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Second Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 1

2. Petition of Malabar Ladies to Lady Reading
SecondJihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 2

3. Prominent Persons Comments On The Moplah Rebellion Second Jihad Against Hindus Of Malabar- Part 3

4. Malabar’s Agony - Article 1 Published on 29 November 1921

I had earlier written about the FIRST JIHAD AGAINST THE HINDUS OF MALABAR – The Mysorian invasion by the treacherous usurper Hyder Ali and his megalomaniac and Islamic fundamentalist son Tippu Sultan. A very peaceful and advanced Hindu civilization existent in Malabar was brought to naught by the barbarian Muslim invaders who brought with them extreme savagery and inhuman cruelty. The Hindu population of Malabar was driven out by torture and jihadi persecution, their wealth looted, their women gang raped, kidnapped and sold into slavery, their temple riches looted and their temple lands forcibly acquired and handed over to the Jihadis.



Mr Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s first decisive act of Muslim appeasement was the launching of Khilafat Movement in India in 1921. The movement aimed at the restoration of the Sultan on the throne of Turkey as the Khalifa, or the representative of Prophet Muhammad as the spiritual and temporal head of all Sunni Islam.

In the First World War, as it is well known, the Ottoman Empire was defeated and it's extensive, though decrepit, Arab and African empire was disbanded. The Treaty of Lausanne (23rd July 1923) recognized the new Republic of Turkey as the successor state of the defunct Ottoman Empire. The Ottaman Sultan deposed and forced to renounce his position as Khalifa on 3 March 1924.

The Khilafat Movement in a pan-Islamist move aimed at restoration of the deposed Sultan of Turkey to the position of Khalifa. In India, two Muslim bigots Muhammad Ali and Shaukat Ali went around barking loudly about restoring the Khilafat. For them the Khalifa represented and provided the means to bring about unity among the Indian Muslims. For the Ali Brothers the restoration of the Khalifa also meant restoration of the supremacy of the minority Muslim in India. At that time the Khilafat Movement consisted of only these two yahoos.

Now enters the fanatic Muslim-appeaser Gandhi who thought this Khilafat Agitation to be an excellent opportunity to curry favour to the violent and therefore hated Muslims on his side in the fight against the British Raj. He then entered the Khilafat Movement with much gusto and even dragged the trusting Congress Party and the gullible Hindus into it, breathing life into an otherwise desultory movement. The Ali Brothers and other Muslim leaders were delighted to have Gandhi leading the Hindus into the Movement to save the throne of their Muslim Religious leader, the Caliph. This, in their view would lead to the establishment of Muslim rule in India.

To understand the confusion in Gandhi’s mind one just has to read Dr B.R Ambedkar’s book Writings & Speeches, Pakistan or the Partition of India, Volume 8, published by the Education Department, Government of Maharashtra, 1990. Gandhi’s comment is as follows:
“In their impatient anger, the Mussalmans ask for more energetic and prompt action by the Congress and the Khilafat organizations. To the Mussalmans, Swaraj means, as it must mean, India’s ability to deal effectively with the Khilafat question. The Mussalmans, therefore, decline to wait if the attainment of Swaraj means indefinite delay of a programme that may require the Mussalmans of India to become impotent witnesses of the extinction of Turkey in the European waters.”

You see here the conceptual confusion of Gandhi. According to Gandhi, Muslims interpret the word Swaraj only as they must interpret according to him! “It is impossible not to sympathise with this attitude. I would gladly recommend immediate action if I could think of any effective course. I would gladly ask for postponement of Swaraj activity if thereby we could advance the interest of Khilafat. I could gradually take up measures outside non-cooperation, if I could think of any, in order to assuage the pain caused to the millions of the Mussalmans.”

So Gandhi not only realizes the extraterritorial loyalties of the Muslims but also condones it!!

“But, in my humble opinion, attainment of Swaraj is the quickest method of righting the Khilafat wrong. Hence it is that for me the solution of the Khilafat question is attainment of Swaraj and vice versa.”

Now Gandhi confuses not only himself but every one else in the hapless Congress party with his confusion. Gandhi puts the Restoration of the decadent Khalipha on the Ottaman throne at the same level as the national imperative of Indian Independence from British Empire!!

For Gandhi, Swaraj was the same as Restoration of the Khalifa and for the Muslims, Swaraj was the same as Restoration of the Khalifa which was in turn the same as Restoration of the Muslim Supremacy in India. Khilafat Movement and Gandhi’s participation along with the Congress created a misunderstanding among the Muslims that Swaraj meant a Hindu submission to the establishment of Muslim Rule. The disastrous consequences of this misunderstanding would be felt all over in India, but it was first felt in Malabar, as we shall see later in this article.

Swami Shradhananda (1856-1926) had a weekly journal called the ‘Liberator’. He was an Indian educationist, an Arya Samaj missionary and he played a key role on the Hindu Sangathan (consolidation) and the Shuddhi (re-conversion) a Hindu reform movement in 1920s. In the 'Liberator' issue of July 1926 the Swamiji wrote thus: “There was another prominent fact to which I drew the attention of Mahatma Gandhi. Both of us went together one night to the Khilafat Conference at Nagpur. The Ayats (verses) of the Quran recited by the Maulanas on that occasion, contained frequent references to Jihad and killing of the Kaffirs.But when I drew his attention to this phase of the Khilafat movement, Mahatmaji smiled and said, ‘They are alluding to the British Bureaucracy.’ In reply I said that it was all subversive of the idea of non-violence and when the reversion of feeling came the Mahomedan Maulanas would not refrain from using these verses against the Hindus.” But Gandhi said nothing by way of remonstrance to the Mahomedan Maulanas. What are a few or for that matter, several Hindus killed or converted as long as Gandhi had his way! The seeds of Moplah Jihad against the Hindus of Malabar were sown by the Mahomedan Maulanas in Gandhi's Khilafat movement and the psychotic Gandhi was looking on with that famous toothless beatific smile.

Why blame only the Ali Brothers for their Pan-Islamism when Gandhi was trying to outdo these Muslim fanatics in Muslim fanaticism?
In the midst of peaceful Hindus Gandhi out did them in peacefulness and in the midst of Muslim fanatics he wanted to be a greater Muslim fanatic.
So if Gandhi went to a wedding, he had to be the bride,
if Gandhi went to a religious function, he had to be the deity and
if Gandhi went to a funeral, he had to be the corpse!!!
His gargantuan ego would not allow it otherwise!!!

Let’s get back to the unwashed Maulanas where we had left them. The Ali Brothers had more than once affirmed their loyalty to the doctrine of PAN-ISLAMISM. Mohammed Ali in 1921 addressed a letter to Amanulla, the Amir of Afghanistan, inviting him to invade India. Unlike the pusillanimous UPA Government in India today, the British Government reacted in an effective way by arresting the traitorous Ali Brothers.

The following statement of Mohammed Ali before the Jury in the Sessions Court with regard to his stand vis-a-vis the Afghan invasion only confirmed his complicity:
“If His Majesty the Amir of Afghanistan is impelled by the same religious motive to contemplate Jehad against those who are in wrongful occupation of the Jazirutal-Arab and the holy places;' who aim at the weakening of Islam and deny to us the full freedom to advocate its cause,'then the clear law of Islam requires that no Mussalman should render any assistance against the Amir, and if the Jehad approaches his region every Mussalman must join the Mujahidin and assist them to the best of his or her power”.

When Mahatma Gandhi gave a call in 1921 for the burning of foreign cloth by calling it a religious duty of all Indians, all the great leaders like Rajaji, Motilal Nehru, C R Das and millions of our countrymen made bonfire of English cloth. However Gandhi’s “loved Mussalman Ali Brothers” of the Khilafat Movement organized the despatch of foreign clothes from the houses of Indian Muslims for the use of their Muslim brethren in Turkey. For the Ali Brothers of the Khilafat Movement, it was the national Khilafat duty of India to die for Turkey but not vice versa!! The loyalty of the Gandhi’s “loved Mussalman Ali Brothers”, Maulana Mohammad Ali and Maulana Shaukat Ali was always to Turkey and not to India. Gandhi always overlooked this fact.

Gandhi, by involving himself and the Congress in the Khilafat Movement made Pan-Islamism a respectable concept in India and revived its popularity among the Muslims in India and diverted the focus of Muslims in India from national to international issues.

The British Government at that time rightly viewed the Ali Brothers as international Islamic terrorists and jailed them. Hearing of their impending arrest, the Maha-appeaser Gandhi declared at Allahabad on May 10th 1921: “I cannot understand why the Ali Brothers are going to be arrested, as the rumour goes, and why am I to remain free. They have done nothing which I would not do. If they had sent a message to the Amir of Afghanistan, that if he came, no Indian, as long as I can help it, would help the government to drive him back.” Gandhi would commit even treasonable acts in the name of Muslim appeasement. Why did Gandhi become a Muslim appeaser? This would need a separate article.

Moulana Mohammad Ali was even made President of the Indian National Congress at the Kakinada Session in 1923. There he showed his true jihadi colours by trying to prevent the reputed singer and patriot VISHNU DIGAMBAR PALUSKAR from singing the Vande Mataram song saying that music is haraam in Islam. Vishnu Digambar Paluskar retorted: “The Indian National Congress is not the monopoly of one particular sect nor is this place a mosque, where singing could be prohibited. Moreover, if singing in this place is against your particular religion, how is it you could tolerate music in your Presidential procession? You have no authority to prevent me from singing Vande Mataram.” [from ‘Vande Mataram Album’ by V. Sundaram I.A.S, Ennapadam Educational Publishers, 2nd Ed May 2010, Pg 84.] The traitorous Mohammad Ali, “loved Muslim brother” of the Maha-appeaser Gandhi had no answer to this challenge left the dias when Paluskar went on with his rendition of this glorious song-tribute to Bharat Mata to the joyous and heart-felt applause of the audience.

After the War of 1857, the incidence of Hindu-Muslim riots in India had come down sharply. But the Muslim-appeasement by Gandhi taking the form of lending support to the Khilafat Movement of Ali Brothers in 1920, inaugurated a new era of a fresh wave of Hindu-Muslim riots. The insurgency we are facing today from the anti-National Muslims today in Kashmir, Assam, Kerala, Bengal and Tripura and the communal tensions in Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra, Uttar Pradesh and other parts of India stem from Maha-appeaser Gandhi’s unconditional support for the pan-Islamic Khilafat Movement in 1920-21.

A bright young lawyer in the Congress warned the opportunist Gandhi against mixing religion with politics.
But Gandhi would care no less, after all he wanted to curry favour to the fanatical Muslims and win their approval. The bright young lawyer was thoroughly disgusted with Gandhi’s hypocrisy. He left the Congress and joined the Muslim League, negotiated on equal terms with Gandhi, caused the slaughter of several hundreds of thousands of Hindus and forced the creation of Muslim Pakistan. He was Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the political heir to the alleged “Mahatma”.

Achyut Patwardhan one of the Socialist stalwarts of the Congress, has given a brutally honest analysis of Gandhi’s Khilafat imbroglio: “Apart from the fact that Khilafat was an unworthy reactionary cause, Mahatma Gandhi had to align with a sectarian revivalist Muslim leadership of clerics and maulavis. He was thus unwittingly responsible for jettisoning sane, secular modernist, secular leadership among the Muslims of India and foisting upon the Indian Muslims a theocratic orthodoxy of the Maulavis. Maulana Mohammad Ali’s speeches appear today to be strangely incoherent and out of tune with the spirit of secular political freedom. The Congress Movement which released the forces of religious liberalism and reform among the Hindus and evoked a rational scientific outlook placed the Muslims of India under the spell of orthodoxy and religious superstition by their support to the Khilafat leadership. Rationalist leaders like Jinnah were rebuffed by this attitude of the Congress and Gandhi.”

The remarks of Sir Chettur Sankaran Nair, Member of the Viceroy Executive Council at that time, are interesting:
It is impossible to believe that Gandhi and his adherents are not aware of this claim of the Mahomedans to be judged only by the law of the Koran, is a claim which is the fons et origo of all Khilafat claims of whatever kinds. It is as well to be clear about this, for not only the acceptance of the claim means the death knell of the British Empire or Indo-British commonwealth, whatever name he may care to give to the great fraternity of nations to which we belong, but specifically as regards India it means a real denial of Swaraj. For it involves Mahomedan rule and Hindu subjection.” [Gandhi and Anarchy, by Sir C. Sankaran Nair. Tagore & Co. Madras, 1922]

In the meanwhile the Arabs did not want their countries to remain under the control of the Turkish Sultans and Mustafa Kemal, the President of the Turkish Republic abolished the obsolete and unpopular Sultanate as well as the Caliphate. After the martyrdom of Imam Hussein, the Shias did not recognize the Khalifa and therefore did not shed a tear when Mustafa Kemal “Ataturk”, the Father of Modern Turkey, finally abolished the institution of Caliphate and deposed Sultan Abd-ul-Mejid II in 1924 and expelled the latter from Turkey with the rest of his family. Ataturk by his actions cut the ground from under the feet of the Indian champions of that pan-Islamic institution. Khilafat Movement was a mega flop insofar as the restoration of the Khalifa was concerned. Muslims were furious with Gandhi for the failure of the great expectations raised by Gandhi’s participation in the Khilafat Movement.

This treacherous ingrate Mohammad Ali, “loved Muslim brother” of the Maha-appeaser Gandhi paid this tribute in 1924: “However pure Mr Gandhi’s character may be, he must appear to me from the point of view of religion inferior to any Mussalman, even though he be without any character.” A year later when he was questioned at a public meeting in Lucknow, the shameless jihadi Muslim Mohammad Ali reiterated: “Yes, according to my religion and creed, I do hold an adulterous and a fallen Mussalman to be better than Mahatma Gandhi.”

No personal insult or abuse from the Muslims and no treasonable acts of the Muslims would deter Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi from his life mission of Muslim-appeasement.

However a frustrated Gandhi exclaimed: “EVERY MUSSALMAN IS A BULLY AND EVERY HINDU IS A COWARD.” Gandhi was transferring his own cowardice on to the Hindus. Gandhi obviously did not know or understand Hindu Kshatriya valour or the brilliant spiritual light of the Hindu Guru parampara which stubbornly resisted Muslimization of India, despite repeated military defeats large scale destruction of temples, genocides, mass slavery, depopulation of cities and held aloft the torch of Sanatana Dharma.

The thoroughly cynical and opportunist alliance between Congress under the leadership of Gandhi with the Khilafat Movement under the Ali brothers was to utilise the violence prone behaviour of Muslims to frighten the British Colonial government into leaving India. Gandhi was very aware of the violent nature simmering in the psyche of the Muslims but he was willing, out of his rancour for the British Raj, to make any, absolutely any, compromise with the Muslims at any cost, to the Hindus, ofcourse! Gandhi’s compromises and concessions to the Muslims to further his political agenda were always at a great cost to the Hindus who trusted, honoured and followed him.

According to Nirad C. Choudhury, “ … all Hindu political leaders were profoundly suspicious of Pan-Islamism and its influence on Indian Muslims…. By allying itself with the Khilafat Movement, the Congress had encouraged most retrograde form of Islamic group consciousness” [Thy Hand Great Anarch- India 1921-1952. pp 38, 39]

Though the efforts of Khilafat leaders abroad fell like a house of cards, their fury would not abate inside Bharat. The fanatical mullahs and maulavis began to preach to the gullible Muslim masses that India is Dar-ul-Harab”. [The Tragic Story of Partition, by H.V Sheshadri, Sahitya Sindhu Prakasana, Bangalore, 1998 Ed. Pg 63].

Exactly what is this Darul Harab? Well, according to Dr. Jagan Kaul Krishan Bhatnagar, Hindu Jagran Forum (USA), Dar-ul-Harab is a charming little commandment according which, Muslims, when they are not in a hopeless minority, must conduct subversions and act against all human values to leverage their position in the polity and ultimately become rulers (so that they can impose their
misogynist, Arab Supremacist, parasitical, intolerant desert death cult
on those unfortunate enough to live in their midst).

Though the Khilafat Movement had fizzled out in most parts of India by 1921, al taqquiya (or ISLAMIC SACRED LYING) flowered amongst the Muslim Clerics of Malabar.

The Muslim clerics set afloat the propaganda among the Moplah Muslims
that the Khilafat Movement was crowned with success,
that the British regime has come to an end and
that the Khilafat has been reinstated.
Now it was the time to eliminate all kafirs (Hindus!) and establish Dar-ul-Islam,
the Moplahs were told.

The fallout was terrible and gruesome. Moplah fury was first directed against the British. But after police firing and deaths of their own men, the Muslim Moplah cowards turned their wrath against the unsuspecting, unprepared and unarmed hapless Hindus who were, in their bigoted and prejudiced Islamic eyes, as much kafirs as the British. The tragic history of the Moplah Rebellion of 1921 unfolds.


The seeds of Islamic jihadi fanaticism that were sowed by the Mysorian invaders, Hyder Ali and Tippu Sultan were reaped as bumper harvest during the days of the Moplah Rebellion of 1921.

The Moplahs are a band of fanatic Muslims who have descended from the Arabs trader-pirates who settled in the Malabar Coast in about the 8th or 9th century AD and married mostly Hindu women and created a sizeable population of Muslims.

The Moplahs were illiterate and in their perception English was the language of their enemy and hence education in that language a taboo. They hated even their mother tongue, Malayalam, which they viewed the language of the hated kafir Hindus. Moplah children were admitted to madrasahs run by obscurantist mullahs. A few of them could read and write Malayalam, that also exclusively written in Arabic script only. Over the years they acquired an unenviable notoriety for crimes against non-Muslims perpetrated under the impulse of religious frenzy. They were responsible for 35 riots during the British rule, the most terrible being the one that took place in August-September 1921 known in history as ‘The Moplah Rebellion’.

During the early months of 1921, Islamic excitement spread speedily from mosque to mosque, village to village in the areas in and around Calicut. The violent speeches of the brothers, Mohammad Ali and Shaukat Ali, the early approach of Swaraj as foretold in the non-cooperating press, the July Resolutions of the Khilafat Conference all added fuel to the fire.

All through July and August 1921, Khilafat Meetings were held in which the Karachi resolution was fervently endorsed. Knives, swords etc were secretly manufactured and preparations were made to proclaim the coming of the Kingdom of Islam.

“Many Nair and Brahmin landlords fled the Malabar during Tippu’s jihad against the Hindus leaving their vast wealth behind. The Moplahs forcibly took possession of their lands and wealth. Tippu Sultan did not object to their actions. Most of the Moplah landlords of today claim that they purchased the ownership of the landed properties from Nairs and Brahmins after paying heavy compensation. These blatant lies are being repeated by them in spite of the fact that practically nothing was paid to the Hindu landlords then or later. The same Islamic treachery was repeated during the Moplah riots of 1921. When the British established their rule in Malabar and the Hindu landlords made efforts to recover their landed properties, illegally occupied by the local Moplah, Mullahs started preaching to their fanatic followers that "killing of Hindu landlords was a sacred Islamic act," leading to frequent Moplah outrages in Malabar.”

“In Cherunad, Vettathunad, Eranad, Valluvanad, Thamarassery and other interior areas, local Moplah unleashed a reign of terror on the Hindu population, mainly to retain the illegally occupied land and to establish their domination over Hindus as during Tippu's regime. Fearing the organised robberies and violence, people could not even travel freely in the Malabar hinterland of predominantly Moplah population.” [Tippu Sultan, Villain Or Hero. An Anthology. Voice Of India, New Delhi. Article titled 'Religious Intolerance Of Tippu Sultan.' By Late P.C.N. Raja]

A fanatic rabble-rousing Muslim cleric named Ali Musliar was proclaimed as Raja of Malabar. Khilafat flags were flown, Ernad and Walluvanad areas were declared as Khilafat kingdoms.

On 20 August, 1921, the District Magistrate of Calicut with the help of British troops attempted to arrest certain leaders who were in the possession of fire arms at Tirur-angaadi. A severe armed encounter took place between the police and the rioters, which was the signal for an immediate rebellion throughout the whole locality. Government properties were systematically attacked by armed mobs then looted and destroyed. The Europeans who did not succeed in escaping the mob fury were murdered. As soon as the administration was paralyzed the Moplahs declared that Khilafat had been established.

The main brunt of the Moplah ferocity was borne, not by the colonial government but by the local Hindus who constituted the majority of the population. The Moplahs found in the local Hindu aristocracy soft targets that they could plunder, slaughter and rape without fear of reprisals. Their wanton and unprovoked jihadi assaults on unarmed and unorganised Hindus resulted in deaths of thousands of Hindus and a very large number of forcible conversions.

The Moplah jihadis then indulged in whole scale plundering of artistically designed beautiful ancient Hindu homes and Hindu temples. Like frenzied animals, they murdered with wild abandon offering Islam or death. Villages after villages were converted to Islam en masse.

Descendants of the ancient Hindu civilization who would not submit to the desert death cult called Islam had to flee from their homes with nothing but their clothes they had on, stripped of everything, even their human dignity.

The cruelty, brutality and horridness of the attack were far-reaching and incomprehensible. The Muslim jihadis had given only two options to the Hindus – either convert to Islam or face death.

Accept the suffocating Peace of Islam or be carved into Pieces.

To those raped and outraged Hindu women who appealed to the Moplahs in the name of Khilafat leader Mahatma Gandhi, the barbarous Moplahs said, “Gandhi is a kafir, how can he be our leader?” So much for Gandhi’s psychotic fetish for Hindu- Muslim amity!

Gandhi refused to blame the Moplahs for the Islamic savagery that they had visited on the unarmed and unprepared Hindu population. Gandhi was so much obsessed by the necessity of establishing Hindu-Moslem unity that he was prepared to make light of the doings of the Moplas and the Khilafats who were congratulating them. He wrote in Young India of 8th September 1921: “It is clear that the Moplahs have succeeded in taking half a dozen lives and have given a few hundred.” In the same article, he praised the Moplahs for being “among the bravest in the land. They are brave God-fearing Moplas who were fighting for what they consider as religion and in a manner which they consider as religious. … Whilst I was in Calcutta, I had what seemed definitive information that there were only three cases of forced conversions ... but I do not think it seriously interferes with Hindu-Muslim Unity.” This was Gandhian double-speak at its creative best! Only three cases of forced conversions, the Maha-appeaser Gandhi claims! But still his concern was not for those converted but for his psychotic fetish for Hindu-Muslim Unity at any cost to the Hindus. Let it be known that Sir William Vincent clarified on 16 January 1922 on the floor of the Central Legislature: “The Madras Government report that the number of forcible conversions probably runs to thousands but that for obvious reasons it will never be possible to obtain anything like an accurate estimate.” So much for Truth or Satya in Gandhi’s Satyagraha!

When confronted by the ever increasing mass of evidence of Moplah conducted Genocide against Hindus of Malabar, Gandhi wrote: “Our Moplah brethren have gone mad.” “They have conducted a sin against Khilafat and against their own country.” Within a month the ever irresolute Gandhi changed tack.. “It is wrong to say that Islam employed force.” And then ignoring the thousand odd years of Islamic savagery against the Hindus of India he wrote: “No religion in this world is spread through the use of force.” “No Mussalman to my knowledge, has ever approved of compulsion.” But even this opportunist, Muslim-appeaser Gandhi in a burst of candour wrote in Young India, on 26 January 1922: The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi, Volume XXVI, Publication Division, Ministry of Information and Broadcating, Government of India: “New facts were made to suit the principle, instead of performing the impossible act of changing the principle”.

However, the Enquiry Committee of the Servants of India Society submitted a Report to the Government of India in 1921, detailing the actual facts, as opposed to Gandhi’s ‘suitable’ facts, on the ground. The number of Hindus murdered in Malabar District was 1,500, the number forcibly converted to Islam 20,000 and the value of property looted was more than Rs 3 crore at 1921 prices!

The Moplahs let loose an orgy of massacres, forcible conversions, looting, burning desecration and demolition of temples, foul outrages upon women etc freely against the Hindus until the British troops arrived on the scene with fire arms and orders to ‘shoot to kill’ to restore law and order. Among the rioters the number killed was 2,266, wounded 1,615, captured 5,688 and surrendered 38,656. Finally the Khilafat “King” and his merry band of rabid cut-throat rape-warriors fell to British hands.

The Muslim rioters were court-martialled and summarily hanged by the British authorities. Contrast this with the namby-pamby wishy-washy Congress, pussy-footing around the hardened psychotic Muslim criminals of the likes of Afzal Guru who had attacked the Indian Parliament along with well armed and well trained Muslim jihadis from Pakistan.

By the end of 1921 the British Colonial Government had brought under control law and order situation in Malabar.

J. Campbell, Chief of the Central Intelligence Department and even Theodore Morrison, Champion of Muslim separatism, held the Khilafat leaders squarely responsible for inciting Islamic hatred resulting in the Moplah carnage (directed against the Hindus of Malabar). Gandhi had ranked supreme among the leaders of the Khilafat Movement.

Next: A heart-rending petition to Lady Reading, the wife of Lord Reading, the then Viceroy of India from the brutalised women of Malabar led by the senior Rani of Nilambur.


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