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Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point Printed Circular

The following is an extract from the blog written by the Late Shri V. Sundaram IAS (r.) regarding Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point printed Circular issued in 1947. I am reposting this in the context of the ISIS pamphlet on taking non-Muslims as captives and sex-slaves.

Both the 2014 ISIS Pamphlet as well as the 1947 Muslim League’s are based on the literal reading of the verses of the Quran.

The terrorist Muslims of the Muslim League of Jinnah had made elaborate plans for acquiring and storing weapons for attacking Hindus and Sikhs, looting their shops and factories, mounting attacks on temples and even for kidnapping, raping and converting hapless Hindu women, on the eve of Indian Independence in 1947.

Justice Gopal Das Khosla I.C.S (a former Chief Justice of Punjab) in his seminal research paper titled STERN RECKONING has fully reproduced the lurid instructions issued by the Muslim League of Jinnah to the Muslim marauders in the Twenty-Three Point printed Circular to kill and plunder Hindus and dishonour their womenfolk. The blood curdling exhortations made in the aforementioned secret circular became fully known to the police only during the extensive rioting and murderous campaigns organized by the Muslim League in the Punjab and N.W.F.P after June 3, 1947.

The Twenty-three Point printed circular secretly distributed among Muslims of India was expected to be used as a ‘GUIDELINE DOCUMENT’ by the Jihadis. Its lurid contents are reproduced hereunder:

1. All Muslims of India should die for Pakistan.

2. With Pakistan established whole of India should be conquered.

3. All people of India should be converted to Islam.

4. All Muslim Kingdoms should join hands to fight with the Anglo-American exploitation of the whole world.

5. One Muslim should get the right of five Hindus, i.e., each Muslim is equal to five Hindus.

6. All Factories and shops owned by Hindus should be burnt, destroyed, looted and loot should be given to League office.

7. All Muslim Leaguers should carry weapons in defiance of order.

8. All nationalist Muslims if they do not join League should be killed by secret Gestapo.

9. Hindus should be murdered gradually and their population should be reduced.

10. All temples should be destroyed.

11. Muslim League spies in every village and district of India.

12. Congress Leaders should be murdered, one in one month by secret method.

13. Congress upper offices should be destroyed by secret Muslim Gestapo, single person doing the job.

14. Karachi, Bombay, Calcutta, Madras, Goa, Vizagapatnam should be paralysed by December 1946 by Muslim League volunteers.


16. Muslims should sabotage whole of India and Congress Government for the final invasion of India by Muslims.

17. Financial resources are given by Muslim League. Invasion of India by Nizam communist, few Europeans, Khoja by Bhopal, few Angl-Indians, few Parsis, few Christians, Punjab, Sid and Bengal will be places of manufacture of all arms, weapons for Muslim Leaguers invasion and establishing a Muslim Empire in India.

18. All arms, weapons should be distributed to Bombay, Calcutta, Delhi, Madras, Banglore, Lahore, Karachi, branches of Muslim League.

19. All sections of Muslim League should carry minimum equipment of weapons, at least pocket knife at all times to destroy Hindus and drive all Hindus out of India.

20. All transport should be used for battle against Hindus.


22. Hindu culture should be destroyed.

23. All Leaguers should try to be cruel at all times to Hindus and boycott them socially, economically and in many other ways.

NO MUSLIM SHOULD BUY FROM HINDU DEALERS. All Hindu produced films should be boycotted.

All Muslim Leaguers should obey these 23 instructions and bring into action by September 15, 1946."

This 23 Point Plan outlining the dimensions of the proposed pogrom against the Hindus and Sikhs clearly showed that the Muslim League had drawn up an elaborate plan to wreak vengeance on the Hindus.

All these above facts I have gathered from Dr. Peter Hammond's book: Slavery, Terrorism and Islam: The Historical Roots and Contemporary Threat.

The distinguished bureaucrat B.K Nehru I.C.S (1909-2001) had a great deal to say about the genocidal activities of Muslim League in those days. In His memoirs Nice Guys Finish Second, published in 1997 he said:

“This massacre of Hindus and Sikhs by Muslims was well organized and directed personally by H.S. Suhrawardy, the then Muslim League Prime Minster of Bengal, and continued for two full days till the Sikh taxi drivers of Calcutta retaliated and their began a counter massacre of the Muslims. It was this alone which led to the machinery of law and order bringing the Holocaust to an end.”

Unfortunately the national leadership vested in Gandhi and Nehru (and the Congress Party to which they belonged) in whom the naive and gullible Hindus had reposed immense faith in 1945-46 had neither any plans nor any will to fight back the jihadi onslaught of Islam. As a result India was partitioned and Pakistan was formed as an Islamic state resulting in killing and displacement of millions of Hindus in the worst HINDU GENOCIDE ever.

A cabal of Jihadis, Churchists, Communists, Anarchists, Atheists and other anti-National elements occupying the opposition space have paralyzed both the Houses of the Indian Parliament ostensibly citing the ham-handed reconversion of a 200 Muslims in Agra.

Both the 1947 Muslim League’s Twenty-Three Point printed Circular as well as the 2014 ISIS pamphlet on taking non-Muslims as captives and sex-slaves provide ample justification for the on-going VHP programme of re-conversion but also for making such a re-conversion programme a State-sponsored one.

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