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Malabar’s Agony - Article 2

By Dr (Mrs) Annie Beasant

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Following is the second article titled Malabar's Agony, which was published in New India on 6 December 1921.

Dr (Mrs) Annie Besant

Wilful murders of Hindus and arson were first begun in my own place by Chembrasseri Thangal and his lieutenant, another Thangal. You might have read accounts written by me in the Malabar journal which was sent to you last time. This contagion began to spread like wild fire and we began to hear of murders daily. Within a fortnight cold blooded murders of Hindus became very common. From within the borders of Calicut and Ernad Taluks refugees came with tales of murders and atrocities committed by rebels. At Puthur Amsom in Ernad only 12 miles northeast of Calicut, one day in broad daylight twenty five persons who refused to embrace Islam were butchered and put into a well. One out of these too narrowly escaped death got out of the well when the rebels left and ran to Calicut for his dear life. He is now in the hospital. So the accounts must be true as he himself was one of the victims.

During the last week, news of numerous murders and forcible conversions came from another quarter; Mannur near Aniyallur and Kadalundi railway station near Ernad Taluk. This place is only 14 miles from Calicut. Every train to Calicut was carrying with it daily hundreds of refugees during the last week. If there were ten thousand refugees fed by the Relief Committee last week, it must have fed fifteen thousand this week. According to the statement given by them there must be at least fifty murders and numerous cases of conversions and house burnings.

Can you conceive of a more ghastly and inhuman crime than the murders of babies and pregnant women? Two days back I had occasion to read a report given by a refugee in Calicut.

A pregnant woman carrying seven months was cut through the abdomen by a rebel and she was seen lying dead on the way with the dead child projecting out of the womb. How horrible!

Another, a baby of six months was snatched away from the breast of her own mother and cut into two pieces! How heart rending! Are these rebels human beings or monsters?

From the same quarters numerous forcible conversions are also reported. One refugee has given a statement that he had seen with his own eyes that the heads of a dozen people were being shaved by the rebels and afterwards they were asked to recite some passages from the Quran. This he witnessed from a tree. I wonder what is the authority of some people who contradict the news of murders of murders and forcible conversions of Hindus. Let them come here and test the veracity of these statements for themselves.

Yesterday another report of murders came from a place very near Kottakal. The report says that eleven Hindus (males and females) were murdered by the rebels. A fortnight ago fifteen dead bodies of Hindus were seen under culvert on the road between Perinthalmanna and Melatur.

Will you not be sick of these stories of murders? All these reports are as far as possible proved also to be correct. Words fail to express my feelings of indignation and abhorrence which I experienced when I came to know of an instance of rape committed by the rebels under Chembrassery Thangal. A respectable Nair lady at Melatur was stripped naked by the rebels in the presence of her husband and brothers who were made to stand close by with their hands tied behind. When they shut their eyes in abhorrence they were compelled at a point of a sword to open their eyes and witness the rape committed by the brute in their presence. I loathe even to write of such a mean action! This instance of rape was communicated to me by one of her brothers confidentially. There are several instances of such mean atrocities which are not revealed by people.

I thank God that my family and relatives reached safe at Calicut without being dishonoured by these brutes though we sustained serious loss of property and the loss of four lives (two servants and more afterwards).



Don't let either the traitorous Marxists or the dhimmi Congress Gandhiwallahs tell you that this is an old story and make you to be too complaisant. The above Report by Dr (Mrs) Annie Besant marks neither the beginning nor the end of the ongoing GENOCIDE OF HINDUS in MALABAR.

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