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Syed Shahabuddin’s Letter to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi
- My comments

This is in response to MJ Akbar’s article titled ‘Why is Syed Shahabuddin writing to Modi?‘[1] published in 2rd December 2012 in the Times of India news paper.

Syed Shahabuddin who was appointed to the Indian Foreign Service by the 'Kaffir Hindu' India left his glamorous career for lucrative pastures of Muslim communal politics. He wrote to Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat an ‘open letter’ [2]on the letterhead of the Joint Committee for Muslim Organisations for Empowerment (JCMOE). This JCMOE comprises 10 jihadi outfits: Jamiat-ul-Ulema Hind, Jamaat-e-Islami Hind; All India Majlis-e-Mushawarat, All India Milli Council, Movement for Empowerment of Muslim Indians, All India Momin Conference, All India Shia Conference, Markazi Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith, Imarat-e-Sharia, and All India Muslim Educational Society. Syed Shahabuddin is the Convenor of JCMOE.

Shahabuddin, in his letter, conceded that “everyone has noticed special attention being given” by Narendra Modi to the Muslim voters of Gujarat” and that “it is a fact that through various devices over the years Modi has been able to soften some Muslims of the upper classes.” Next he lists a series of Muslim-only steps “for making Gujarat a secular state”!

Perhaps in Shahabuddin’s vocabulary the words ‘Islamic’ and ‘Secular’ could be used interchangeably! His secularism is based on the true Islamic principles of brutal Islamic oppression of non-Muslims where Muslims are in the majority and preferential treatment of Muslims to the detriment of kaffirs where the Muslims are in a minority.

The letter while pleading with Gujarat strongman Narendra Modi for the Shahabuddin inspired and directed “secular” appeasement of Muslims by promising Muslim-only concessions in returning for softening Muslim electoral sentiments against him, dangled the electoral carrot, stating that the Muslims in Gujarat “may join hands with Modi in rebuilding Gujarat”. As, expected, there was no reply from Chief Minister Narendra Modi’s Office to this communal electoral overture by a known Islamic rabble-rouser.

The jihadi outfits constituting the Joint Committee for Muslim Organisations for Empowerment (JCMOE) perceived what they perceived to be Syed Shahabuddin Sahib’s sly attempt at by-passing them and becoming the sole “Muslim Leader” and MUSLIM VOTE KA SAUDAGAR in India! The bearded worthies would not allow themselves to be upstaged by a washed-out has-been’s geriatric attempt at remaining politically relevant. They protested furiously and vociferously disagreed with its contents. They will not have only Syed Shahabuddin bartering Muslim votes, unless of course they too can be seen by the Muslim public, making Muslim fundamentalist demands!

Jamaat-e-Islami Hind not only disavowed Syed Shahabuddin’s letter but also took an intransigent stand that Narendra Modi "should be tried for his role in the 2002 riots". They also spread the word around linking his letter with the NDA-run State Government in Bihar where his daughter Parveen Amanullah is the Minister for Social Welfare, suggesting Shahabuddin had written the letter to Narendra Modi at the behest of BJP, the bĂȘte noir of Muslim organizations. Soon media reports quoted some unnamed Muslim community leaders labelling it a "sinister idea".

Syed Shahabuddin, who is very familiar with the volatile and treacherous politics of fatwa, abjectly apologized to the Jamaat and other Muslim organizations for misusing the JCMOE letterhead and bleated piteously: “Nowhere in this letter have I asked Muslims to forgive Modi or to vote for him.” The smooth Al-Taqquiya[3] artist then went on to claim: “The strategy behind this letter was to caution them and to rethink about Modi on the eve of the election, so that they could be weaned away by taking note that Modi has not fulfilled any real Muslim demands.”

What are “Real Muslim demands”? Providing security of life, limb and property, employment, education, infrastructure, honest, transparent and effective government administration, etc., are not “Real Muslim demands” at all. Real Muslim demands are what the Ulema and other Muslim “Leaders” say they are. Awarding special concessions and granting special privileges to Muslims while humiliatingly denying the same to Kaffirs are “real Muslim demands” for Syed Shahabuddin and his jihadi ilk!

If I may be so impertinent as to list some more “real Muslim demands” then I could venture to mention
- Give money to renovate Eidgah but don’t give money to renovate Temples.
- Use Moharram processions as an opportunity to loot Hindu shops
- Rape Hindu Girls
- Forcibly occupy Hindu properties
- Beat up Hindu men who protest Muslim atrocities.
The pious Momins must be able to carry out these joyous Islamic acts without any threat of Hindu retaliation or fear of prosecution under any kaffir law.

The Al-Taqquiya artist further claimed that he only wanted to warn “upper class Muslims” from moving towards Modi and urged them to “rethink” (or rather refrain from thinking independently of the diktats issued by the Muslim Ulema. After all, Islam, in Arabic language, means ‘Submission’ and not independent thinking!).

For all his virtuous efforts Shahabuddin was being “misinterpreted” by the inconsiderate Muslim Ulema. Shahabuddin was being victimized because he was a Muslim. Wasn’t cricketer-racketeer Azaruddin victimized because he was a Muslim? Muslims are always victimized. The poor dears! Doesn’t MJ Akbar know that? Probably MJ Akbar mixes too much with the Kaffir Hindus!

Syed Shahabuddin, in his letter to Narendra Modi, was only repeating the words of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan who created the Aligarh Muslim University. Sir Syed said in a speech at Meerut on 16th March 1888: “The Command of Allah was that Mussalmans could not be friends of non-Muslims”. How could the Muslims of Gujarat be tantalised, bewitched and mesmerised by the decadent, impious and un-Islamic glitter of security of life, limb and property, employment, education, infrastructure and honest, transparent and effective government administration? How could the educated discerning “upper class” Muslims vote for the Kaffir leader Narendra Modi? They had to be warned not to stray from the path set by the Jamaat.

Coming back to the question ‘Why is Syed Shahabuddin writing to Modi’ if he wanted employment for Muslims? MJ Akbar suggests that Shahabuddin ought to have written to the Prime Minister if it is a matter of employment. The “ideological bird” Shahabuddin who “chose an attire in Islamic green” senses the change in the electoral political climate. "Muslim voters see some signs of change in your attitude" says Shahabuddin. Muslim voters, seeing peace, progress and prosperity in Gujarat, were leaving their ideological nests in droves and flying with their harems to the haraam that is the Narendra Modi political bandwagon of social and economic development! If the Muslim voters are flying away, either they should be brought back or the “ideological bird” should, probably egged on by his Minister-daughter and guided by the business instincts of Bohra Muslim supporters of Narendra Modi, negotiate for concessions. Hence the “personal letter”! Is this not a win-win situation from the ideological bird’s point of view?

Unfortunately, the ideological bird Shahabuddin twists himself into knots. on one side he issue a Guidelines for the Muslim Electorate for Gujarat Assembly Elections, 2012, a wonderful document to be issued in a “Secular” Country, and warn “upper class” Muslims from moving towards Modi and urged them to “rethink”. The Guideline’s purpose is that “Muslim representation in the legislatures should increase with secular capable (meaning, slave-minded Dhimmis with Hindu names) and reliable persons (fearful of Muslim violence), preferably Muslims.” If he cannot get Muslims then some Dhimmi-slaves will have to do.

On the other hand Shahabuddin tries to plead with the much-hated kaffir strongman for special privileges for Muslims whose votes the latter seems to be able to do without and whose votes he does not, disconcertingly for the “Secular” politicians and the hostile English Language Media, appear to crave!

Isn’t this the same Syed Shahabuddin who often took unreasonable and maximalist positions as the Head of the Babri Masjid Action Committee? The Hindus weaned on the debilitating and enervating Gandhian ahimsa noted with deep-seated distress that it was not a Babri Masjid Protection Committee but Action Committee. This was reminiscent of the frightening Direct Action Program of pogrom directed against the defenceless, law-abiding Hindus on 16th August 1946 by armed Muslim goons working under the Bengal Chief Minister Suhrawardy of Bengal Province. The number of Hindu men, women and children slaughtered on the streets of Calcutta City was over 10,000 and the seriously maimed and injured 15,000 and those rendered utterly penniless and homeless 100,000. Corpses were strewn on the streets and vultures were too full to peck on them. A British correspondent of Statesman, Kim Khristen, wrote: ‘I have a stomach made strong by the experience of war, but the war was never like this. This is not a riot. It needs a word found in mediaeval history, a fury.”[3]

Babri Masjid Action Committee under the leadership of Syed Shahabuddin got lot of flak when it is supposed to have given the call for boycott of Republic Day 1987. It would be politically incorrect and very jarring to the sensibilities of the ‘fashionable ladies’ and other card-holding members of the liberal Left to question the patriotism of these beards, but one can’t help wondering why these beards chose to stay back in the Kaffir Hindu India instead of opting for Allah’s own Pakistan.

In the interesting years prior to the demolition of the Babri building, the Vishwa Hindu Parishad had hardly a hundred people in it. Hindu leaders who were accustomed to respecting the majesty of the law were willing to respect Court verdict on the Babri building - Ramjanmabhoomi issue. I remember reading in the newspapers that Syed Shahabuddin made leonine statements such as “We will lead One Lakh Muslim youth and capture Babri Masjid”. “We will not heed Court orders on this issue”. The enraged Hindus in villages after villages swelled the ranks of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad with numbers exceeding 200 million supporters. The intransigence of Syed Shahabuddin, who probably fancied himself a modern day Sultan Saladdin, gave heart to the VHP leaders who now proclaimed that they will “Capture Babri with Ten lakh volunteers”. The fall of the much-hated Babri Building, a symbol of Hindu humiliation, could only be delayed and not stopped. On the day of demolition, the Shiva Sena volunteers with dynamite strapped to their backs, pole vaulted over layers of concentric UP State Police security cordons to destroy the Babri building. The loud-mouthed braggart, Syed Shahabuddin was nowhere to be seen! His purpose, as the biggest benefactor of the VHP, was over!! The VHP had already become a Colossus!!!

Now, Shahabudin has re-emerged, this time, as the gratuitous benefactor of Narendra Modi! The rabidly sectarian appeal by Shahabuddin for Muslims to vote en bloc will go a long way in consolidating the bigger Hindu voting-block behind the Lion of Gujarat.

By describing the achievements of the Narendra Modi Administration and favourably comparing its track record of dealing with communal riots with the record of the Rajiv Gandhi Administration in dealing with the Congress-led pogrom against the Sikh in the aftermath of Indira Gandhi assassination, MJ Akbar has tactfully endorsed Narendra Modi. With his descriptive rather than prescriptive approach MJ Akbar has adroitly avoided “hurting Muslim sentiments”. It doesn’t take much to “hurt Muslim sentiments”.

As M.J Akbar puts it, India definitely wants a leader who can deliver jobs, price stability and 10% growth, but none of these is possible without social peace. Surviving the brutal, systematic hate campaign orchestrated by fashionable liberal perjurers and the paid news-peddling mainstream media, Narendra Modi has delivered just that, in Gujarat, with 10 years of social peace after the unprovoked mass-murder by burning alive of Hindu pilgrims in a railway coach at Godhra.

I read a report in Times of India dated 1st February 2012 [5] that Muslims from Kashmir want to settle in Gujarat. This is what one of them had to say. "In Kashmir, we are as worse off as Muslims in Gujarat were after the 2002 riots." This is despite all the lies peddled by the Testa Setalvad and other pro-Jihadi ‘fashionable ladies’.

MJ Akbar concludes his highly readable article with a mysterious comment about melting the Muslim mood, “Any thaw demands the sunshine of spring. There is certainly a spring in Modi's step, but he needs much more warmth to melt the Muslim mood.”

Now what can “melt the Muslim mood”? The Congress, which ruled the country for more than four decades since Independence has grappled with the question of “Muslim mood”. Congress which is the dyed in the wool practitioner of vote bank politics has systematically and successfully exploited the trusting Muslim masses. They have conceded meaningless but spectacular Muslim-only fundamentalist demands put forward publicly by seemingly intransigent Muslim Ulema and unprincipled opportunistic Muslim politicians while co-opting these Muslim leaders with private threats and blandishments. The Muslim leaders have always taken up maximalistic positions for their personal gains, at the expense of the community. The Muslim masses have been recently deserting the Congress in disappointment and yet they have been repeating their folly by indulged in strategic communal voting to support the BSP and the SP. Communal violence accompanied by loss of lives and property continues as a result.

The Muslims as a community or communities can ponder whether a politician who wears skull caps, conducts iftar parties, places a green chadar on a grave of a Sufi Fakir or gets someone to take a photograph of himself saying namaz, “melt the Muslim mood”. Will safety, progress and prosperity for all Indian citizens “melt the Muslim mood”? They can also consider if their community will benefit by the Government granting concessions to them while denying the same to their Hindu neighbours or will their pro-active contribution to the security, progress and prosperity of all citizens of the nation strengthen their community.

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