Saturday, September 14, 2013

Muslims steal and
slaughter neighbour
Hindu's cow

The Momin Muslims have been stealing and slaughtering the cows owned by the Kaffir Hindus for over a thousand years. It must all be Narendra Modi’s fault. If Narendra Modi had not played divisive communal politics and polarised the BJP since 2002, the Muslims, wolves and hyenas would have been peaceful vegetarians and lived happily with their neighbours.


Mangalore, Sep 10, 2013: Police have arrested a Muslim identified as Mohammed for allegedly stealing a cow from his neighbour's house and slaughtering it.

The other Muslims reportedly involved are, Mohammed Sharif, Mohammed, Isaac, Anwar, Nooruddin. They are absconding.

The above accused have several cases of cattle slaughter and theft lodged against them in Bajpe police station, said sources.

As per the information obtained, a cow was stolen a midnight from a house belonging to Chandrashekar at Suralpady in Gurpur-Kaikamba. Next morning, he along with his family members went in search of the cow and later when they came to illegal slaughterhouse at Suralpady, they found blood marks, cattle waste and hide. On examining the cow hide, they realized that it was their animal. Police during their investigation, based on the evidence found, confirmed that the cow was stolen. They hence raided the slaughterhouse where they found 3 quintals of meat.

Various theft cases are being reported in areas like Suralpady, Ganjimutt, Malali, Mularapatna and Niddodi. In Niddodi, thieves stole 3 cattle from a shed which was locked. In Kaikamba, Hindu associations stopped a vehicle transporting cattle and rescued three animals. But so far no clue has been obtained about the persons involved in the thefts.

It is learnt that the license of the Suralpady slaughterhouse expired two years ago, but without renewing the license, the slaughtering continued. This has made the local Hindu associations furious and a complaint has been submitted to the health department.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Smt Sasikala Teacher
Speech in Chennai
8th September 2013

Smt. Sasikala Teacher, State President of Hindu Aikya Vedi, an activist and dynamic Hindu Organization, was in Chennai on Sunday. 8th September 2013. She was here in Connection with Onam Celebrations conducted by ‘SATSANGAMA’, an Association of Malayalee Hindus in Chennai. The Onam Celebrations were held at Sri Ram Dayal Khemka Vivekananda Vidyalaya, Tiruvottiyur, North Chennai.