Thursday, March 4, 2010

Bombay High Court wants Shiv Sena to pay for riots

Government of Maharashtra in 2007 banned a book titled ‘ISLAM: A Concept of Political World Invasion By Muslims’ authored by Shri R.V Bhasin, a senior Advocate of the Supreme Court of India. The ban was in violation of Section 468 of the CrPC which states that a book can be banned within a period of 3 years and no later. The Bombay Shariat High Court upheld the illegal ban. It was the Islamically appropriate thing to do. (See the article by V. Sundaram I.A.S on the Bhasin case.

We have Sharia-compliant Islamic Banking in the Communist Party (Muslim) CPM controlled Allah's own Kerala. Now we have this Sharia-compliant Islamic Bombay High Court asked former Shiv Sena MLA Sitaram Dalvi to find out from his party "bosses" if they were ready to pay for the damage caused to a hotel's property here during an agitation.

During Ganesh Chaturthi festival some Nationalist-minded Hindus displayed posters of Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj slaying the Islamic marauder Afzal Khan. On 3 September 2009, Muslims in Miraj (Sangali, Maharashtra) took objection to the poster depicting the slaying of Afzal Khan and started rioting. The Muslim rioters immediately destroyed 3 Lord Ganesh idols and attacked the Hindu worshippers in the area. When the Hindus dispersed the Muslim rioters attacked the Police who were spectators till then.
-One Tata Sumo of the Police, one Tata Indica of a citizen & another four wheeler were damaged by the rioting Muslims.
-Muslim youth hoisted their Green flag on the top of SP (Superintendent of Police) Krushna Prakash's van and that impotent man just watched and did nothing.
-The Police arrested the Shiv Sena & other Pro-Hindu leaders stating the reason as being violation of the `Code of conduct'. The ‘Code of Conduct’ formulated by the Islamic Bombay Police states that the Dhimmi Hindus who are second class citizens of India must drop their pants, bend over and take any abuse from the Islamic marauders, whether home grown or imported.

The Islamic Bombay High Court did not then ask the Muslims of Miraj to pay the cost of damages to public property. But the Sharia Learned Judges of the Bombay Islamic High Court believe that only the Hindu political party, the Shiv Sena must pay for damages to public property and not the Muslim rioters. After all it is the Kuranic prerogative of the Muslims in India to riot at the slightest provocation even though they had sought and obtained a separate Dar-ul-Islam homeland for themselves in Pakistan after a large-scale slaughter of Hindus during the Muslim League's DIRECT ACTION in 1946 and after.

I am sure the Sharia Learned Judges of the Bombay Islamic High Court will do their counterparts in Saudi Arabia proud.

The political party ruling the Government of Maharashtra and the Union Government will surely elevate these judges to the Supreme Court.

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