Thursday, February 5, 2009


Whittier, a suburb of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A:
Unmarried and with no apparent means of support, a jihadi baby-factory Ms Nadya Suleman of Iraqi origin delivered eight more babies who were conceived through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF). During the time of fresh IVF procedure she already had six kids through IVF. Total babies delivered by her were FOURTEEN in number, all through IVF at government expense.

Nadya Suleman lives on welfare.
The husband Suleman, divorced, had filed for bankruptcy.
Last year, her mother, Angela Suleman, filed for bankruptcy after a real estate deal gone wrong.
Not surprisingly the family is on the defensive.

1. After expensive steps for IVF, the eight babies were two weeks premature and had to be delivered by caesarean.
2. The babies need intensive neonatal care until they can leave the hospital.
3. The expense for C-sections is astronomical; eight premature babies took 46 doctors and nurses to deliver six boys and two girls. The price will range in millions for eight babies.
4. Since Nadya Suleman is on welfare the State of California is paying for her other six children; this means the state will foot the bill for eight more births and pay to raise the children.

(Sexual Jihadis will always be able to find ignorant, naive, gullible, credulous, bleeding-heart dhimmi apologists to fund the jihadi demographic warfare.)

"I cannot see circumstances where any reasonable physician would transfer [so many] embryos into a woman under the age of 35 under any circumstance," said Arthur Wisot, a fertility doctor in Redondo Beach and the author of "Conceptions and Misconceptions." Her fertility doctor has not been identified.

(You can bet it is a jihadi doctor doing his Islamic duty to wage demographic warfare.)

Suleman hired a publicist who says she wants two to three million dollars to speak to the media about her birth. She says she needs money to pay for the birth. Already she is selling her children.
Nadya Suleman wants $2 million for an interview!
Now she is being deluged with offers for book deals, TV shows and other business proposals, but has not decided what she might do other than care for her children, her newly hired spokeswoman said Monday.

(Of course, she can always send them to Islamic Madrassas to be brainwashed to become suicide bomber against Jewish-Hindu-American targets. Perhaps she will get an award from the Saudi Government for the Most Prolific Jihadi-Suicide-Bomber Producer).


Ambalapuzha town, Kerala State, India: 04/02/2009.

Police arrested two Muslim youth Shanavas and Soufarin connection with the suicide of three 17-year old girls in Model Vocational Hr Sec School in Ambalapuzha here. Two Hindu and One Christian girl fell into the trap of these Jihadi Romeos were subjected to molesting and mental torture.

The issue had kicked up a fresh row after personal diaries of one of the girl said a different story in which it was alleged that the girls were victims of sexual abuse and were blackmailed using mobile phone recordings.

And the post-mortem report revealed that the girls in the 17-18 age group were ‘’subjected to sexual act”.

The three girls consumed poison to end their life once they realized the true colours of these Jihadis.

Proper awareness should be created in the society to expose the evil motives of these Jihadi elements to protect the naive girls from these monsters.

Hindu organisations and the public staged protests and now the culprits are finally booked even though the police tried to sabotage the investigation under pressure from jihadi-loving Marxist Party.


Anonymous said...

hi dont take my comment like a war or like i am deffending teroriste ......i just want to say that not all the people in muslim countries are arabic or my country morocco there is jew and cristian and muslim in they live in peace and love.....also i want to explain to you word jihad in arabic mean war that's all amd the word madrassa mean school.....buddy i wish you indrstand that we are not happy with teroriste and we will never be ....i forget to tell you that i am not believer at all ....i love you peace and love :)

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