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Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point Printed Circular

The following is an extract from the blog written by the Late Shri V. Sundaram IAS (r.) regarding Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point printed Circular issued in 1947. I am reposting this in the context of the ISIS pamphlet on taking non-Muslims as captives and sex-slaves.

Both the 2014 ISIS Pamphlet as well as the 1947 Muslim League’s are based on the literal reading of the verses of the Quran.

The terrorist Muslims of the Muslim League of Jinnah had made elaborate plans for acquiring and storing weapons for attacking Hindus and Sikhs, looting their shops and factories, mounting attacks on temples and even for kidnapping, raping and converting hapless Hindu women, on the eve of Indian Independence in 1947.

Justice Gopal Das Khosla I.C.S (a former Chief Justice of Punjab) in his seminal research paper titled STERN RECKONING has fully reproduced the lurid instructions issued by the Muslim League of Jinnah to the Muslim marauders in the Twenty-Three Point printed Circular to kill and plunder Hindus and dishonour their womenfolk. The blood curdling exhortations made in the aforementioned secret circular became fully known to the police only during the extensive rioting and murderous campaigns organized by the Muslim League in the Punjab and N.W.F.P after June 3, 1947.

The Twenty-three Point printed circular secretly distributed among Muslims of India was expected to be used as a ‘GUIDELINE DOCUMENT’ by the Jihadis. Its lurid contents are reproduced hereunder:

1. All Muslims of India should die for Pakistan.

2. With Pakistan established whole of India should be conquered.

3. All people of India should be converted to Islam.

4. All Muslim Kingdoms should join hands to fight with the Anglo-American exploitation of the whole world.

5. One Muslim should get the right of five Hindus, i.e., each Muslim is equal to five Hindus.

6. All Factories and shops owned by Hindus should be burnt, destroyed, looted and loot should be given to League office.

7. All Muslim Leaguers should carry weapons in defiance of order.

8. All nationalist Muslims if they do not join League should be killed by secret Gestapo.

9. Hindus should be murdered gradually and their population should be reduced.

10. All temples should be destroyed.

11. Muslim League spies in every village and district of India.

12. Congress Leaders should be murdered, one in one month by secret method.

13. Congress upper offices should be destroyed by secret Muslim Gestapo, single person doing the job.

14. Karachi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Goa, Vizagapatnam should be paralysed by December 1946 by Muslim League volunteers.


16. Muslims should sabotage whole of India and Congress Government for the final invasion of India by Muslims.

17. Financial resources are given by Muslim League. Invasion of India by Nizam communist, few Europeans, Khoja by Bhopal, few Angl-Indians, few Parsis, few Christians, Punjab, Sid and Bengal will be places of manufacture of all arms, weapons for Muslim Leaguers invasion and establishing a Muslim Empire in India.

18. All arms, weapons should be distributed to Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, Banglore, Lahore, Karachi, branches of Muslim League.

19. All sections of Muslim League should carry minimum equipment of weapons, at least pocket knife at all times to destroy Hindus and drive all Hindus out of India.

20. All transport should be used for battle against Hindus.


22. Hindu culture should be destroyed.

23. All Leaguers should try to be cruel at all times to Hindus and boycott them socially, economically and in many other ways.

NO MUSLIM SHOULD BUY FROM HINDU DEALERS. All Hindu produced films should be boycotted.

All Muslim Leaguers should obey these 23 instructions and bring into action by September 15, 1946."

This 23 Point Plan outlining the dimensions of the proposed pogrom against the Hindus and Sikhs clearly showed that the Muslim League had drawn up an elaborate plan to wreak vengeance on the Hindus.

All these above facts I have gathered from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.

The distinguished bureaucrat B.K Nehru I.C.S (1909-2001) had a great deal to say about the genocidal activities of Muslim League in those days. In His memoirs Nice Guys Finish Second, published in 1997 he said:

“This massacre of Hindus and Sikhs by Muslims was well organized and directed personally by H.S. Suhrawardy, the then Muslim League Prime Minster of Bengal, and continued for two full days till the Sikh taxi drivers of Calcutta retaliated and their began a counter massacre of the Muslims. It was this alone which led to the machinery of law and order bringing the Holocaust to an end.”

Unfortunately the national leadership vested in Gandhi and Nehru (and the Congress Party to which they belonged) in whom the naive and gullible Hindus had reposed immense faith in 1945-46 had neither any plans nor any will to fight back the jihadi onslaught of Islam. As a result India was partitioned and Pakistan was formed as an Islamic state resulting in killing and displacement of millions of Hindus in the worst HINDU GENOCIDE ever.

A cabal of Jihadis, Churchists, Communists, Anarchists, Atheists and other anti-National elements occupying the opposition space have paralyzed both the Houses of the Indian Parliament ostensibly citing the ham-handed reconversion of a 200 Muslims in Agra.

Both the 1947 Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point printed Circular as well as the 2014 ISIS pamphlet on taking non-Muslims as captives and sex-slaves provide ample justification for the on-going VHP programme of re-conversion but also for making such a re-conversion programme a State-sponsored one.

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ISIS pamphlet on taking non-Muslims as captives and sex-slaves

by Ghatotkacha Nair

This document marks the most detailed, though not the first, justification for capturing and enslaving nonbelievers, as defined by ISIS. This Sunni jihadi organisation ISIS has justified the enslavement of non-Muslim women and children and sexual intercourse with them, not sparing even pre-pubescent girls. Time and again, this barbaric Muslim terrorist group cites the Quran and its view of Sharia law.

Cover page of ISIS pamphlet on sexual slavery. (photo credit:MEMRI)

"ISIS is drawing these rulings from ancient Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Codes of Conduct for War and Prisoners," said Abbas Barzegar, Professor of Religious Studies at Georgia State University.

Allah the almighty said: ‘[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or [the captives and slaves] that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame [Koran 23:5-6].’

ISIS uses the exact words of the Quran to lay down the groundwork for the legality of female sex slaves. This cannot be challenged by any Islamic scholar, unless it is to dissimulate (Al Taqquiya) in front of the non-Muslims for the purpose of lulling the latter into a false sense of complacency.

Harrowing personal accounts from women escapees of ISIS’s sex labour have been issuing into a media over a final few months. This ISIS pamphlet confirms reports of thousands of Yazidi and other minority community women being taken into sex labour by the ISIS Jihadi group.

Following translation has been done by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).

"Question 1: What is al-sabi?
"Al-Sabi is a woman from among ahl al-harb [the people of war] who has been captured by Muslims.

"Question 2: What makes al-sabi permissible?
"What makes al-sabi permissible [i.e., what makes it permissible to take such a woman captive] is [her] unbelief. Unbelieving [women] who were captured and brought into the abode of Islam are permissible to us, after the imam distributes them [among us]."

"Question 3: Can all unbelieving women be taken captive?
"There is no dispute among the scholars that it is permissible to capture unbelieving women [who are characterized by] original unbelief [kufr asli], such as the kitabiyat [women from among the People of the Book, i.e. Jews and Christians] and polytheists. However, [the scholars] are disputed over [the issue of] capturing apostate women. The consensus leans towards forbidding it, though some people of knowledge think it permissible. We [ISIS] lean towards accepting the consensus…"

"Question 4: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive?
"It is permissible to have sexual intercourse with the female captive. Allah the almighty said: '[Successful are the believers] who guard their chastity, except from their wives or (the captives and slaves) that their right hands possess, for then they are free from blame [Koran 23:5-6]'..."

"Question 5: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female captive immediately after taking possession [of her]?
"If she is a virgin, he [her master] can have intercourse with her immediately after taking possession of her. However, is she isn't, her uterus must be purified [first]." (wait for her period to be sure she is not pregnant.)

"Question 6: Is it permissible to sell a female captive?
"It is permissible to buy, sell, or give as a gift female captives and slaves, for they are merely property, which can be disposed of [as long as that doesn't cause [the Muslim ummah] any harm or damage."

"Question 7: Is it permissible to separate a mother from her children through [the act of] buying and selling?
"It is not permissible to separate a mother from her prepubescent children through buying, selling or giving away [a captive or slave]. [But] it is permissible to separate them if the children are grown and mature."

"Question 8: If two or more [men] buy a female captive together, does she then become [sexually] permissible to each of them?
"It is forbidden to have intercourse with a female captive if [the master] does not own her exclusively. One who owns [a captive] in partnership [with others] may not have sexual intercourse with her until the other [owners] sell or give him [their share]."

"Question 9: If the female captive was impregnated by her owner, can he then sell her?
"He can't sell her if she becomes the mother of a child..."

"Question 10: If a man dies, what is the law regarding the female captive he owned?
"Female captives are distributed as part of his estate, just as all [other parts] of his estate [are distributed]. However, they may only provide services, not intercourse, if a father or [one of the] sons has already had intercourse with them, or if several [people] inherit them in partnership."

"Question 11: May a man have intercourse with the female slave of his wife?
"A man may not have intercourse with the female slave of his wife, because [the slave] is owned by someone else."

"Question 12: May a man kiss the female slave of another, with the owner's permission?
"A man may not kiss the female slave of another, for kissing [involves] pleasure, and pleasure is prohibited unless [the man] owns [the slave] exclusively."

"Question 13: Is it permissible to have intercourse with a female slave who has not reached puberty?
"It is permissible to have intercourse with the female slave who hasn't reached puberty if she is fit for intercourse; however if she is not fit for intercourse, then it is enough to enjoy her without intercourse."

"Question 14: What private parts of the female slave's body must be concealed during prayer?
"Her private body parts [that must be concealed] during prayer are the same as those [that must be concealed] outside [prayer], and they [include] everything besides the head, neck, hands and feet."

"Question 15: May a female slave meet foreign men without wearing a hijab?
"A female slave is allowed to expose her head, neck, hands, and feet in front of foreign men if fitna [enticement] can be avoided. However, if fitna is present, or of there is fear that it will occur, then it [i.e. exposing these body parts becomes] forbidden."

"Question 16: Can two sisters be taken together while taking slaves?
"It is permissible to have two sisters, a female slave and her aunt [her father's sister], or a female slave and her aunt [from her mother's side]. But they cannot be together during intercourse, [and] whoever has intercourse with one of them cannot have intercourse with the other, due to the general [consensus] over the prohibition of this."

"Question 17: What is al-'azl?
"Al-'azl is refraining from ejaculating on a woman's pudendum [i.e. coitus interruptus]."

"Question 18: May a man use the al-'azl [technique] with his female slave?
"A man is allowed [to use] al-'azl during intercourse with his female slave with or without her consent."

"Question 19: Is it permissible to beat a female slave?
"It is permissible to beat the female slave as a [form of] darb ta'deeb [disciplinary beating], [but] it is forbidden to [use] darb al-takseer [literally, breaking beating], [darb] al-tashaffi [beating for the purpose of achieving gratification], or [darb] al-ta'dheeb [torture beating]. Further, it is forbidden to hit the face."

Question 20: What is the ruling regarding a female slave who runs away from her master?
"A male or female slave's running away [from their master] is among the gravest of sins…"

"Question 21: What is the earthly punishment of a female slave who runs away from her master?
"She [i.e. the female slave who runs away from her master] has no punishment according to the Shari'a of Allah; however, she is [to be] reprimanded [in such a way that] deters others like her from escaping."

"Question 22: Is it permissible to marry a Muslim [slave] or a kitabiyya [i.e. Jewish or Christian] female slave?
"It is impermissible for a free [man] to marry Muslim or kitabiyat female slaves, except for those [men] who feared to [commit] a sin, that is, the sin of fornication…"

"Question 24: If a man marries a female slave who is owned by someone else, who is allowed to have intercourse with her?
"A master is prohibited from having intercourse with his female slave who is married to someone else; instead, the master receives her service, [while] the husband [gets to] enjoy her [sexually]."

"Question 25: Are the huddoud [Koranic punishments] applied to female slaves?
"If a female slave committed what necessitated the enforcement of a hadd [on her], a haidd [is then] enforced on her – however, the hadd is reduced by half within the hudud that accepts reduction by half…"

"Question 27: What is the reward for freeing a slave girl?
"Allah the exalted said [in the Koran]: 'And what can make you know what is [breaking through] the difficult pass [hell]? It is the freeing of a slave.' And [the prophet Muhammad] said: 'Whoever frees a believer Allah frees every organ of his body from hellfire.'"


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"Swachh Bharat Abhiyan"
effect felt in northern Kerala

Muslim League politician forced to clean up mess made in public

by Ghatotkacha Nair

Kasargod District, Kerala State: December 1, 2014

"Swachh Bharat Abhiyan" effect is felt in Kasargod, the remote northernmost District of Kerala. The people of Cheruvathur Town in Kasargod forced a local politician to clean up the mess made by him in public. The politician is MA Majid of Muslim League, which is a member of the ruling coalition of Kerala. MA Majid, is also a Secretary of the Peelicode Panchayat committee. There was a marriage feast in his house on Sunday. On the wee hours of Monday morning, Majid and his associates disposed off all the garbage from the marriage feast on the National Highway 17, which passes through Cheruvathur. The garbage included remnants of mutton biriyani, disposable plates and cups.

The Mathrubhumi Daily carried the report of this public nuisance with graphic pictures which is when the public decided to take the matters into their hands. After going through the garbage they found some receipts that mentioned Majid's name. The peeved locals decided to confront Maajid and compelled him to clean up the mess. After realising his electorally-costly folly, Majid along with his friends not only cleaned up the mess but also disinfected the place by sprinkling lime.

The worked-up locals tried to manhandle Majid, but the police swung into action and ensured Majid's physical safety. The angry mob also made sure that a case was slapped against Majid and his accomplices.

The spontaneous action by the local public is not surprising considering that we have young (and in this case very adorable!) proponents of Swachh Bharat".

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Not 56-Inch Chest,
Need A Big Heart
To Run Country:

Bianca Robert Vadra’s comment
on Narendra Modi

by Ghatotkacha Nair

This is what the half-Italian half-Indian Congress politician Bianca has to say: "To run this country cruel force of power is not needed, but moral strength is needed. It needs an internal strength. Such type of strength is needed, which could even sacrifice life to save the culture of the Country."

Madam Bianca, so what is needed to run this vast country? Surely, you don't suggest that an hourglass figure, an expensive hairdo and a soft seductive demeanour will suffice to run this country.

Madam Bianca, living under the cover of SPG protection, you might not be aware, indeed, you might not even care about “pagan” Hindu women who are being subject to daily instances of molestation, kidnapping and gang rapes by Bangladeshi Muslim migrants in the Districts such as Koch Bihar, Jalpaiguri, Uttar Dinapur, Dakshin Dinapur, Maldah, Murshidabad, Nadia, North 24-Parganas and South 24-Parganas, all of which are bordering Bangladesh.

Madam Bianca, you may not be bothered by the humiliation heaped upon this country, which watched in utter anguish its heartless leaders fiddle when some unwashed Islamic terrorists led by Ilyas Kashmiri from Pakistan ambushed and beheaded Indian soldiers and paraded their heads in the streets of Pakistan. “A pound of flesh” was ripped from near our hearts but the alien government, which is micro-managed by your Italian mother Edvige Antonia Albina Màino a.k.a Sonia Gandhi looked on in a HEART-LESS manner like the infamous Shylock in the Shakespearean ‘Merchant of Venice’.

Madam Bianca you say that to run this country cruel force of power is not needed, but moral strength is needed. So what is the moral strength provided by the Government which was run for the last ten years by your Italian Mother? Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister appointed by your Italian-born Mother did not have an iota of moral strength. He had not the moral strength to protest, let alone perform his sacred Constitutional duty to put down massive public corruption carried on by his own Cabinet Ministers.

Madam Bianca, strength is indeed needed, which could even sacrifice life to save the culture of the Country. But it is the lives of our sons and daughters that are being sacrificed to feed your mother's insatiable Italian mafia lust for loot and plunder. When Jyoti Singh Pandey, the Nirbhaya of New Delhi was gang raped and her intestines where ripped out of her abdomen in a most bestial manner, that "Moral strength" that was sorely missing in you and your foreign-born mother. The young men and women of Delhi risked their lives and limb came out to protest but they were brutally beaten down by the Lathis and water cannons of the Police of the Delhi Government run your own party with the "cruel force of power" that you so volubly deprecate in your Hindu opponents. You did not have the Moral Strength and the Heart to go out in the streets and express your solidarity with the protesting youngsters of Delhi, the Moral Strength and the Heart that you prescribe for others.

Your Italian mother's UPA Government which is very eminently capable of "cruel force of power" did not deign to use it to protect Indian citizens when hordes of armed Bangladeshi Muslims attacked peaceful indigenous Bodos of India in August 2012 displacing 400,000 people from 400 villages. Should I mention the meek reaction of your mother's alien Government in New Delhi to the occupation of 150 square Kilometres of land in Daulat Beg Oldie in Ladakh by Chinese troops.

And finally what is "the culture of the Country" that you speak of? I do not wish to remind you of your mother’s biological Nazi father but I will ask what sort of culture your mother’s government has given this country; Daily occurrences of gang rapes, massive public corruption, pervasive lawlessness, breakdown of traditional marriages, leftist encouragement of homosexuality, alcoholism and drug abuse.

Your mother’s now-hated alien Government in New Delhi has in a HEARTLESS neglect caused infrastructure to decay, vast swathes of the country to be overrun by Naxalites and Islamists, and now the hostile neighbours are nibbling away at our country’s territory. Your Italian mother’s government in New Delhi has reduced India to a 21st Century Weimar Republic; Anarchy, breakdown of Constitution, demeaning of Constitutional Functionaries, out-of-control inflation, declining Rupee, lawlessness, degrading external and internal security environment.

Thanks to your mother’s UPA Government, Indian people, yearning for a strong and stable Government that can meet the aspirations of the citizenry, have opted for an ideology of “Masculine Nationalism, rejecting limp-wristed liberalist appeasement policies practiced by your Congress party and by the casteist cabal of “Socialists”. People are voting in a robust and vigorous government in the place of a government that offers emotionalism, sentimentality, theatrics, vote-bank politics, and symbolism.

Madam Bianca, hold on to that Italian passport of yours. It might help you from being extradited to India to stand trial for public embezzlement.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

‘Impotent’ Rage of
Salman Khurshid
against Narendra Modi

Part - 2

by Ghatotkacha Nair

In the earlier part of this article, I had written about how Salman Khurshid, a Union Minister in the Congress-led UPA Government became livid with rage and accused Narendra Modi, Chief Minister of Gujarat of being a “Napumsak” for not having suppressed with Islamic fervour the Kaffir Hindu retaliation to a murderous Muslim assault on 58 unarmed Hindu passengers of Sabarmati Express at Godhra Station in 2002. Slave-minded Dhimmis like Mulayam Singh Yadav, Lalu Prasad Yadav, Nitish Kumar, Digvijay Singh and Karunanidhi would have done just that.

Narendra Modi, to the contrary, did not ruthlessly gun down Hindus like Mulayam Singh did in Uttar Pradesh in 1990 and this aroused implacable hatred for Narendra Modi in the “Moderate” Islamist Salman Khurshid. Narendra Modi followed the standard administrative procedures to maintain Law and Order in the State.

During the 1984 Congress-directed Genocide against the Sikh, the Islamists, pseudo-liberal pink-chaddi fashonistas, Marxists and Missionaries, all kept quiet. None demanded that Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi resign and face trial. None of these worthies bothered to compare him with Hitler or call him “Mauth Ka Saudagar”. Salman Khurshid did not tell Rajiv Gandhi “Hamara aarop hai ki tum napunsak ho.”

After all, no Muslims were killed in 1984. So why should it shock the conscience of any Congress Islamist. It becomes a heinous killing worth condemnation only when the Kaffirs rally around and successfully fight and subdue their Islamic oppressors.

At 7:43 A.M. on February 27th 2002, the Sabarmati Express rolled into the Godhra Railway Station, fortunately with a four-hour delay, in broad daylight. This train transported more than 2,000 people, mainly kar sewaks on their way back to Ahmedabad after participating in the Poorna Ahuti Yagya at Ayodhya, a ritual at the traditional birthplace of Rama.

As the Sabarmati Express pulled out of Godhra station, the train was pelted with stones and bricks, and passengers from several bogeys were forced to bring down their windows to protect themselves. Someone pulled the emergency chain: the train came to a halt about 100 metres away from the platform, surrounded by a large crowd of Muslims of over 1,000, pelting it with bricks, stones, then burning missiles and acid bulbs, especially on the S-5, S-6 and S-7 coaches. The doors were locked from outside. Coach S-6 caught fire and it was in flamesminutes later. Passengers who managed to get out of the burning compartment were attacked with sharp weapons, and stoned.

Fifty Eight unarmed Hindu pilgrims were burned alive, including Twenty Seven women and Ten children.

Numb with shock, the people of Gujarat did not react straightaway. They remained calm till that afternoon, when the charred bodies started arriving at their respective homes.

There was no condemnation for the planned Godhra murder of 58 Hindus from the Secularism-wallahs like Salman Khurshid and his overlord, the Italian-waitress-turned-Dictator-of-India, Sonia Gandhi.

Hurt deeply by this heartless indifference, and deafening silence — the Gujarati people known for their non-violent nature and exceptional patience became fired up with righteous wrath.

The day following the burning alive of unarmed Hindu pilgrims, Gujarati Hindu Retaliation broke out. The involvement of the tribal communities or Vanvasis, in the post-Godhra riots added a new dimension to the communal violence, as Justice Tewatia’s Report reveals: “In rural areas the Vanvasis attacked the Muslim moneylenders, shopkeepers and the forest contractors. They used their traditional bows and arrows as also their implements used to cut trees and grass while attacking Muslims. Apparently, the accumulated anger of years of exploitation … had become explosive.”

By evening, Chief Minister Narendra Modi announced his decision to deploy the Army, and the next day, March 1st, by 11 A.M. the actual deployment of troops at sensitive points had begun. Violence abated in most major cities, after their arrival with orders to shoot on sight. But security forces were largely outnumbered by the angry flood of people to rural areas and villages. Apprehending the seriousness of the situation, Chief Minister Narendra Modi had made a request for security personnel from neighbouring States of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Rajasthan and Punjab. All of them were ruled by Salman Khurshid’s Sonia Congress Party. This request was turned down by each State.

State          Chief Minister        From-To                               Political Party  
Maharashtra Vilasrao Deshmukh 18-01-1999 to 16-01-2003     Congress
MP               Digvijaya Singh      01-12-1998 to 08-12-2003     Congress
Rajasthan    Ashok Gehlot          01-12-1998 to 08-12-2003     Congress
Punjab         Amarinder Singh     26-02-2002 to 01-03-2007     Congress

Salman Khurshid has not told those Congress Chief Ministers Vilasrao Deshmukh, Digvijaya Singh, Ashok Gehlot and Amarinder Singh: “Hamara aarop hai ki tum napunsak ho.”

One high-level commission conducted by Justice Nanavati-Shah was appointed by the Gujarat Government to probe the incident. The first part of Justice Nanavati-Shah Inquiry Commission Report was released in September 2008, after four years of thorough investigations. It lifted the cloak of blame that had been wrapped around the Gujarati people all those years. It also cleared the name of Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi.

“There is absolutely no evidence to show that either the Chief Minister and/or any other Minister(s) in his Council of Ministers or Police officers had played any role in the Godhra incident or that there was any lapse on their part in the matter of providing protection, relief and rehabilitation to the victims of communal riots or in the matter of not complying with the recommendations and directions given by National Human Rights Commission. ... Some individuals who had participated in the conspiracy appear to be involved in the heinous act of setting coach S/6 on fire ... The conspiracy hatched by these persons further appears to be a part of a larger conspiracy to create terror and destabilise the Administration.”

The recent report of Supreme Court appointed Special Investigation Team led by former CBI Chief R.K Raghavan gave clean chit to Gujarat government and noticed that the out-numbered and overwhelmed Gujarat Police tried everything to prevent the riots.

On Narendra Modi's role the Special Investigation Team Report states: “Law and order review meetings were held by Modi and all the things was done to control the situation... the Army was called on time to contain the communal violence. Modi was busy with steps to control the situation, establishment of relief camps for riot victims and also with efforts to restore peace and normalcy. In view of the detailed inquiry and satisfactory explanation of the person involved, no criminal case is made out against Narendra Modi.”

Narendra Modi is guilty by default because he is seen as a strong Hindu leader, just as Muslims are innocent by definition. Ergo, Narendra Modi has to be pilloried!

Moving on to 2013.
In the recent Muzzafarnagar riots under the benign rule of Congress ally Samajwadi Party Muslims and Jats clashed after eve-teasing of a Jat girl by Muslim rowdies. Muslim mobs attacked jats with fire arms and threw dead bodies of Jats into the Joly Canal. Although six bodies have been recovered, hundreds are still missing. There were several instances of gang-rapes. Approximately 50,000 people have been displaced. Several children died in relief camps in the winter cold. Sonia Congress Party’s ally Samajwadi Party, controlled by fellow Jihadi Azam Khan is ruling Uttar Pradesh. Why isn’t Salman Khurshid calling Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav a “Napumsak”?

Times of India reported on Mar 6, 2013 that Rahul Gandhi said that he wasn't interested in marriage. Would this Salman Khurshid like to call Rahul Gandhi a Napumsak?

It was reported in The Economic Times of 6 February 2014 that Rahul Gandhi disapproved of personal attacks on Opposition leaders, indicating that the Congress leadership was not happy with Mani Shankar Aiyar's recent "chaiwala" jibe at BJP's Prime Ministerial candidate Narendra Modi. Salman Khurshid is accusing Narendra Modi of not being able to control his Ministers. Why couldn't Rahul Gandhi control his Ministers like Salman Khurshid?

The great Islamist Salman Khurshid had written in his book, ‘At Home In India: A restatement of Indian Muslims’ (P.115), that “Sikhs suffered in 1984 due to their SINS during 1947. (On the other hand) There was also a terrible satisfaction amongst Muslims, who had not completely forgotten the Partition’s unpleasant aftermath. Hindus and Sikhs were alike paying for their ‘sins’. They were paying for the blood they had drawn in 1947.”
Salman Khurshid with this barbaric remark has proved himself to be a blood-thirsty, Hindu-hating Islamist in the line of Muhammad Ali Jinnah (1876-1948) and Huseyn Shaheed Suhrawardy (1892-1963).

Faced by criticism, Rahul Gandhi said he does not appreciate 'impotent' remark made by Khurshid against Narendra Modi. I suppose Manish Tiwari would come on TV to say it is the personal view of Salman Khurshid and not that of the Party.

During an official Christian-Muslim meeting in Britain, an important Muslim delegate said calmly and self-assuredly: “Thanks to your democratic laws we will conquer you. Thanks to our religious laws, we will dominate you.”

“When we Muslims are in minority, we demand freedom in the name of your principle (Secularism), and when we Muslims are majority, we deny you the freedom in the name of our principle (Sharia)” This is the credo of Ahmed Patel and Salman Khurshid.

Moral of the Salman Khurshid outburst.
For the Moral of this narrative, I will have to quote again from Will Durant’s ‘The Story of Civilization’ again. Civilization is a precious good, whose delicate complex order and freedom can at any moment be overthrown by barbarians invading from without and multiplying from within. Eternal vigilance is the price of peace and freedom.

Narendra Modi must become the Prime Minister of India in 2014 with absolute majority in the Parliament, lest our children lose their freedom in the name of Sharia!


List of MAJOR Riots / Incidents since 1947




Numbers Massacred/ Killed

Party in Power
Punjab /
Min 5,00,000
(worst riots in human history)
Jana Kranti Dal
Janata Party
2200 (official)
5000 (unofficial)
Delhi/ Haryana
1987 – to date
Jammu & Kashmir
Over 60,000.
4,50,000 displaced (ethnic cleansing)
National Conference
 /Presidents Rule /
PDP / 
Congress /
Presidents Rule /
National Conference
Janata Dal
Congress + Allies
Presidents Rule
1992 / 1993
Godhra / Various

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Rahul Gandhi disapproves of personal attacks on Opposition leaders