muslim Brothers’ in Malappuram!!!

Instead of standing up for the NSS General Secretary Narayana Panicker and supporting him, the NSS Assistant General Secretary G. Sukumaran took a ‘U’ turn and justified the need of implementing Paloli Commitee reports! This querulous Sukumaran who flares up when opposing the fellow Hindus in SNDP on petty issues, surrenders meekly when faced with ill-tempered, ill-mannered and uncouth jihadis!!

“Nazareth! Can anything good come from there?” Nathanael asked. (New Testament, John 1:46)

I ask you, can any good come from Perunna, Chenganassery (where the NSS is located)?

This is not the end of the sad narrative. A group of concerned prominent Hindus organized a Hindu Parliament at Thiruvananthapuram in April-May 2010. This was an initiative to bring together various Hindu outfits and religious leaders on a single platform to address the common concerns of the community. The Head of Travancore Royal Family Uthradom Thirunal Marthanda Varma was the Parliament Chairman and tantris (traditional high priests) of Sabarimala and Guruvayur temples were its patrons. The meet was inaugurated by Udupi Pejawar Mutt Viswsa Theertha Samigal. THE NSS LEADERSHIP DID NOT PARTICIPATE IN THE HINDU PARLIAMENT.

By staying away from being part of Hindu Parliament, NSS leadership had once again proved that their allegiance is with the enemies of Hindus. It is high time the Nair community realized that the once powerful Hindu organisation called the NSS has now become infiltrated, compromised and completely sold out.

Instead of protecting the rights of Nairs and providing leadership to the Hindu people of Kerala the NSS now exists to save, serve and promote the vested interests of Church and Jihadis at the expense of the Hindus of Kerala in general and the Nairs in particular. 'LET A LARGE SECTION OF THE NAIR COMMUNITY PERISH’, says the ‘heaven-descendent’ General Secretary of the NSS!!!

The stench from the NSS carcase reeks badly. NSS requires a quick funeral. Hindus of Kerala in general and Nairs in particular need to look outside their caste organizations for help in organizing and fighting for their social, economic and political rights against the cut-throat local partisans of Arab imperialists, the American sponsored soul-harvesting sex-offenders and the Communist traitors.

My people, the Easwara of this age, Kali Yugam, is Sangham, that is, organisation and co-operative and concerted effort. Know this; God helps only those who help themselves. If you will not try to save yourselves, nobody will help you, not even God.


It is reported in the media that the de jure authority in the NSS, G. Sukumaran Nair has taken over formally as the General Secretary and P.K. Narayana Panicker has been kicked upstairs to the largely ceremonial post as the NSS President.

But this is not 1921. Aren’t the Muslims are peaceful now?

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But this is not 1921. Aren’t the Muslims are peaceful now?

We can hear the dangerous Sunni Muslim cleric delivering his chilling threat of Islamic Terror on the UTube. He has the audacity to think or imagine that he can terrorize more than 800 Millions of Hindus in India into meek submission. I am giving below the English translation of the excerpts of his public speech in Malayalam:
“The sword that we drew out in (the Moplah Rebellion of) 1921, we have not thrown away into the Arabian Sea. Have we?” Then the jihadi butcher-preacher looks intently at his amassed blood-thirsty Moplah Muslim supporters and triumphantly repeats with emphasis: “The sword that we drew out in (the Moplah Rebellion of) 1921, we have not thrown away into the Arabian Sea. Have we?” Having got an enthusiastic applause from his captivated audience, which had by then started dreaming the Islamically-correct wet dreams of raping Hindu women and slaughtering Hindu men and looting Hindu property, the dangerous dangerous Sunni Muslim cleric exclaims: “The sword that we drew out in 1921, we have not thrown away into the Arabian Sea - is the old Muslim slogan in Kerala! We still have that sword with us!! The rasul-ul-Allah always carried with him a sharp sword!!!”

And what ever is done by the Prophet Mohammad, the rasul-ul-Allah is obligatory for the believing Muslim. Raping pre-teen girls, plunging a sword into the swollen belly of a pregnant kaffir woman, plunder, arson and forcible conversions are all HALAL activities for a Momin or believing Muslim. Jihad is not an option but an obligation for every Muslim. The alleged “good Muslims” who can only find excuses for not waging Jihad against the Kaffir (In India the term Kaffir refers to Hindus, Buddhists and Jains), however, have been warned of extremely dreadful punishments and Allah has described them with the most unfortunate of names.
Hear the plans of the Islamic terrorist outfit Popular Front of India (PFI). This was earlier named as the NDF when it was headed by Abdul Nasser Maudani, the hero of the Moplah Muslims of today. The PFI is aiming to convert Kerala into a Muslim majority state in the next 20 years, Kerala Chief Minister V.S. Achuthanandan told reporters in New Delhi on Saturday, 25 July 2010. This was reported by the newspaper Kaumudi. “For achieving that goal, the outfit is pumping money to attract youth and give them weapons. They also try to convert youth from other communities and persuade them to marry Muslim girls,” Chief Minister Achuthanandan said.

Abdul Nasser Maudani is an accused in the 2008 Bangalore bombings case. The charges against Maudani were criminal conspiracy, incitement of violence and, above all, anti-national activities under the Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act. The Karnataka Police had been trying to arrest Maudani since 10 August 2010 following the arrest warrant issued by an Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate Court at Bangalore. The Kerala Police under the Communist LDF Government, however, has inventing excuses and citing security reasons pending political clearance from the Kerala Government Home Ministry headed by the Hindu-hating Marxist criminal Kodiyeri Balakrishnan, despite the LDF Kerala Government’s public promise to provide all required assistance to the Karnataka Police to implement to arrest the Islamic terrorist Maudani. The Karnataka Home Minister V.S Acharya taking note of the political drama enacted by the LDF Government in Kerala to indefinitely delay the arrest threatened “other options” if the situation remained unchanged. After high-level understanding arrived at behind the curtains the Islamic terrorist Maudani agreed to be arrested without violent protests by his supporters. On 17 Aug 2010 The Karnataka Police on Tuesday arrested Kerala’s Islamist leader and PDP chairman Abdul Nasser Madani, key accused in the 2008 Bangalore bombings case, ending a ten-day drama.

Maudani is not an ordinary coconut thief in Kerala. He is politically coveted and lusted after by both the major political groupings of Kerala, the LDF and the UDF. The Kerala Assembly unanimously passing an anti-national resolution on March 16, 2006, cutting across religious and caste lines, seeking the release of the anti-Hindu anti-National Islamic terrorist Abdul Nasser Maudani, from Coimbatore Jail.

Hear the stinging words of Smt Sasikala Teacher, President of Hindu Aikya Vedi:
“Each gram of tallow lost by Maudani, each hair of his esteemed Islamic terrorist self that turned white in Coimbatore Jail and each inch of girth that was lost around his corpulent Islamic waist was commented upon in threadbare detail and paeans were sung in his honour bythe ever attentive minority controlled media, the vote seeking politicians, and the cultural leaders and social intellectuals who are paid and kept by the CPI (M). These anti-Hindu Nehruvian “secularists” went to Coimbatore Jail with weighing machines to measure and record the falling weight of the Islamic terrorist. None of these alleged “secularists” had any problems interacting with the Islamic terrorists who are defendants in cases involving high treason. WHY? This, my people, is anti-Hindu “secularism”!”

Hindus of Kerala have become a minority like in Kashmir, Nagaland, Mizoram, Goa and Tripura. Hindus of Kerala need not expect their 141 elected legislators in the Kerala Assembly to protect their interests.

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Malabar’s Agony - Article 2

By Dr (Mrs) Annie Beasant

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Following is the second article titled Malabar's Agony, which was published in New India on 6 December 1921.

Dr (Mrs) Annie Besant

Wilful murders of Hindus and arson were first begun in my own place by Chembrasseri Thangal and his lieutenant, another Thangal. You might have read accounts written by me in the Malabar journal which was sent to you last time. This contagion began to spread like wild fire and we began to hear of murders daily. Within a fortnight cold blooded murders of Hindus became very common. From within the borders of Calicut and Ernad Taluks refugees came with tales of murders and atrocities committed by rebels. At Puthur Amsom in Ernad only 12 miles northeast of Calicut, one day in broad daylight twenty five persons who refused to embrace Islam were butchered and put into a well. One out of these too narrowly escaped death got out of the well when the rebels left and ran to Calicut for his dear life. He is now in the hospital. So the accounts must be true as he himself was one of the victims.

During the last week, news of numerous murders and forcible conversions came from another quarter; Mannur near Aniyallur and Kadalundi railway station near Ernad Taluk. This place is only 14 miles from Calicut. Every train to Calicut was carrying with it daily hundreds of refugees during the last week. If there were ten thousand refugees fed by the Relief Committee last week, it must have fed fifteen thousand this week. According to the statement given by them there must be at least fifty murders and numerous cases of conversions and house burnings.

Can you conceive of a more ghastly and inhuman crime than the murders of babies and pregnant women? Two days back I had occasion to read a report given by a refugee in Calicut.

A pregnant woman carrying seven months was cut through the abdomen by a rebel and she was seen lying dead on the way with the dead child projecting out of the womb. How horrible!

Another, a baby of six months was snatched away from the breast of her own mother and cut into two pieces! How heart rending! Are these rebels human beings or monsters?

From the same quarters numerous forcible conversions are also reported. One refugee has given a statement that he had seen with his own eyes that the heads of a dozen people were being shaved by the rebels and afterwards they were asked to recite some passages from the Quran. This he witnessed from a tree. I wonder what is the authority of some people who contradict the news of murders of murders and forcible conversions of Hindus. Let them come here and test the veracity of these statements for themselves.

Yesterday another report of murders came from a place very near Kottakal. The report says that eleven Hindus (males and females) were murdered by the rebels. A fortnight ago fifteen dead bodies of Hindus were seen under culvert on the road between Perinthalmanna and Melatur.

Will you not be sick of these stories of murders? All these reports are as far as possible proved also to be correct. Words fail to express my feelings of indignation and abhorrence which I experienced when I came to know of an instance of rape committed by the rebels under Chembrassery Thangal. A respectable Nair lady at Melatur was stripped naked by the rebels in the presence of her husband and brothers who were made to stand close by with their hands tied behind. When they shut their eyes in abhorrence they were compelled at a point of a sword to open their eyes and witness the rape committed by the brute in their presence. I loathe even to write of such a mean action! This instance of rape was communicated to me by one of her brothers confidentially. There are several instances of such mean atrocities which are not revealed by people.

I thank God that my family and relatives reached safe at Calicut without being dishonoured by these brutes though we sustained serious loss of property and the loss of four lives (two servants and more afterwards).



Don't let either the traitorous Marxists or the dhimmi Congress Gandhiwallahs tell you that this is an old story and make you to be too complaisant. The above Report by Dr (Mrs) Annie Besant marks neither the beginning nor the end of the ongoing GENOCIDE OF HINDUS in MALABAR.

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Malabar’s Agony - Article 1

By Dr (Mrs) Annie Beasant

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Following is the article titled Malabar's Agony, which was published in New India on 29 November 1921.

Mrs Annie Besant

It would be well if Mr Gandhi could be taken into Malabar to see with his own eyes the ghastly horrors which have been created by the preaching of himself and his “loved brothers” Mohammad and Shaukat Ali. The Khilafat Raj is established there; on August 1, 1921, sharp to the date first announced by Mr Gandhi for the beginning of Swaraj and the vanishing of British Rule, a Police Inspector was surrounded by Moplahs revolting against that Rule. From the date onwards thousands of the forbidden war knives were secretly made and hidden away and on August 20, the rebellion broke out, Khilafat Flags were hoisted on Police Stations and Government Offices. Strangely enough it was on August 25, 825 AD that Cheraman Perumal ascended the Throne of Malabar, the first Zamorin and from that day the Malayalam Era is dated that is still in use, thus for 1096 years a Zamorin has ruled in Calicut and the Rajahs are mostly chiefs who have long centuries have looked to a Zamorin as their feudatory Head. These are the men on whom the true pacification of Malabar must ultimately depend. The crowded refugees will only return to their devastated homes when they see those once more in safety in their ancestral places. Their lands, which they keep under their own control are largely cultivated by Moplahs, who are normally hardy, industrious agricultural labour.

Our correspondent has sent accounts of public functions connected with my hurried visit to Calicut and Palghat and that which I wish to put on record here is the ghastly misery which prevails, the heart breaking wretchedness which has been caused by the Moplah outbreak, directly due to the violent and unscrupulous attacks on the Government made by the Non-Co-Operators (N.C.O) and the Khilafatists and the statements scattered broadcast, predicting the speedy disappearance of the British rule, and the establishment of Swaraj, as was proclaimed by the N.C.O; Khilafat Raj, as understood by the Moplahs from the declarations of the Khilafatists. On that there is no doubt what ever, so far as Malabar is concerned. The message of the Khilafats, of England as the enemy of Islam, of our coming downfall and the triumph of the Muslims had spread to every Moplah home. The harangues in the mosques spread it everywhere and Muslim hearts were glad. The saw the N.C.O., preachers appealing for help to their religious leaders naturally identifies the two. The Government was Satanic and Eblis to the good Muslim, is to be fought to the death. Mr Gandhi may talk as he pleases about the N.C.Os accepting no responsibility. It is not what they accept; it is what facts demonstrate. He accepted responsibility for the trifling bloodshed of Bombay. The slaughter in Malabar cries out his responsibility. N.C.O. is dead in Malabar. But bitter hatred has arisen there as fighting men from the dragon’s teeth of Theseus. That is the ghastly result of the preaching of Gandhism of N.C.O of Khilafatism. Everyone speaks of the Khilafat Raj and the one hope of the masses in its crushing by the strong arm of the Government. Mr Gandhi asked the Moderates to compel the Government to suspend hostilities i.e. to let loose the wolves to destroy what lives are left. The sympathy of the Moderate is not, I make bold to say, with the murderers, looters, the ravishers who have put into practice the teachings of paralysing the Government of the N.C.Os who have made “war on government” in their own way. How does Mr Gandhi like the Moplah spirit as shown by one of the prisoners in the hospital who was dying from the results of asphyxiation? He asked the surgeon if he was going to die and the surgeon answered that he feared that he would not recover. “Well, I am glad I killed fourteen infidels”, said the "brave, God-fearing Moplah", whom Mr Gandhi so much admires, who “are fighting for what they consider what they consider as their religion” and in a manner they consider as their religion. Men who considered it “religious” to murder, rape, loot, to kill women and little children, cutting down whole families, have to be put under restrain in any civilized society.

Mr Gandhi was shocked when some Parsi ladies had their sarees torn of and very properly yet the God-fearing hooligans had been taught that it was sinful to wear foreign cloth and doubtless felt they were doing a religious act; can he not feel a little sympathy for thousands of women left with only rags, driven from home, for little children born of the fleeing mothers on roads in refugee camps. The misery is beyond description. Girl-wives, pretty and sweet, with eyes half-blind with weeping, distraught with terror, women who have seen their husbands hacked into pieces before their eyes, in the way “Moplahs consider as religious”, old women tottering whose faces became written with anguish and who cry at a gentle touch and a kind look walking out of a stupor of misery only to weep, men who have lost all hopeless, crushed, desperate, I have walked among thousands of them in their refugee camps and sometimes heavy eyes would lift as a cloth was laid gently on the bare shoulder and a faint watery smile of surprise would make the face even more piteous than the stupor. Eyes full of appeal, of agonized despair, of hopeless entreaty of helpless anguish, thousands of them camp after camp. “Shameful inhumanity proceeding in Malabar” says Mr Gandhi. Shameful inhumanity indeed, wrought by the Moplahs and these are the victims saved from extermination by British and Indian swords. For be it remembered the Moplahs began the whole horrible business the Government intervened to save their victims and these thousands have been saved. Mr Gandhi would have hostilities suspended so that the Moplahs may swoop down on the refugee camps and finish their work.

I visited in Calicut three huge Committee camps, two Christian and the Congress building and compound where doles of rice are given from daily 7 AM to noon. In all their arrangements were good. Big thatched sheds and some buildings sheltered the women and children, the men sleep outside. They are all managed by Indians, the Zamorin Committee distributing clothes and money to all except the Congress Committee which work independently and gives food from its own resource. At Palghat, similar arrangements are made by the Zamorin’s Committee and the order and care in feeding are good to see.

Let me finish with a beautiful story told to me. Two, Pulayas, the lowest of the submerged classes, were captured with others and given the choice between Islam and death. These Pulayas, the outcaste of Hinduism, the untouchables, so loved Hinduism which had been so unkind a step-mother to them that they chose to die Hindu rather than to live Muslim. May the God of both Muslims and Hindus send his messengers to these heroic souls and give them rebirth into the faith for which they died.


I have taken the above article from an amazing book titled ‘Anti-Hindus’, by Prafull Goradia and K.R.Phanda. Contemporary Targett Prafull Private Limited, 2003 Edition.

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Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion

Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion

Moplah outrage upon a large number of peaceful, unarmed and unprepared Hindus can easily be corroborated by independent testimony.

A redoubtable source straight from the ground on which the Moplahs committed their atrocities was the proceedings of a conference held at Calicut presided over by the Zamorin of Calicut, the Ruler of Malabar. To quote:
“That the conference views with indignation and sorrow the attempts made at various quarters by interested parties to ignore or minimise the crimes committed by the rebels such as:
(a) Brutally dishonouring women
(b) Flaying people alive
(c) Wholesale slaughter of men, women and children
(d) Burning alive entire families
(e) Forcibly converting people in thousands and slaying those who refused to get converted
(f) Throwing half dead people into wells and leaving the victims to struggle for escape till finally released from their suffering by death
(g) Burning a great many and looting practically all Hindu and Christian houses in the disturbed areas in which even Moplah women and children took part and robbed women of even the garments on their bodies, in short reducing the whole non-Muslim population to abject destitution.
(h) Cruelly insulting the religious sentiments of the Hindus by desecrating and destroying numerous temples in the disturbed areas, killing cows within the temple precincts putting their entrails on the holy image and hanging skulls on the walls and the roofs.

Lord Reading, The Viceroy said: “A few European and many Hindus have been murdered, communications have been obstructed; government offices burnt and looted and public records have been destroyed. Hindu temples have been sacked and plundered, houses of Europeans and Hindus burnt. According to reliable reports Hindus were forcibly converted to Islam. One of the most fertile tracts of South India is faced with serious famine. The result has been the temporary collapse of the Civil Government and offices and courts have ceased to function and ordinary business has been brought to a standstill. European and Hindu refugees of all classes are concentrated at Calicut and it is satisfactory to note that they are safe there. One trembles to think of the consequences if the forces of order had not prevailed for the protection of Calicut. Those who are responsible for causing this grave outbreak of violence and crime must be brought to justice and made to suffer the punishment of the guilty.”

A statement refers to the misdeeds of the Muslim Moplahs in these words: "Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses in Ernad etc, the forcible conversion of Hindus in the beginning of the Moplah rebellion and the wholesale conversion of those who stuck to their homes in later stages, the brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus without the slightest reason except that they are “Kafirs” or belonged to the same religion as the policemen, who their mosques, burning of Hindu temples, the outrage on Hindu women and their forcible conversion and marriage by the Moplahs."


This is how K R Phanda described Gandhi in the April 2008 issue of Jana Sangh Today, a monthly magazine of the Akhil Bharatiya Jana Sangh in New Delhi.

Gandhi’s slavish infatuation for the Moplahs was total. He remained unshaken because of his unctuous submissiveness for the barbarous Moplahs. He had nothing but total contempt for the peace- loving Hindus of India.

Contrast the slave-minded Gandhi with Vinayak Damodar Savarkar (1883-1966) an ardent freedom fighter, revolutionary and thinker who is credited with developing the Hindu nationalist political ideology called Hindutva. Savarkar was quite unconcerned about the Muslim reaction to his scheme. He was not perturbed by the Muslim refusal to join in the struggle for Swaraj. He was very conscious of the ancient spiritual strength of the Hindus and the organizing power of the Hindu Maha Sabha and proposed to carry on the struggle, immensely confident that, even alone and unaided, the Hindus will be able to wrest Swaraj from the British. Savarkar was quite prepared to say to the Musalmans: "If you come, with you, if you don't, without you; and if you oppose, in spite of you—the Hindus will continue to fight for their national freedom as best as they can." Contrast this with Gandhi, the alleged “apostle of nonviolence”, who on many occasions, decried forceful conversion as a terribly violent act. But regarding the forceful conversion by the Moplahs, he preferred to remain mum.

Gandhi, with his submissive mentality to the abusive Muslims, propagated the lie in ‘Young India’ that the Moplahs, during the said rampage, had converted only a single Hindu to Islam.

Most shamefully Gandhi described the killing of the innocent Hindus by the Moplahs as a heroic deed. In addition to that, he asked the Hindus, for the sake of humanity, not to retaliate.

M.K Gandhi with his twisted mind put forth his political thesis to the effect that every Muslim is a bully and every Hindu is a coward. This was the very basis of Gandhi's NON-VIOLENCE! Since, according to Gandhi, the Hindu was a coward who will refuse to fight, the Hindu might as well resort to verbal sophistry and high sounding philosophy and justify his lack of violence. Gandhi never believed that the Hindu is capable of fighting his oppressor, so he wanted the Hindus to make a virtue of their inability and unwillingness to fight! If you are a rape victim, then the next time you see the rapist, don't wait for the rapist to attack you, drop your pants, bend and wait for the rapist to come over and have his way with you. Gandhi's NON-VIOLENCE was nothing but 'GANDHIAN' COWARDICE in the face of the mindless Muslim violence!

Gandhi hid his cowardice under the quack doctrine of Non-Violence, which he took care only to preach to the Hindus and never to his Muslim “Brothers”. He believed himself liberal but was on actual fact afraid of Muslims and he consistently pleaded for the Muslims and pampered them. [‘Anti-Hindus’, by Prafull Goradia and K.R.Phanda. Contemporary Targett Prafull Private Limited, pages 4, 5.] Unfortunately for Gandhi and the Hindus of India, it was a stupid sort of one-sided unrequited love towards the Muslim marauders of India.

On the one hand he called every Hindu a coward and on the other hand he exhorted all the Hindus to remain calm and non-violent even when they were under attack by the marauding Muslims intent on slaughter, loot, gang-rapes and forced conversions. According to Shri V. Sundaram I.A.S,: “Gandhi demonstrated his readiness to sacrifice or sell out vital Hindu interests, Hindu honor and Hindu blood all the time in deference to the feelings of Muslims. Gandhi displayed all his courage only to suppress the Hindus. He was mortally scared of jihadi Muslims. So was Jawaharlal Nehru. Therefore Gandhi had no moral sanction to talk about the cowardice of the Hindus.”

“Gandhi represented the perpetrators of vile deeds as god-fearing people! Was it not a travesty of religion to described men who murder and rape in the name of religion as god-fearing? … Gandhi thus described the Moplah ferocity as the ignorant fanaticism of the Moplah brothers, and the Hindu mentality as cowardliness.” (Mahatma Gandhi, D Keer, pp-402).

Devoid of all sense of decency, propriety, honour and shame, Gandhi deplored the British colonial administration for taking stern action to suppress the savage Islamic jihad against the Hindus of Malabar conducted by the Moplahs.

A Muslim called Khlifa Haji Mehmud of Lurwani, Sindh, once said “Gandhi was really a Mohammedan” (D Keer, p-237).

There is no doubt that the treacherous Gandhi, by supporting the Moplahs, instigated the Muslims to launch attacks on the Hindus in Punjab, Bengal and in other places in the wake of partition. With all due apologies to Shakespeare, I would have to state that all the perfumes of Arabia would not wash the smell of innocent Malabar Hindu blood from Gandhi's hands!

“After the carnage by the Moplahs, “Maulana” Gandhi started raising money from common people to help, not the Hindu victims, but for the Muslim perpetrators. Many believe that it would have been immensely beneficial for the country, had Gandhi been assassinated at that time.” says Dr Radhasyam Brahmachari.

Mr M.K Gandhi gave this callous, sadistic and barbarous message he gave to the Hindu victims of Moplah rebellion in Young India of 29 September, 1921: “The ending of the Moplah revolt is a matter not only of urgency, but of simple humanity. The Hindus must have the courage and the faith to feel that they can protect their religion in spite of such fanatical eruptions. ... Be the Moplahs be ever so bad, they deserve to be treated as human beings.”

To quote the appropriate words of Prafull Goradia in this context: “For Gandhi, no price was too great for appeasing Muslims, so that they did not oppose Hindus. That he did not understand the Muslims was proved by the conduct of the Muslim League and by the vivisection of the country.” The price for Gandhi's Hindu-Muslim unity was always to be paid by the Hindus.

After the Mutiny of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. By lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, Gandhi inaugurated a new era of a fresh wave of Muslim violence on Hindus.

This inherent impending danger was clearly foreseen by Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair (1857-1934), a native of Malabar, President of Indian National Congress in 1897 and Law Member of the Viceroy’s Executive Council in 1922.

In his book prophetically titled as 'Gandhi and Anarchy' published by Tagore and Company, Madras in 1922 he wrote: 'It is impossible to believe that Gandhi and his adherents are not aware that this claim of the Mohammedans to be judged only by the Law of the Koran, is a claim which is the fons et origo of all Khilafat claims of whatever kind. It is well to be clear about this, for not only does the acceptance of the claim of Khilafat as regards India means a real denial of Swaraj, but it also involves Mohammedan rule and Hindu subjection."

During the Moplah rebellion in Kerala in 1921, thousands of Hindu men, women and children were killed by the Muslims. Hundreds of women were raped. And yet Gandhi supported the Moplahs and not the Hindu victims of Moplah violence and oppression. In fact Gandhi had no sympathy for the Hindus at all.

The great political fraud, the 'saintly' hypocrite, also known as the Mahatma, wrote in his 'Young India', “it is wrong to say that Islam has employed force. No religion in this world has spread through the use of force. No Musalman, to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.” According to Gandhi, the Moplah Muslims were guilty of no crime absolutely!

“For sheer brutality on women, I do not remember anything in history to match the Malabar rebellion. It broke out on 20 August, 1921. Even by the 6 September, the results were dreadful. There was complete breakdown of Civil Government resulting in widespread disorder, in political chaos, in anarchy and in ruin.” wrote Sir Sankaran Nair.

Dr (Mrs.) Annie Besant wrote a series of articles in her journal 'New India' on 29 November and 6 December 1921 under the caption Malabar's Agony. Annie Besant (Unlike Mr M.K Gandhi) actually visited the affected areas of Malabar soon after the Moplah rebellion in 1921 and wrote a series of powerful articles about the carnage let loose by the Moplah Muslims which opened the eyes of the government of India and that of Britain. She challenged the stand taken by Mahatma Gandhi on the peaceful and humanitarian overtures of the Moplah Muslims towards non-Muslims in Malabar. I will reproduce her articles in my later posts.

The savagery of the Moplah riots evoked such widespread horror and revulsion that a Committee of Distinguished Citizens was appointed to tour the affected areas. The Committee consisted of K P Keshava Menon, Secretary Kerala Provincial Committee, T V Mohammed, Secretary, Ernad Khilafat Committee, K Madhavan Nair, Secretary, Calicut District Congress Committee and K V Gopal Menon. In their fact-finding report they concluded: “Truth is infinitely of more paramount importance than Hindu Muslim unity or Swaraj and therefore we tell the Maulana Sahib and his co-religionists and India's revered leader Mahatma Gandhi – if he too is unaware of the events here – that atrocities committed by the Moplahs on the Hindus are unfortunately too true and that there is nothing in the deeds of Moplah rebels which a true non-violent, non-co-operator can congratulate them for ... Their wanton and unprovoked attack on the Hindus, the all but wholesale looting of their houses in Ernad, Valluvanad, Poanmani and Calicut Tali; the forcible conversion of Hindus in a few places in the beginning of the rebellion and the wholesale conversion of those who stick to their homes in the later stages, the brutal murder of inoffensive Hindus, men, women and children in cold blood without the slightest reason except that they are Kafirs or belong to the same race as the policemen, who insulted their Tangals or entered their mosques, the desecration and burning of Hindu temples, the outrage on Hindu women and their forcible conversion and marriage by Moplahs; do these and similar atrocities proved beyond the shadow of a doubt by the statements recorded by us from the actual sufferers who have survived, deserve any congratulations? On the other hand, should they not call forth the strongest condemnation from all right minded men and more especially from a representative body of Mohamedans like the Khilafat conference pledged to non-violence under all provocation? Did the Moplahs, who committed such atrocities, sacrifice their lives in the cause of their religion?

The Congress leaders disgraced themselves at first by disbelieving these heart-rending stories relating to Moplah atrocities, with Duratma Gandhi leading the Anti-Hindu and Pro- Moplah Brigade!’

At the insistence of Duratma Gandhi the Working Committee of the Congress shamelessly whitewashed the criminal atrocities committed by the Moplah Muslims against the Hindus of Malabar by passing the following resolution:
The Working Committee places on record its sense of deep regret over the deeds of violence done by Moplahs in certain areas of Malabar, these deeds being evidence of the fact that there are still people in India who have not understood the message of the Congress and the Central Khilafat Committee, and calls upon every Congress and Khilafat worker to spread the message of non-violence even under the gravest provocation throughout the length and breadth of India. Whilst, however, condemning violence on the part of the Moplas, the working Committee desires it to be known that the evidence in its possession shows that provocation beyond endurance was given to the Moplas and that the reports published by and on behalf of the Government have given a one-sided and highly exaggerated account of the wrongs done by the Moplas and an understatement of the needless destruction of life resorted to by the Government in the name of peace and order.

Swami Shradhanand (1856-1926) an Arya Samaj missionary who played a key role on the Hindu Sangathan (consolidation) and the Shuddhi (re-conversion) reform movement had a weekly journal called the ‘Liberator’. Swami Shradhanand wrote in the Liberator of 26th August 1926: "The original resolution condemned the Moplas wholesale for the killing of Hindus and burning of Hindu homes and the forcible conversion to Islam. The Hindu members themselves proposed amendments till it was reduced to condemning only certain individuals who had been guilty of the above crimes. But some of the Moslem leaders could not bear this even. Maulana Fakir and other Maulanas, of course, opposed the resolution and there was no wonder. But I was surprised, an out-and-out Nationalist like Maulana Hasrat Mohani opposed the resolution on the ground that the Mopla country no longer remained Dar-ul-Aman but became Dar-ul-Harab and they suspected the Hindus of collusion with the British enemies of the Moplas. Therefore, the Moplas were right in presenting the Quran or sword to the Hindus. And if the Hindus became Mussalmans to save themselves from death, it was a voluntary change of faith and not forcible conversion—Well, even the harmless resolution condemning some of the Moplas was not unanimously passed but had to be accepted by a majority of votes only.

Though the Subjects Committee meeting proposed to condemn out right the Moplah violence, the resolution finally adopted by the Congress Working Committee put the blame of “provocation beyond endurance given to the Moplahs” on the unarmed Hindus who were disembowelled, dismembered and done to death.


At the annual session of the Khilafat Conference in 1923, the President of the session, Maulana Shaukat Ali, the "Muslim Brother" of our so-called Mahatma, praised the Moplahs for their jihad or Islamic religious violence against the Kaffir Hindus. Then the Maulana Shaukat Ali, concealing his Islamic pride, concedes that “some Hindus may have suffered at the hands of the Moplahs”, but then he quickly claims that this horrific event is a "closed book" and publicly announced loud and clear that he and his brother Maulana Muhammad Ali would provide for the maintenance of Moplah orphans.

The Hindus in the Congress did not come forward to help the victims of the Muslim genocide against the Hindus. The Congress Hindus did not want to be labeled “communal”, their minds being so thoroughly enslaved by the evangelical British colonials and their Macaulayized English education that the Congress Dhimmi Hindus felt it a crime to help a suffering fellow Hindu.

Through their Suddhi Movement, the Arya Samaji converted over 2000 Hindus who had been forcibly converted to Islam by the Moplahs. However their leader, the Venerable Swami Shraddhananda had to pay with his life for this service to Sanatana Dharma. The aged Swami was stabbed on 23 December 1926 by another of Gandhi’s “loved Muslim Brothers”, one Islamic terrorist named Abdul Rashid.

On 19 November 1921, about 100 Moplah prisoners were sent by train from Malabar to Coimbatore. They were packed in goods wagons which, of course, had no ventilation. So, when the doors were opened after a five hours’ journey, the prisoners were found to be in a state of collapse, with horrible wounds inflicted by bites and bows in one another by the struggling men. In all, 82 men died. The Congress, which on hearing from its own Committee about the genocide on the Hindus of Malabar by the savage Moplahs glossed over that horror with a mere pat on the back for the Hindu victims was outraged at the treatment the Muslim Moplah mass murderers and rapists received at the hands of the British Indian Police! The Congress immediately passed a resolution declaring that it wasan act of inhumanity unheard of in modern times and unworthy of a Government that calls itself civilized’.

While commenting on Gandhi and his policy of Muslim appeasement, behind the fa├žade of non-violence, Sri Aurobindo once said, "India will be free to the extent it succeeds in shaking off the spell of Gandhism."

The matter did not end here. Due to perpetual insistence by the treacherous Gandhi, the Moplah rogues, who died in police encounter, were later on declared martyrs of the freedom struggle and were allowed to receive allowance, like other freedom fighters, from the government exchequer, after independence and the practice is still in vogue.

The Muslim fanatics who were at the front of the Hindu massacre during the course of the Moplah Rebellion are now christened as freedom fighters and comrades, respectively, by the Congress-led coalition as well as the Communist traitor coalition of political parties in Kerala.

E.M.S Namboothiripad, the Chinese stooge and Marxist traitor in Kerala, created Malappuram as a Muslim-majority district in Kerala, so that the jihadis could start their next partition of India unhindered.

The traitor then gave the genocidal Moplah jihadi rebellion a Marxist class struggle cover by painting that Second Jihad against the Hindus of Malabar as an agrarian labour unrest!!! AGRARIAN LABOUR UNREST, MY BLOODY FOOT!!!

Following the tradition set by masochist Gandhi, the so called secular politicians and liberal English media in Mumbai observe Moplah Day every year and take out procession and hold public meetings in honour of the savages who raped the mothers and grandmothers of the Hindus in Malabar.

According to Smt. K.P Sasikala Teacher, President of Hindu Aikya Vedi, Kerala, “Using public funds the Marxists built memorials for the genocidal jihadi rape-warriors of Moplah Rebellion.
The Hindus of Malabar who have seen
    their mothers and sisters raped and carried away as sex slaves,
    their fathers and older male relatives flayed alive, burnt alive,
        dismembered, disemboweled and done to death
    have, now, to perforce, walk past the State-Funded Memorials to jihadi aggressors, with their heads bent in eternal humiliation and indelible disgrace”.

If the Muslim marauders gang-rape the Hindu women and slaughter the Hindu men en masse, then it is merely due to their "non-understanding the message of the Congress", but if those Muslim rape-warriors get their just dues at the hands of Destiny, the Congress reacts in horror! So it seems the anti-Hindu "Secularism" of the Congress has come down from the pre-Independence times.

The political leader who clearly saw through the Islam-embracing game of Mahatma Gandhi in the years before our independence was Dr B R Ambedkar.

Dr B R Ambedkar described the Muslim Appeasement of Gandhi succinctly: “Gandhi has never called the Muslims to account even when they have been guilty of gross crimes against Hindus. It is a notorious fact that many prominent Hindus who had offended the religious susceptibilities of the Muslims either by their writings or by their part in the Shudhi Movement have been murdered by some fanatic Musalmans. The leading Muslims never condemned these criminals. On the contrary, they were hailed as religious martyrs.... This attitude of the Muslims is understandable. What is not understandable is the attitude of Mr. Gandhi