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Woman in Iran
barred from City Council
for being too beautiful !!!

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Iranian woman Ms Nina Siahkali Moradi has been told in no uncertain terms that she cannot have a seat on her city's council. She is way too beautiful for the role! She finished 14th out of 163 candidates in the Qazvin City Council Elections, polling an impressive 10,000 votes. According to the Independent, Ms Moradi had gained enough votes to become an ‘alternative Member of the Council’ - making her a first reserve.

When one Councillor gave up his seat, Ms Moradi should have been able to step in, but she was banned from doing so by the Iranian Theocracy. She found out a week after the election on 14th June 2013 that all votes cast for her had been nullified.

But even though the election result should have gained Ms Moradi a seat on the Council, the 27-year-old candidate was disqualified with the Council Leader saying: “We don't want catwalk models here.”

‘Non-observance of Islamic codes’ was the pretext used to effect Ms Moradi’s disqualification from the Qazvin City Council.

Opponents to Ms Moradi’s candidacy said that she had only been elected because she is young and attractive. It has been suggested that her campaign posters prompted some of the council's conservative bearded oldies to bitterly complain about her beauty! Clearly jealousy is not limited to women! Not at all !!

Ms Moradi’s campaign posters showed her wearing strict Islamic hijab without even a single strand of seductive female hair on display. Despite this, conservative Islamic groups launched protests to demand her disqualification as soon as her election was confirmed.

Ms Moradi’s candidature had been earlier vetted and approved as a candidate by Iran’s Islamic Judiciary and Intelligence Services. Candidates in the Islamic Republic of Iran are only allowed to run for office if they pass a large number of detailed background checks for piety by the judiciary, intelligence ministry, police and National Organisation for Civil Registration.

According to a detailed report from the local news portal, Ms Moradi had finished a Degree in Engineering and Web-site Design from Qazvin's Azad University. She also mastered calligraphy as well as Kung Fu martial arts. Her unique background made her campaign materials creative, colourful and catchy. Her campaign manager, who was a consummate artist himself, made her campaign stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Ms Moradi’s political platform carried the slogan “Young ideas for a young future,” and pushing for better women’s rights in Qazvin. This infuriated the geriatric and arthritic male candidates. They deem her platform as “vulgar and anti-religious”.

Ms Moradi’s political campaign headquarters became a favourite meeting place for her young supporters, both male and female. The sight of young men and women flocking together provoked lascivious thoughts to well up in the pious Islamic minds of her older conservative rivals. News website IranWire carried the tale that her headquarters became a gathering place for local young people, whose behaviour and clothing provoked criticism from her older conservative opponents and a coalition of Islamic groups. Their complaint was challenged but ultimately upheld. She was disqualified for not “observing the Islamic norms.”

According to France 24 Channel, it is rare for Iranian candidates to be disqualified post-election as unsuitable candidates, from the Islamic Clerical point of view, do not pass the initial background checks.

Citing local media, IranWire reported that authorities had also confiscated the campaign posters of two other female candidates, Maryam Nakhostin-Ahmadi and Shahla Atefeh, and detained both for questioning.

Under the rule of the Islamic (Arab) Mullahs, Hojatoleslams and Ayatollahs, the Iranian women are expected to remain at home, cook for their families, make themselves beautiful for their husbands carnal pleasure and breed lots of Muslim babies. Beautiful Iranian women in the Legislature can only distract old bearded men, well past their primes, from the serious business of law making!

The above incident reminds one of the Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi's startling claim that provocatively-dressed women cause earthquakes! Sadeghi, who took over Friday prayers for Ayatolla Khamenei, told his followers on 19th April 2010, “Many women who do not dress modestly lead young men astray, corrupt their chastity and spread adultery in society, which increases earthquakes” and Iranians should “adapt their lives to Islam's moral codes" to avoid being "buried under the rubble”.

Jennifer McCreight, a 20-year-old student in Purdue University
College of Science, Indiana, U.S.A challenged Iranian cleric Hojatoleslam Kazim Sadeghi's claim by starting what she described in a picturesque and risqué manner as the “Boobquake”. Jennifer described Boobquake as a scientific experiment: “With the power of our scandalous bodies combined, we should surely produce an earthquake. If not, I'm sure Sedighi can come up with a rational explanation for why the ground didn't rumble.”

Boobquake took place on April 26, 2010 with 200,000 people participating in it. The immodest clothing worn during Boobquake had no significant effect on earthquake frequency or magnitude. However Jennifer McCreight admitted that she doubted it would have any impact on Seddiqi's opinions, she believed that the event fulfilled its original intentions of being “a humorous exercise in scientific and sceptical thinking”.

A Boobquake in Iran could make the ground crumble from under the edifice of Arab Imperialist Islamic Rule in Iran. This is what the Mullahs, Hojatoleslams and Ayatollahs fear the most!



The Saudi Religious Police, the Committee for the Promotion (Ordering) of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, expelled Emirati men from the National Festival for Heritage and Culture at Janadriyah for being 'Too Handsome' and
ordered women in shopping malls to cover up their eyes if they are too "Tempting"
the Islamic Shia Theocracy in Iran barred a Woman from City Council for being too beautiful.
All this was done in the name of Islamic morality.
However, Islamic widows are expected to show their Islamic solidarity through ‘Sexual Jiihad’ according to a Fatwa.

“This Fatwa allows Al Qaeda’s women to have sexual intercourse with members of the organization to lift their morale”

The fatwa made its first appearance in Syria a few months ago and it allowed for armed members to have sexual intercourse with women as per a momentary contract that loses effect after a few hours, Alsumaria reported.

Clearly, morality or principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behaviour, according to Al Qaeda, is any behaviour that benefits itself and promotes its goals of establishing Islamic Supremacy in the World.

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