Tuesday, December 4, 2018

G. Sudhakaran has forgotten the punishment he got at Guruvayur

Comrade Sudhakaran abuses Sabarimala Thanthri

G Sudhakaran a querulous, cranky and cantankerous Communist Party of India (Marxist) leader who was the Kerala Devaswom Minister in 2008 was vigorously implementing his party’s agenda of sabotaging Sanatana Dharma. Militant CPI-M bosses are seriously concerned at the growing "Bhakti" in the society in general and among the Hindu youth in particular. The party cadre was found preferring Temples to the outdated and rotten-to-the-core materialistic anti-Hindu atheism. The fanatic Minister conspiring with the Party leadership was executing the following action plan:

1. Defame the Thanthri, Poojari and Brahmin-community.
2. Reject the existing Kshetra-Acharam established by Rishis like Shankara Acharya and replace with “Secular” anti-Hindu atheism to desecrate Temples.
3. Appoint atheist Party workers as Devaswom Chairmen, Directors, Administrators, staff, Thantri and Poojari to grab the Temple wealth.
4. Publicly attack everything vedic as “Fascist conspiracy" and “Brahminical-Patriarchy".

G Sudhakaran not only created controversies but also opposed Chaithanya Ratha Yatra conducted by the Vaishakha Yagna Festival Committee of the Ambalapuzha SreeKrishnaSwamy Temple. The office-bearers of Committee invited the popular actor Mohanlal to inaugurate the `Siveli Pandal’ built at the temple by ignoring the Marx-given-right of the Devaswom Minister Sudhakaran to lord it over the inauguration. The petulant Sudhakaran tried to dissuade actor Mohanlal from attending. Mohanlal, a devout Hindu, treated the minister's request with the contempt it deserved and went ahead to inaugurate the `Siveli Pandal’.

The "tongue-revolutionaries" in the Devaswom Board approved the revisions suggested by G Sudhakaran but the Temple Thanthri Shree Chennas Raman Namboodirippad firmly opposed the changes. Now the atheist minister Sudhakaran tried to push through a "superstitious" "reactionary" "backward" Ashtamangalya Deva Prashnam bypassing the temple thanthri. But Sudhakaran, did not contend with the Lord of Guruvayur, Bhagawaan Sreekrishna himself.

The Lord of Guruvayur crushed their Marxian dreams of turning the Sabarimala Temple into a communist re-education camp, by ratifying the Kshetra-Acharam in place and re-establishing the authority of Thanthri. The sinful activities and the evil intent of the “Revolutionaries” were also laid bare by the Ashtamangalya Deva Prashnam.

While this divine intervention immensely inspired and strengthened the faith of the devotees it also derailed the mischievous machinations and manipulations of the mendacious marxists. Minister Sudhakaran now turned against the inconvenient verdict of the Ashtamangalya Deva Prashnam tried in vain to discredit it. The communist cadre took the right about turn in their stride. Why bother with thinking when the communist party does the thinking for them?

With increased vigour, comrade Sudhakaran started insulting and slandering Bhagavan Guruvayoorappan and His servants, at every available platform. Even though the feelings and sentiments of the Hindu devotees were hurt, they were helpless and unable to rein-in this out-of-control marxist thug.

On the way back from Guruvayur Temple, G Sudhakaran inaugurated a function held at a nearby fake “Ashram” owned by a fraud “God-man“. Very soon, it exploded into a big controversy harming the Sudhakaran's reputation. Even his comrades questioned his links with "God-men". Many other ill-omens and setbacks started troubling this maniac. Chronic health problems included a major damage to the vocal-chord. The shell-shocked Sudhakaran recognized the divine hand behind his troubles. Like a sly thief, he secretly visited the Guruvayoor Thanthri Sri Chennas Raman Namboothirippad at 2AM to apologise for his “snubbing of Guruvayoorappan“. The dignified Thanthri refused the disgraced minister even an audience and informed through an assistant: “I don’t have the authority to overrule Bhagavan Guruvayoorappan. You apologize to Bhagavan directly and beg for His pardon”. A visibly chastised and sobered-up Sudhakaran started to behave like a decent human being, for a change.

When a Supreme Court Bench gave a split verdict removing age restriction on women entering the famous Sabarimala Temple, it was the revered Pandalam Royal Family which first intervened on the side of Dharma.

The Pandalam Palace Trust had written a letter to the executive and administrative officers of Sabarimala Temple, asking that the Thanthri shut down the temple in case any of the rituals were affected. The Sabarimala Thanthri Kandaru Rajeevaru came out in support of Sri P.G Sasikumara Varma, President, Pandalam family coordinating committee and said that if the sanctity of the Sabarimala Temple were to be affected then, the temple would be shut, and that he would hand over the key to the Pandalam Royal Family, come what may.

In the second week of October, G Sudhakaran who doesn't know the difference between the Hindu Temple of Sabarimala and a Marxist-run Lenin study centre babbled: "What you hear is the sound of bells ringing during the fall of Kerala’s feudal system. Those who want to enter the temple would enter, and the others needn’t. That is their choice. There is no Hindu, Christian or Muslim there. It is a place where everyone is welcome. That is the greatness of Sabarimala”.

Again, on Sunday, 2nd December 2018, intoxicated by the “opium” of Marxist ideology, Sudhakaran was hysterically raving thus: “At the temple town, it is the donkeys that do most of the work. Till date they have not gone on any protest. After their hard work they take rest near the Pamba River. These donkeys have more grace than the Thanthri.”

Let comrade Sudhakaran remember the lesson he was taught at Guruvayur ten years back and behave himself. Instead, if he does not apologise to the Sabarimala Thanthri , Kantararu Rajeevaru, for the insults, he will be taught a lesson again. Punishment for repeat offence will be heavier.


Donkeys at Sabarimala have more grace than tantri, says Kerala PWD minister and CPI-M leader G Sudhakaran.

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