Thursday, February 5, 2009


Whittier, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A:
Unmarried and with no apparent means of support, a jihadi baby-factory Ms Nadya Suleman of Iraqi origin delivered eight more babies who were conceived through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). During the time of fresh IVF procedure she already had six kids through IVF. Total babies delivered by her were FOURTEEN in number, all through IVF at government expense.

Nadya Suleman lives on welfare.
The husband Suleman, divorced, had filed for bankruptcy.
Last year, her mother, Angela Suleman, filed for bankruptcy after a real estate deal gone wrong.
Not surprisingly the family is on the defensive.

1. After expensive steps for IVF, the eight babies were two weeks premature and had to be delivered by caesarean.
2. The babies need intensive neonatal care until they can leave the hospital.
3. The expense for C-sections is astronomical; eight premature babies took 46 doctors and nurses to deliver six boys and two girls. The price will range in millions for eight babies.
4. Since Nadya Suleman is on welfare the State of California is paying for her other six children; this means the state will foot the bill for eight more births and pay to raise the children.

(Sexual Jihadis will always be able to find ignorant, naive, gullible, credulous, bleeding-heart dhimmi apologists to fund the jihadi demographic warfare.)

"I cannot see circumstances where any reasonable physician would transfer [so many] embryos into a woman under the age of 35 under any circumstance," said Arthur Wisot, a fertility doctor in Redondo Beach and the author of "Conceptions and Misconceptions." Her fertility doctor has not been identified.

(You can bet it is a jihadi doctor doing his Islamic duty to wage demographic warfare.)

Suleman hired a publicist who says she wants two to three million dollars to speak to the media about her birth. She says she needs money to pay for the birth. Already she is selling her children.
Nadya Suleman wants $2 million for an interview!
Now she is being deluged with offers for book deals, TV shows and other business proposals, but has not decided what she might do other than care for her children, her newly hired spokeswoman said Monday.

(Of course, she can always send them to Islamic Madrassas to be brainwashed to become suicide bomber against Jewish-Hindu-American targets. Perhaps she will get an award from the Saudi Government for the Most Prolific Jihadi-Suicide-Bomber Producer).


Ambalapuzha town, Kerala State, India: 04/02/2009.

Police arrested two Muslim youth Shanavas and Soufarin connection with the suicide of three 17-year old girls in Model Vocational Hr Sec School in Ambalapuzha here. Two Hindu and One Christian girl fell into the trap of these Jihadi Romeos were subjected to molesting and mental torture.

The issue had kicked up a fresh row after personal diaries of one of the girl said a different story in which it was alleged that the girls were victims of sexual abuse and were blackmailed using mobile phone recordings.

And the post-mortem report revealed that the girls in the 17-18 age group were ‘’subjected to sexual act”.

The three girls consumed poison to end their life once they realized the true colours of these Jihadis.

Proper awareness should be created in the society to expose the evil motives of these Jihadi elements to protect the naive girls from these monsters.

Hindu organisations and the public staged protests and now the culprits are finally booked even though the police tried to sabotage the investigation under pressure from jihadi-loving Marxist Party.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Great violence inflicted by the savage jihadi hordes upon the Hindus down the generations has caused the latter to live in a permanent state of denial. The victims now deny that the abuse ever took place. Even the media never reports the acts of jihadi violence. Our intellectuals’ main a death-like silence about how all of the violence is connected to a particular pernicious political doctrine.

Many “temple-going”, “broad-minded”, “liberal”, “tolerant”, “magnanimous”, "gandhian" and “secular” Hindus feel that they would never encounter the Islamic problem and discard the stories of desecration and destruction of thousands of temples, burning of vast libraries, large-scale loot, arson, foul outrages upon women, such as ripping (open the abdomens) of pregnant women, systematic rape, organised sexual slavery, forcible conversions, mass murder and all the accompaniments of brutal and unrestrained barbarism as fabricated or exaggerated nonsense.

The centuries-long tyrannical rule of the cruel, lust-crazed, rapacious Muslims invaders made the Hindus so fearful that they shrink away in horror, dhimmi-like, from doing, saying or even thinking anything against the blood-thirsty jihadi predators.

We are too frightened to acknowledge the mindless jihadi violence and too ashamed to care.

Many Hindus though aware of jihadi terrorist attacks do not pay attention to the creeping sexual jihad going on all around them.

They do not wonder why the Muslims never marry their daughters to non-Muslim boys while the Muslims encourage their boys to marry non-Muslims girls.

They never poise to think why the Khans Amir, Salman, Shah Rukh have suddenly become popular in Hindi film industry in the last two decades.


Banks rarely, if ever, finance films for they regard them as high-risk investments.

Black money had entered the film industry by the mid-1960s. Today films have budgets of Rs 500 million or more. No financier with white money would put this kind of cash in a venture where there is no sure guarantee of the returns. This is where the mafia steps in to rake super-profits. A telephone call from a dada-cum-financier is enough to sort out problems between actors and directors or between actors themselves. Threats force the parties concerned to work together and complete film projects on time and prevent cost over-runs.

A native of Cuddalore who worked as a Bombay dock worker, whose name later on became synonymous with smuggling, Haji Mastan, was much obsessed with movies and actresses. Even top notch producers, directors and actors had at one time or other taken help from him. Haji Mastan was reputed to finance many high budget films of his time.

Abu Salem, who killed Gulshan Kumar, organized Bombay Bomb blasts, on more than one occasion even opened gun-fire at the shooting of Hindu religious epic Mahabharta has managed to get much for Islamic jihad.

Dawood Ibrahim’s Bollywood connections came out in the open when he was seen on television sitting with a number of leading stars and watching international cricket matches in the Gulf city of Sharjah. This worthy, now snugly ensconced in Pakistan is the honoured guest of the ISI of Pakistan and is dutifully carrying out his protector’s jihadi bidding.

The hold of the Muslim mafia is so strong that they can dictate which actors and actresses get which roles in which films.

“It may be argued that the typical Hindi filmmaker uses Muslim youth to create market in neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh who can never provide enough entertainment content due to their Islamic straitjacketed culture. And the poster of a Shah Rukh Khan or a Salman Khan or an Aamir Khan may get some sympathy from the mulla for its undertone of machismo that fits his jihadi mindset. And the half-naked women with beautifully built bodies can be watched without any guilt by devout momins since they are Hindu whores! To the twisted Muslim mindset even the purely secular song and dance can be joyous instance of dominance of Islam over Hinduism!”
-Jagmohan Singh Khurmi


Blind adulation and infatuation worked when Nawab of Pataudi, Mansur Ali Khan managed to ensnare a top Hindu beauty from a very cultured and respected Hindu family, the Tagores ... a jihad of conquest to perfection... and Sharmila was the Aishwarya of those days... And what father did, so has the son Saif Ali when he has taken and discarded one non-Muslim wife after another and now seems to be besotted by a girl from the powerful Kapoor family, at least for now (as to when he would dump her for the next non-Muslim girl is to be seen).


And all the while these things happen, gullible and credulous Hindus just watch silently and some misguided fools even cheer these Jihadi conquests. It is often a simple step for a young Hindu teenage girl blinded by the Khan star power to fall for the next handsome Muslim young man courting them. Popularity of "Khan" series of Bollywood masala flicks has led to a deadly trait of more and more Hindu girls in western countries (mostly U.K.), misusing the freedom their religion gives them, finding it "cool" and "okay" to marry a Muslim.

This is also helped by the spiritual and cultural vacuum left by Hindu parents who are so secular that they feel ashamed to give their child any knowledge about the ancient heritage of Hinduism.

Often the Hindu parents are helpless and justify themselves saying that their Muslim son-in-law is different and has lots of respect for Hindu traditions and treats their daughter well. Yes, this Muslim son-in-law would openly declare his love and respect to Hinduism but this same son-in-law would never convert to Hinduism and all the while Islam would be thrust on their infatuated gullible daughter.

Petro-dollars come all the way from rich Islamic Gulf States to reward the Muslim boys who bring more and more girls to the fold of Islam as a part of Islamic demographic warfare. Some Muslim boys have even made this "campus-jihad" a full time occupation! And of course for such gullible Hindu girls life is one-way street, once she enters Islam (hoping the warm embrace of her future in-laws who should be grateful to her for leaving her very own parents and religion) she discovers there is nothing warm in the embrace of Islam she embraced as promised in the film that inspired her for this foolish emotional death-dive, but by then it is too late. She is done for. She will probably spend the rest of her cursed life cooking halaal meat and giving birth to a new generation of suicide bombers.

Islambad, July 9: About 2,000 Islamist women gathered at the radical Lal Masjid in Islamabad on Wednesday and vowed to raise their children for holy war, days after a suicide bomber killed 18 people after a similar rally.

Chanting slogans of "jihad is our way", burqa-clad women, some with babies, listened to fiery speeches from the daughter of the mosque's jailed cleric on the eve of the anniversary of a commando raid on the complex in which more than 100 people died.


Muslim boys receive from a very young age the Jihadi indoctrination to look at non-Muslim women as rightful conquests in the name of Islam. All this happens in houses of Muslim men who will be outwardly nice gentleman participating in all Hindu functions and is an epitome of gentlemanly behaviour. When it comes to views when it comes to marriage of his children then it becomes a matter of Jihadi conquest.

Charming the gullible dhimmi Hindus with his “gentlemanly” conduct while enjoying their hospitality and goodwill, the jihadi father insidiously indoctrinates his sons to prey on the Hindu’s daughters with the intent of conquer and convert.

This is a continuation of the practices of Jihadi Islamic invaders of old who after every jihadi conquest murdered all the infidel men folk and took as the rightful booty of jihad, the infidel women first as hostages / prisoners and then as concubines / sex slaves.

An observation of the conduct of the Islamic world in this regard shows that while Islamic sons are free to roam and seduce infidel women, other young men (and this includes their own Muslim youth, leave alone infidel youth) dare not even glance at their womenfolk. Any misadventure in this regard will immediately bring swift and ghastly retribution. While they let their men roam free amongst infidel women, often with sinister intentions, they severely warn their sons that daughters and sisters of fellow believers are strictly off limits.

"One of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs. In Bangladesh and in Muslim-majority areas inside India, this often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims? In the open market-place of the West and of westernised circles in India, it takes the form of normal courtship"

- Konrad Elst


Mughal Badshah Shahjahan indulged in jihadi enslavement of Hindu women. His grandfather, Akbar possessed a harem consisting of 5000 women, mostly Hindus. After Akbar`s death Jahangir inherited the harem and increased the number of Hindu concubines to 6000. When the same harem fell into the hands of Shahjehan, he further enriched the same with a wide assortment of Hindu women and kept renewing it by throwing away the old women and bringing in new ones from Hindu households.

These days’ jihadi warriors have Romeo regiments targeting naive Hindu and Christian girls to woo them and have love affairs with them. The girls, in most cases bought up in a secular environment, are too ignorant and heedless to understand the true nature of Islam and the motives of these Jihadi Romeo’s. After convincing them about the need of conversion, these girls are handed over to Mullahs in the Kozhikode conversion centre. From there they are completely brainwashed and in most cases these girls are recruited for terrorist activities or projected as a showpiece in Islamic seminars. These girls are used also in later stage to convince other girls to follow the path of Islam. By the time they realize their folly it will be too late.

A girl from Moovattupuzha in Kerala, in her early 20s, was studying Nursing in Mangalore when she fell into this love jihad trap.

The student went missing from the college in December 2008. Later, she informed her parents in Kerala she was going to study Islam in a Kozhikode seminary, family sources said. When the girl was in this conversion entre, her family members tried to rescue her but to the seminary authorities haven’t allowed them to talk to her. And by time Police were involved the girl was moved to some other safe hide out.

Police said the student was in love with a Muslim man and wanted to marry him.

More than 1000 teenage boys and girls were converted in Kozhikode and Ponnani Islamic conversion centres. At least 40 people 32 Hindus and eight Christians were converted in the Kozhikode seminary in December 2008 alone, intelligence sources said. The same seminary was in the news as it was here that Varghese Joseph alias Mohammad Yasin one of the four terrorists from Kerala killed in an encounter with security forces in Jammu and Kashmir in October 2008 was converted from Christianity into Islam.

Now no one knows where the nursing student is and intelligence agencies suspect that she might be recruited for some terrorist mission.

Many parents who lost their daughters and sons in this trap prefer to stay silent and more over they never gets any sort of help from the society in such matters. Most of the parents don’t have any other option since the entrapped daughter may be the only child from that family.

Hindu and Christian girls are lured into marriage by Muslim guys with a promise that they need not convert. But after the marriage (sometimes after a child is born) the guy is offered a job at Mecca in Saudi Arabia. Then the girl is told that if she wishes to live with her husband she has to convert as Islamic law in Saudi doesn't permit non-Muslims to either enter or live in Mecca area. She then reluctantly converts and goes to live with her husband at Mecca.


In Bangladesh and in Muslim-majority areas inside India, Islam’s demographic warfare often takes the form of simply kidnapping Hindu girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims.

Bangladeshi Muslims have also illegally sneaked into Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura. They are marrying the local girls of influential people and are thus getting protection from their in-laws' families. After marriage with a Janjati girl, they convert her to Islam. Now, the new generation of Muslims, i.e. the Janjati Muslims, is growing. They give Muslim names to their children but the clan remains that of local wives, like Saidullah Ningrum, Azad Lingdoh (Khasi Muslims), Nizamuddin Semia, Akram Semia (Naga Muslims), Shahabuddin Chowdhury, Akbar Laskar (Assamese Muslims) and others. In Assam, Muslims are using Assamese surnames like Hazarika, Barbhuian, Bargohain, Bhuiyan, Bora, Gohain and others.

As a result of such illegal migration of Bangladeshi Muslims and their nuptial ties with the local Naga girls, a new community called Semiya or Sumias has already emerged in the state. Their number is estimated to be several thousand.

The result is a considerable traffic of non-Muslim girls into Muslim households.


This is the most effective of all jihads and is bringing European non-Muslims to their knees through explosion in Muslim population. Muslims, who had repeatedly failed to capture Europe in the battlefield, are finally winning through “achievements” in their bedrooms. Many of the Mujahids in European countries have four wives and over 20 children. Many of these wives are acquired from non-Muslim ranks and converted to Islam for extra blessings. The best part of this Jihad is that the ignorant white infidel imbeciles themselves are paying for it by providing welfare cheques to them, thus freeing the Mujahids from the worry of earning a livelihood, and allowing them to devote all their time to their reproductive jihad

In 2005, the Congress (I) state government in Haryana quietly created a Muslim-majority district called Mewat, by vivisecting Gurgaon district. This move strengthened the clout of Islamic groups in the region. The average Muslim birth rates of 12-15 children per household in Mewat is increasing even more by cases like the Mohammed Ishaq family where the patriarch has sired 23 kids from his wife, Bismillah.

In strategic terms, Islamising humanity is the aggressive face of jihad. Prophet Mohammed had exhorted his followers to "marry women who will love their husbands and be very prolific, for I wish you to be more numerous than any other people". The exhortation has been obeyed scrupulously to the extent that it is now recognised that the demographic offensive succeeded almost beyond belief.


Quran Chapter 2 Verse 223: “Your women are a tithe for you (to cultivate). So go to your tithe as ye will.”

The word used is women and not wives, so this is used by many jihads to mean all women, be they wives or concubines or sex-slaves or daughters or daughter-in-laws or female employees, whom their “right hand possess”.

One forty-five year old Singaporean jihadi got so carried away in bedroom jihad and his passion to increase Muslim umma by impregnating as many women as possible that he even impregnated his own adult daughters along with all his wives. He used Quranic interpretations in the Court to justify sex with his daughters. While conducting religious lessons, he convinced his wives that he had ownership over his children and that included having sex with them. The father preyed on his daughters when they were between 12 and 15 years old. The man would send one of his wives to tell a daughter to go to their father's bedroom.

Afazuddin Ali, 36 from Kasiajhiora village in West Bengal married his 15-year-old daughter and made her pregnant in November 2007. "I agreed to his marriage with our eldest daughter when he invoked divine sanction," the mother said.

Incest is justified by the jihadi on the grounds that it keeps the Muslim women from seeking out sex outside, thus keeping them safe from non-Muslim men.


Consider the case of the 37-year old Liaquat Ali Khan from the town of Cuddalore in Tamil Nadu. Khan has sexually and emotionally trapped at least 200 women from all over the country over the past 3 years. Worse, he has also captured on film some of his ‘sexcapades’ with them, unknown to them! Police believe that he drugged the victims to ensure compliance. Already married to four women and father of a two-year old kid, Khan would introduce himself as an IAS officer or a UK-based software engineer and promise to marry the gullible victims. The internet-driven youngsters fell for his wiles. This Master in Computer Engineering used the popular matrimonial portals to flaunt his meticulously-drafted profile and seek prospective brides. He won over the girls and at times their parents too, with his charming ways and smart appearance. He played the role to such perfection that the victim even agreed to pre-marital sex and at times her parents would part with money and / or jewellery to facilitate the prospective bridegroom arrange visa, etc, for the girl. Of course, that was the last the innocent victim or her gullible parents ever saw of the prospective bridegroom. The police officer describes Khan as one with a mind worse than that of a terrorist.

But isn’t it sinful for a Muslim men to cheat and desert women even if they are kafir? Well, there is a Saudi fatwa on this matter.


A Saudi Islamic fatwa says: Saudis who study out of Saudi Arabia like America have the Islamic permit to married a western girl by intending to leave her after a short time for just intercourse and when he will come back to Saudi he must divorce her and all that without telling her the truth at all.

They mean that a Saudi student who studies abroad can lie to a kafir girl that he loves her and want to marry her in order to have sexual relation with her. But when he has finished his studies, he must divorce her before he coming back to Saudi Arabia.

And, pray, what is the basis of this fatwa?

Quran Chapter 2 Verse 221: “Do not marry unbelieving women (idolaters), until they believe: A slave woman who believes is better than an unbelieving woman, even though she allures you….”

This Quranic prohibition makes the marriage of Muslim men with Hindu or Sikh women, invalid.

And here is another one, if you are so particular.

Quran Chapter 9 Verse 23: "O ye who believe! Take not for protectors your fathers and your brothers if they love infidelity above Faith: if any of you do so, they do wrong.">

A sharia court could order the Muslim man to divorce his non-Muslim wife if she doesn’t convert.

A Muslim is not bound by any promise or contract with a non-Muslim. Here is the relevant verse from the Quran.

Quran Chapter 9 Verse 3:“And an announcement from Allah and His Messenger, to the people (assembled) on the day of the Great Pilgrimage, that Allah and His Messenger dissolve (treaty) obligations with the Pagans.”


“If the kafir non-believer does not accept by gentle persuasion or reasoning then other methods which are allowed by the holy Quran must be used such as going to war with the kafir or converting them by manipulation. We need to send out our boys to bring Hindu and Sikh girls into the "umma" or community of Islam.” “The Sikh and Hindu girls are not taught (as in done in Islam) much about there religion at all. They have westernised up bringing. The schools, colleges, and university campuses are the ideal places for our youths to carry out their Islamic duty.” “It is easy to take Sikh girls out on a date as they generally like a good drink and from there gradually they can be brought into Islam. This is not a hard job at all as the kafir women like Muslim boys.” “Muslim boys are attractive compared with the kafirs. This is common sense that everybody knows.”

“Look at my sons, how handsome they are and they already have many gori and desi girlfriends. My sons will marry one of these types of girls and bring them to the rightful fold of Islam.”

“I have given my boys full license to roam and conquer and get any non-Muslim girl that they wish to make them as their wives, on one strict condition that these girls should accept Islam as an immutable term for the marital union. But that should be easy as my sons would have easily won them over by their Shahrukh charms which girls of today find hard to resist.”

“Muslim men are so sexually strong and handsome and irresistible. Just ask many of your Hindu girls as to how much they would like to have a husband like Salman or Shahrukh. or like Imran Khan.”

“Look at me... even at this age of 50 plus, I can function like an young man. That is the power of our Islamic faith.”

“Do u know how many of your Hindu girls, secretly desire for Muslim husbands and lovers.”

“Look at all these modern girls, esp the goris, how much they need Islam in their lives to regulate their morals.”

“Non-Muslim women are maal-i-ganimat (free war booty)…”

“Thanks Allah I do not have daughters... else I would be dreading at the prospect of my girls getting ensnared by some useless gora and then I may have to resort to extreme steps (Honour killing) to prevent that.”

Now from where did the Muslim men get such bigoted opinions? From the Muslim clerics, of course! Now lets’ hear the learned opinion of these bearded worthies.


According to Iranian HojatolIslam Hassani women are of three groups--

The first group are the women who are badly veiled who are like buses who everyone and anyone can ride.

The second group are women who are wearing scarves without the Islamic overcoats; they are like taxis that only pick up certain passengers.

And finally, in the third group are women like his wife who are like donkeys who let only one person ride.

Another Islamic Mufti Shahid Mehdi in Copenhagen sparked a political outcry after publicly declaring that women who refuse to wear headscarves are "asking for rape."

Sheik Taj Din al-Hilali, Australia’s most senior Muslim cleric said in a Ramadan sermon in a Sydney mosque that there were women who 'sway suggestively' and wore make-up and immodest dress". “Women”, he said, “were 'weapons' used by Satan to control men”. Addressing 500 worshippers on the topic of adultery, Sheik al-Hilali added, "If you take out uncovered meat and place it outside on the street, or in the garden or in the park, or in the backyard without a cover, and the cats come and eat it, whose fault is it - the cats or the uncovered meat?" “The uncovered meat is the problem", concluded the cleric. He has since apologised for his remarks, probably fearing deportation.

Samir Abu Hamza, who runs an Islamic centre in Melbourne, ridiculed Australian laws and sparked outrage by telling his followers it is acceptable to rape and beat their wives. Australia's Prime Minister Kevin Rudd condemned Hamza's comments about marriage, insisting that violence towards women was not permissible under any circumstances.

Are the learned Muslim clerics wrong in their view of Islam? Oh Goodness Gracious! No!! Not at all!!!

They are reading the unalloyed, unpolluted, uncorrupted literal meanings of the verses in the Quran and Hadiths.


Quran Chapter 2 Verse 228: "Men are superior to women."

Quran Chapter 2 Verse 282: "Women have half the rights of men in court as witness."

Quran Chapter 4 Verse 11: "Women have half the rights of men in inheritance."

Quran Chapter 3 Verse 14: "Wife is a mere possession. "Fair in the eyes of men is the love of things they covet: women and sons, heaped-up hoards of gold and silver; horses..."

Al Bukhary vol. 2:541 "Women are lacking in mind and religion. -"I have not seen any one more deficient in intelligence and religion than women."

Al Bukhary vol. 7:30 "Women are a bad omen. - "Bad omen is in the women, the house and the horse."

Al Bukhary vol.7:33 "Women are harmful to men. - "After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women."

Sahih Muslim, 26.5528, 5529 "Women, houses and horses are evil omens..."


Of course, one can always argue that these are modern times and people have the right over the choice of their spouses. However, the romantic liaisons of Hindu men towards Muslim women is literally unthinkable and a fatal prospect to both the throbbing hearts, one cannot but view this matter as outright predation of non-Muslim womenfolk with the intent of conversion and enslavement.

It is haraam for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man, regardless of whether he is of the 'People of the Book’ (Jews and Christians) or whether he is a Hindu or Buddhist.

Quran Chapter 2: Verse 221: "...And do not marry (your girls) to idolaters until they believe...."

Quran Chapter 60 Verse 10:"...Then if you know them (women) to be Believers, do not send them back to the unbelievers. They are not halal for them (as wives), nor are they halal for them (as husbands)." There is a consensus among Muslims that a Muslim man is permitted to marry a Christian or Jewish woman however a Muslim woman is not allowed to marry a Christian or Jewish man or any other.

Over 5000 women and girls are killed every year by family members in so-called 'honour killings', according to the UN. These crimes occur where cultures believe that a woman's unsanctioned sexual behaviour brings such shame on the family that any female accused or suspected must be murdered. Reasons for these murders can be as trivial as talking to a man, or as innocent as suffering rape.

Many cases of honour killings and violence against young Muslim women occur when a girl chooses to have a relationship "outside the faith". As well as breaking the rule of marrying the person chosen by her parents, a girl in such a relationship transgresses against Muslim principle. It is strictly forbidden for a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim.

The terror created in the minds of women by the “honour killing” is yet another way for the jihadi to keep the Muslim women out of reach of non-Muslim men.


Thursday, 19 June 2008.
London: Police were appealing for witnesses today following the attempted murder of a man who was doused in petrol and set on fire in east London. The 20-year-old, who is fighting for his life in hospital, was torched as he sat in his car in Forest Gate. It is believed the Hindu victim, who suffered 65 per cent burns in the attack, was targeted because he was dating a Muslim girlfriend. He had just parked his car, a green Honda Prelude, in St George’s Road when he was approached by the suspect or suspects and had petrol poured over him before being set alight....

In 1995 a film called Bombay directed by ManiRathnam broke all the rules, with perilous results. It depicted a forbidden love story between a Muslim village girl and a Hindu reporter. The Bombay City Police Commissioner suspended its release for eight days, after a bomb exploded outside the cinema hall where it was to be shown. At early screenings in Bhopal, Nagpur and Hyderabad, the film was banned after riots erupted. Such is the furor it has ignited that the film's producer, Amitabh Bachan, India's most popular actor, has received death threats. Strict Muslims wanted the film banned. They are enraged even by a fictional depiction in which the Hindu hero “insulted” "the principles of Islam", by lifting the Muslim beauty's long veil.


Quran Chapter 4 Verse 144:"O Ye who believe! Choose not disbelievers for your friends in place of believers. Would you give Allah a clear warrant against you?"

This verse clarifies the fact that a true Muslim can never be a friend of a person of another faith. People who believe otherwise are under delusion.

While the likes of “liberal” Suzanne Arundhati Roy who misuse their freedom of expression that they get so easily in free Hindu Bharat and slander its Hindu ethos demolishing their own roots and traditions while openly siding with the Jihadis, the Jihadis in-turn look upon her kind as nothing more than infidel concubine chattel to be violated in every orifice, debased and humiliated in any manner that the Jihadi may deem fit as is happening in Kashmir today to the remnants of the Hindu populace.

A sure cure for the liberal, anti-Hindu, secular-mongering would be to spend one night in a Muslim boy’s seminary. After being “war booty” for a night at the hands of the sex-crazed believer-momin as their “right hand possession” their eyes will be open to the horrifying reality of Islamic contempt for non-Muslim women.

One woman journalist Tavleen Singh, who was known for her pro-Islam stand and at times went as far as to justify terrorism, once got inside the Islamic mad-house of the fanatic Dar-ul-Uloom at Deobandi and for the first time in her life discovered real Islam for herself, which was light-years away from the rosy imagery that the secular dhimmis like Khushwant Singh and Romila Thapar had taught her. After only a few minutes inside she came out stamping her feet in fury. She was so furious that she wrote her next article with title: "If this is what secularism means, give me Hindutva".